Bookshelf Makeover: Chalkboard Art center

Happy Halloween! I have two little guys who are ecstatic to go trick-or-treating tonight! And yes, I will post pictures of their handmade costumes. Just haven’t had time to do a photo shoot with the two busy bodies.

Today I am showing off a huge bookshelf makeover I did. I turned a regular bookshelf into a chalkboard/art center for my oldest. {he’s almost 4} And he absolutely LOVES it!!

Bookshelf Makeover

bookshelf makeover
I made this for Gavin’s room so that he could draw and play while he’s taking his quiet time. {yeah, what happened to naps?? stinker} I was surprised at how much he loved drawing on the chalkboard. And I love how it keeps the chalk dust out of the carpet! And the storage below the chalkboard is perfect to hold his chalk and eraser along with a few toys.

Bookshelf Chalkboard

bookshelf chalkboard

We used the second shelf that came with the bookshelf to split the bottom. This gives me 2 fun cubbies to fill with baskets full of kid goodies! The chalk and eraser go in the basket on the left. He put some toys in the basket on the right.

Want to see the bookshelf BEFORE?

This is a basic bookshelf from Wayfair.

I found some chalkboard paint, a good looking helper, and went to town on this bookshelf!


We used the second shelf that came with the bookshelf, cut it into 2 pieces and then used it to split the bottom shelf. This gives me 2 fun cubbies to fill with baskets full of kid goodies! {cube storage is all the rage these days!}

While Davis worked on the cubby, I painted the back of the bookshelf with black chalkboard paint. I think I did 3 coats to get good coverage. {and I just might have used a hair dryer to speed up the drying times. ahem.}

Bookshelf Chalkboard Center

chalkboard bookshelf

I love helping my kids be creative and use their imaginations and this little chalkboard/art center is a fantastic way for my little guys to use their creativity! The two of them spent almost an entire hour drawing on this little chalkboard yesterday. And did I mention how I LOVE that the shelf below the chalkboard catches the dust? And the height of the chalkboard is perfect.

I’m really excited about this piece! Its a fun addition to Gavin’s room.

Thank you for stopping by Craftaholics Anonymous today! I really appreciate it!

Have a safe and spooky holiday!

happy crafting,


What have you used chalkboard paint on?

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Disclosure: I received free product from Wayfair and a $50 gift card from to buy supplies for the makeover. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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    Hi, Linda

    This is a great idea! Keeps the little busy for hours.


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    what a cute idea! thanks for sharing.