Easy Framed Pine Cones

happy wednesday! are you ready for a craft that is perfect for Fall AND Winter? AND the kiddos can help you make it? and it only gets better…. you’ll be done in a matter of minutes! {do i have your attention??} i decided to update my framed pine cones from a couple years ago and made more framed pine cones……just different. promise. {check the link, you’ll see.}

Easy Framed Pine cones

fall craft idea using pine cones

this craft is great for little helpers. so gather your littles and let’s get started!

SUPPLIES: pine cones, hot glue gun, ribbon, frame, and GlueGlider Pro+ {optional}.

i used the yummy cinnamon scented pine cones from the store BUT you can totally go out in your backyard and gather pine cones from the ground. {this is where your little helpers come in handy!} that is, if you’re lucky enough to live close to a pine tree…..which i am not so lucky.

winter craft idea

1. with your frame on the floor, arrange your pine cones and stagger the height. use an odd number of pine cones {i used 7} so that it is visibly pleasing.

easy kid craft idea for fall and winter

2. roughly measure how much ribbon you’ll need to reach the frame and then add 2″. cut a piece of ribbon for each pine cone.

easy fall or winter craft idea for kids

3. hot glue one end of each strip of ribbon to a pine cone.

tutorial for pine cone winter or fall craft

4. flip frame over so that the back of the frame is up. make sure all pine cones are in place and place the ribbon under the frame. {so that the ribbon is against the “right” side of the frame}

glue glider pro cartridge

5. then with your GlueGlider Pro+, run a small strip of adhesive along the back of the frame where each end of the ribbon wraps around. note: you could also use a hot glue gun for this. i chose to use the GlueGlider for a flat adhesive so that it laid flush with the wall.

instructions for fall or winter craft decoration

6. fold the ribbon ends over the adhesive and you’re done!

how to make an easy winter craft

now how’s that for a super easy fall OR winter wall hanging! don’t ya love a decoration that lasts through multiple seasons? they make life a little easier!

framed pine cones display. Great way to use those pine cones and create cheap home decor!

disclosure: i received free product from Glue Arts to review. all opinions are 100% mine.

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    Brittany Wiggins

    Liked your FB page!

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    I would love to play with this fun craft tool! With Christmas coming up, there will be lots of opportunities – Christmas centerpieces, wreaths, Christmas card displays…Can’t wait to try one out!

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    I’m now an official follower! Love all the great ideas on your site.

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    Wow!!! These are so cute!! (And simple!!!) I can’t wait to try these! It would be easy to include the kids by going for a walk and letting them pick the cones!!! Love it!

  6. 256

    I’m planning on making something for my mom for Christmas that would be similar, only I won’t attach the ribbons to the frame, rather just gather them together with a bow. I could definitely use this for that…and for a million other things!

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    I’m a cardmaker, so this would certainly come in handy!

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    As an early childhood educator, I would use this almost daily!

  12. 265

    I would use this for so many things! I am an avid crafter so I would be able to make many Holiday gifts with this, as I am going mostly handmade this year! It will also give me more projects to put on my own blog!

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    chantal cooper

    this would be great for many things including my hairbow making hobby

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    I would use the Glue Glider Pro in my card making, scrapbooking, altered art, and any other place where glue tape can be used. I so want to win this, have been wanting to try this glider since I first saw them.

    BrendaLea A. – Purple Lady
    prpldy (at) comcast dot net

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    following CA officially via GFC, my id: prpldy

    by the weay, I LOVe, LOVe, Love the framed pine cones…I will see if I can fit that project into my schedule.

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  20. 273

    Found your framed pinecones on Pinterest — love this idea! I’m just getting started THINKING about Christmas decorating — this is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  21. 274

    on my new pinecone frame of course!

  22. 275

    What would I use the glue on? Well I definitely could have used it on these pictures I was trying to tape onto a board today! In the future I could use it on many crafts with the kids.

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    I follow your via RSS.

  24. 277
    Kim Ratajczyk

    I’m sure I’ll use this on many projects but the one I know I’ll use on is the “Gifts in a Jar” I’ll make my sister for Christmas. I always give her some homemade mixes in canning jars, decorated with a homemade label and recipe. The next fall she uses the jars in canning and then I get them back filled with her goodies.

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    Kim Ratajczyk

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    Kim Ratajczyk

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    I would use the Glue Glider Pro for making my homemade Christmas gifts!

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    I plan on making a Christmas wreath with the kids this year and would LOVE to use the Glue Glider PRO to help with that project. Crossing my fingers for a win!

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    I could see using this in organizing around the house. I’m hoping to recycle some baby food jars to make herb and spice jars – this would be great for the labels. I also make lots of cards where this would come in handy (especially for those types of paper tape doesn’t stick to nicely).

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    I would love to use the glue glider for a lot of the crafts I do with my kids!!!

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    I would LOVE this nifty tool! I am an event planner and am constantly crafting for my clients. So you name the project and I would totally use this! I want one!

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