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Hi! My name is Kelli and most days you can find me blogging at Random Thougths of a SUPERMOM! I am so excited to be guest posting at Craftaholics Anonymous today!


I am a wife and stay at home mom of three boys. I love to be crafty, make yummy {and SUPER fun} food, share pictures of my cute boys, and blog about the every day happenings of my life as a SUPERMOM! Today I am sharing a tutorial for a “Sweet and Simply Valentine” using Tootsie Roll Banks.
I’m pretty sure the cashier at Walmart thought I was a little crazy when I loaded more than 50 Tootsie Roll banks onto the conveyor belt the day after Christmas. The thing is, I knew from the moment that I saw these 50% off beauties that they would make awesome Valentine’s Day treats for my boys to take to school:)
 All I needed to add was some really cute Valentine themed scrapbook paper from the Dollar Spot at Target and little bit of tulle {left over from Christmas wrapping}. I measured my Tootsie Roll bank {fyi mine was about 3 3/4 inches tall and 8 1/4 in circumference} and then used my paper cutter to cut the paper to the right size.
 I used a little bit of spray adhesive to stick the paper to the Tootsie Roll bank. You could also simply wrap the paper around the bank and tape it in place. Here’s another little tip: When I  use spray adhesive, I almost always put down an old sales magazine to catch the overspray. When you spray one page, simple turn the page and you have a fresh surface for the next time. I have literally been using the same sales magazine for almost a year!
 Wrap the Tootsie Roll bank with your paper making sure to cover as much of the original packaging as possible.
 Add some cute ribbon or coordinating tulle and a heart shaped name tag, and your kiddos will be ready to pass out their sweet and simple Valentine’s at school!
Thanks for much for letting me share just a little bit of my craftiness with you today!
Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1
    Judy Bagwell

    Great idea!! Wish I would have saw those Tootsie Roll banks after Christmas. His class is going to love them!

  2. 2

    Now, why can't I plan that far ahead?! Cute, cute idea!

  3. 3

    Love this idea! :)

  4. 4

    Super cute! I'm am stashing this idea away for next year!

  5. 5

    that is just cute as can be! I love altering thing into something totally different! Great Craft!

  6. 7

    What a cute idea!! Nifty gift idea for sure!

  7. 8
    Lil Mama Stuart

    so simple and cute! great idea about the magazine. way better than newspapers