Easy Framed Pine Cones

happy wednesday! are you ready for a craft that is perfect for Fall AND Winter? AND the kiddos can help you make it? and it only gets better…. you’ll be done in a matter of minutes! {do i have your attention??} i decided to update my framed pine cones from a couple years ago and made more framed pine cones……just different. promise. {check the link, you’ll see.}

Easy Framed Pine cones

fall craft idea using pine cones

this craft is great for little helpers. so gather your littles and let’s get started!

SUPPLIES: pine cones, hot glue gun, ribbon, frame, and GlueGlider Pro+ {optional}.

i used the yummy cinnamon scented pine cones from the store BUT you can totally go out in your backyard and gather pine cones from the ground. {this is where your little helpers come in handy!} that is, if you’re lucky enough to live close to a pine tree…..which i am not so lucky.

winter craft idea

1. with your frame on the floor, arrange your pine cones and stagger the height. use an odd number of pine cones {i used 7} so that it is visibly pleasing.

easy kid craft idea for fall and winter

2. roughly measure how much ribbon you’ll need to reach the frame and then add 2″. cut a piece of ribbon for each pine cone.

easy fall or winter craft idea for kids

3. hot glue one end of each strip of ribbon to a pine cone.

tutorial for pine cone winter or fall craft

4. flip frame over so that the back of the frame is up. make sure all pine cones are in place and place the ribbon under the frame. {so that the ribbon is against the “right” side of the frame}

glue glider pro cartridge

5. then with your GlueGlider Pro+, run a small strip of adhesive along the back of the frame where each end of the ribbon wraps around. note: you could also use a hot glue gun for this. i chose to use the GlueGlider for a flat adhesive so that it laid flush with the wall.

instructions for fall or winter craft decoration

6. fold the ribbon ends over the adhesive and you’re done!

how to make an easy winter craft

now how’s that for a super easy fall OR winter wall hanging! don’t ya love a decoration that lasts through multiple seasons? they make life a little easier!

framed pine cones display. Great way to use those pine cones and create cheap home decor!

disclosure: i received free product from Glue Arts to review. all opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. 201
    Leann Lindeman

    I am a scrapbooker, so would use the Glue Gliider mostly for that!

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    Leann Lindeman

    Following on GFC.

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    Leann Lindeman

    Fan on FB.

  4. 204

    Wow. That would be great for all sorts of crafts. But it would be nice to replace the glue gun!

  5. 206
    Jen S

    What a cool tool! I can imagine many projects with the kids would benefit!

  6. 207
    Elaine S

    I would use it on scrapbooking or photo projects. I am always doing stuff with the kids. :)

  7. 208
    Elaine S

    I also follow your blog. :)

  8. 211

    Glue Glider PRO- this tool looks super easy to use. I am on a mission to start making more homemade cards for the birthdays of church members. This little guy could help speed up the process of a cute cute card!

  9. 216

    I love this pinecone craft. I have some pinecones sitting around (okay right now they’re in the Christmas decorations box) waiting for me to do something cute with them.

    I would love to win the glue glider. I scrapbook and make cards and this would be so helpful plus it would be great for any of the other crafts I do.

  10. 218
    Alecia M.

    Wow – never seen that before – the possibilites are endless!

  11. 219

    Perfect – having a crafting/play date tomorrow with friends from work and I wanted to offer a project we could all do that didn’t look like kids helped (not that they aren’t great help – but let’s be honest, I have A LOT of kid art on my walls already!). Thanks for a great post!

  12. 220

    Christmas cards and christmas tags!

  13. 221

    I’m an email follower – I have no clue which acronym that is :)

  14. 222
    Laura M

    I was looking at the glue gun while checking out the Pinecone project thinking Hmmm, that looks like something I may need. I even looked at the pic closely to see what it was. I had to laugh when I got to the bottom and saw that it is a giveaway! If the gun has a good hold I would use it in place of my glue gun for many things. I would use it to adhere paper to wood ( I make products and sell on Etsy) I burn myself daily. I’m thinking this would be a much better way to go. Thanks for posting! I am a follower on FB, Twitter, Rss, etc.

  15. 223

    This would be so much fun, so many uses!

  16. 224

    II follow via RSS

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    Follow on Twitter

  18. 226
    Ashley P.

    My boys and I alway make homemade gifts for Christmas and birthday.

  19. 227

    I have 5 kids who are constantly coming home with school projects they need to do. Glue glider would be perfect! Also I make my own invitations and cards would be great for that as well :)
    Thanks for sharing love it!!

  20. 228
    Jamie C.

    I LOVE this!! I would definitely use this on…first of all…the project HERE!! It is too cute! Then I would use it for all of my picture frame and crafts I make for my kiddos. Thanks so much for the chance to win. I’ve never seen one of these!!

  21. 229
    Jamie C.

    I’m a follower via GFC and I subscribe via email – love it!! :)

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    Jamie C.

    Loving you on facebook as Jamie Long Champagne :)

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    Jamie C.

    I also follow on twitter as @champagnewisdsom – yay!!

  24. 232
    kelly k.

    If I won the glue glider pro I would use it to put together the advent calendar I just bought with your silhouette deal!

  25. 233
    kelly k.

    I follow CA on google reader!

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    kelly k.

    I “like” you on facebook too!

  27. 235

    I would use GlueGlider Pro on this pine cone project – I absolutely love it!!

  28. 237

    I like Craftaholics Anonymous on Facebook!

  29. 238

    I would use it to make some thanksgiving napkin rings.

    1. 238.1

      Smart lady!!

  30. 239

    I’m working on a mobile for my daughter’s room. This little guy would work so much better than my hot glue gun!

  31. 240

    I liked you on Facebook! :)

  32. 241

    I’d use it to make wreaths.

  33. 242

    I follow via GFC!

  34. 243
    Julee patterson

    Endless projects! In fact, i would love one right now to finish these gift bags I am working on. :-)

  35. 244

    For starters – I will for sure make the pinecone frame. That is so cool…I like the idea of scented cones! Maybe hanging candy canes?? Or old keys?? Possibilities are endless! Thx

  36. 245

    Following your blog via GFC.

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    Like you on fb.

  38. 247

    I’m making Christmas houses and trees out of paper and I would use the Glue Glider PRO as the adhesive.

  39. 248
    Brittany Wiggins

    Follow your blog faithfully!

  40. 249
    Brittany Wiggins

    Paper crafts would be so much easier with this gadget!

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    Brittany Wiggins

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