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Hello lovely ladies! My name is Tabitha from Inspired By Giving!
I am so thrilled to be your guest blogger today here at Craftaholics Anonymous! This is truly an honor! I’m sharing my little craft room with you today! It’s still a work in progress (as is every room in a home) but I love the stage it’s in right now.
My IKEA desk at which I create all my cards and scrapbooking goodies!!
Storage is always tricky with scrap supplies because there are so many little pieces. I display a few items for sentiment, then store the rest to keep it uncluttered.
As you can see I love Paris. So I aimed at achieving the look of a charming Parisian boudoir because hey, “c’est bon!”
I just love these oriental lamp shades, it gives the room a festive feel!
I decided to use these file folder holders as ribbon storage instead. It works quite well!
No creative space is complete without a to-do list. So I keep mine in plain view to spark those creative juices!
Next is my sewing area. I’m new to sewing so you won’t find me making clothes or anything just yet, but I have found a penchant for making these cute clutches!
The communal ironing board stays in here and no better place than near the sewing table. Although I will admit, I don’t always iron my fabric like your supposed to…
This is the view from the window seat. I have displayed my current scrapbook pages by hanging them on a curtain rod. It works wonderfully!
Another wonderful IKEA purchase! My bookshelf houses all the nitty gritty supplies that aren’t pretty enough to display. I keep my scrapbook paper, stickers and my beloved Cricut here!
My window seat was a great way to encourage friends and family to hang out while create! The view outside is so purdy in the spring/summer. In the winter, I just close the shades and dream I live in Florida!
For wrapping paper and specialty papers, I bought 4 skinny dowels at Michael’s and 8 small ceiling hooks. I simply screwed the hooks to the wall and rested the dowels in between them. I do have plans to spruce up this area eventually!
Back over at my desk I have a magnet board that I keep all my inspirations and ideas on. To learn how to make those pretty clothespins magnets, click here!
For my growing collection of punches, tape, glue and embellishments I store them in a drawer organizer from, you guessed it, IKEA! It works great as I keep my most used items in here!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my creative space. It is both a blessing and a luxury to have a whole room dedicated to crafting. It just goes to show how blessed I am….
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  1. 1

    Your room looks great. I love the black and white fabric you used.

  2. 2

    wow! I’m so jealous! We’re staging our house for sale right now and most of my craft stuff was boxed up in the decluttering process. :-( Hopefully we’ll sell soon so we can get into the new house where I might actually have a craft room!

  3. 3

    What a fantastic room!

  4. 4
    Kendall Schenck

    What a cute Crafting Room! Im a bit jealous to Wani! My crafting room is starting to be taken over by the Stud in my house with his fishing poles and hunting items. Im thinking its time to declutter my room again too! LOL.

  5. 5

    Wow!! What an incredible space. I don’t know if I’m jealous or just thoroughly overwhelmed at what I haven’t done. :-) Probably a little of both. The ribbon and fabric storage ideas are fantastic.

  6. 6

    love the fabrics and to do list. i totally need my to do list to be in sight! and i too never iron my fabrics first =X

  7. 7
    Nicole Timm

    OMG..I am SOOO jealous! That craft room is simply marvelous! What a beautiful fun room to be in…without husband and kids. You are one lucky lady :) Thank you for sharing!

  8. 8

    Awh I just love this room—and I love Tabitha and her blog! I might be slightly biased because I know the lovely lady but still the room is just to die for!

  9. 9

    Oh Jaime, your so sweet! Thank you for all the wonderful comments! And thanks again to Linda for being so sweet!!

  10. 10

    OH MY GOSH! That file folder as ribbon storage = PURE GENIUS! {and cute too} I SO want to go play in her pretty craft room!

  11. 11

    Really cute ideas. I love IKEA storage. We have a few pieces in our house, and it was affordable and works great. Happy scrapping!

  12. 12

    Love the black white and pink theme with a touch of Paris. I need to get my crafty space done!

  13. 13

    Freaking Awesome & Adorable!!! I love it!! I hope that one day I can have a nice craft room like this one!