Feather n Flower Hair Piece Tutorial

As requested, here is the tutorial for the feather and flower hair pieces I made. Sorry it took me so long. I have like 5 projects going on at once….I’m a craftaholic, remember?! :) If you have any questions or if something is unclear, please let me know. I’m not the best at explaining things. And if you make one (or lots:) from this tutorial, PLEASE leave a comment with a link to yours. I’ll check into starting a flickr group, but for now, leave a link in the comment section. Thanks!!

Supplies needed:
silk flowers (I got mine at Joann’s. They were spring stems marked 70% off)
hot glue gun (I recommend a low heat one!)
metal double prong clips (you can find these at Sally’s for like a $1)
jewels, buttons, brads, etc

First you’ll take apart the silk flower. Remove all green plastic things.
So this is what you’re left with.
Cut off the petals from the center.
Using your hot glue gun, glue the petals together as shown.
Keep layering and adding more petals using the biggest petals on the outside and using the smaller petals as you work your way to the center.
This is roughly three layers of petals. The more petals you add, the bigger it will be.
Glue a jewel, button, etc to the center.
Now take your flower and measure it against your feather and see how much you want to show above the flower.
Cut off what you measured.
Then glue the feather to the back of the flower.
(yes, I am switching between flowers for some of the pics. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on ya! I just forgot to take pics of some stages.)
Put a line of glue on the back and place clip on. Hold clip open so that you don’t glue it shut. Like this:
And there ya go! Sooo cute huh?
With the two prong clip on the back, you can put it on a headband, necklace, handbag, purse, wear as a pin, or just clip in your hair. So versatile and SO fun! You can add tule or netting for a different look as well.
Here’s a couple others I made:
The color did not come through right. It’s more muted purple in real life. Oh and I layered the feathers before I glued them to the back of the flower.
You’ll see this one soon with another project I’m making….
**Up next, I’ve been playing with some yummy paper. I’m really excited to see what you think!!!**
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    LInda!!! I LOVE your blog! this is my favorite one to read and I am so glad you have done this. You are so talented!

  2. 2
    Cory and Becca

    I have a present for you on my blog :)

  3. 3

    love adding the feathers!! Too cool!!

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    ok…i'm hooked! you've got another follower! :)
    these are beautiful!
    ..i've got to go check out older posts!

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    I love these flowers!! Just clicked back from your mod podge bag tutorial. I think the girls will love these.