Airplane Wall

So remember how I’m decorating the boys’ bedroom in airplanes and helicopters? {and no, its still not done! Everything seems to take 10 times when there’s a cute baby around to snuggle!} But I did get a small project done in the boys room that I have been meaning to do for awhile. I finished their airplane walls!

Airplane Wall

airplane room

It turned out super cute! I used a vintage airplane calendar {that came free in the mail!} and framed them for some awesome free art work. {I bought the frames on sale for a couple dollars each.} Then I used my Silhouette CAMEO + Designer Software {which is on sale right now!} to design the airplane decal and smoke trail to add the final touch to the airplane wall.

Silhouette’s Designer Software makes it SO much easier to create your own designs. It offers tons more features and tools than the basic software. In my opinion, its definitely worth the upgrade! I use the extra features and tools all the time.

boy airplane room

He loves his airplane wall! His favorite thing to do is trace the smoke trail with his finger. Almost makes me want to cover his room in dotted lines. haha! I know it would entertain him for hours…..

How I designed the airplane wall vinyl:

vintage airplane pictures

1. First I used tape to “sketch” out the design on the wall. I then used this to get measurements to use when I designed the shapes in the Silhouette Studio Designer Software.

silhouette studio designer software

2. In Silhouette Studio Designer Software, I created an 11″ dotted circle, about 28″ of dotted lines, and a 5″ airplane. To make the circle and straight lines to be dashes instead of straight lines, I selected them and then clicked on Line Style menu {button with black and white lines and dashes in the top right corner} and changed the Line Style to dashed.

Silhouette designer software

3. Then I clicked on the Cut Style menu {button with scissors cutting a red line in the top right corner} and then changed the Cut Style to Cut Edge so that my CAMEO would cut around each dash in both the circle and the lines.

*TIP: See how I fit the entire design into the circle. I did this to use less vinyl and save money. After the design is cut out, I took my scissors and separated the lines, circle, and airplane before I put the transfer paper on. 

4. I cut the design out on blue vinyl and weeded out the design using the hook tool. Put transfer paper over the design and run over it with the flat tool.

airplane wall

5. Then I peeled off the backing and positioned the different aspects of the design in place and pressed in place. I like to use the flat tool to rub the design in place.

I love designing large scale vinyl designs! {see headboard makeover and art wall.} Its a fun challenge and adding unique designs into my home decor adds personality.

boy room

There are still a few more things I want to do in the boys’ room. Like a window treatment and decorate the wall behind their dresser. So you’ll definitely be seeing more of this room!

Do you like to decorate with vinyl decals? 

I’m so glad you stopped by today!

Happy crafting,


Silhouette is having a sale on their Silhouette CAMEO, Portrait, and Designer Software! Use code: CRAFT

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Disclosure: I was sent free product to try. All opinions are completely mine. Please see my disclosure page for a complete statement. 

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  2. 2
    Nina Varni

    I would love to win a silhouette for myself. I have young kids and my sons would love decals on the wall! Also, I love crafts and there are so many I could do with the silhouette! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  3. 3

    I would love to win a portrait, I love doing vinyl decor, I’ve just recently gotten into it.

  4. 4
    Laura M

    That came out sooo cute!!! Great illustration on how you did it. Thank you. I am so tempted to get the designer edition. I want to make Rhinestone t-shirts!

  5. 5
    Lauren @ Warm & Fuzzy

    This is precious! My boys are sharing a room as well I need some type of art work that can also work as a hated space! Silhouettes rock who wouldn’t want one!!

  6. 6

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I would love to win one for my sister! She loves vinyl decor and would have fun designing stuff for her apartment.

  7. 7
    S. Richins

    Great way to tie it together!!!!!
    Love it!!!!

  8. 8

    I’d love to win a Silhouette for my house, who will reap all the benefits. LOL I guess I would gain from it also…THANK YOU for the giveaway :)

  9. 9
    Meg Merkley

    My boys would love the loop and plane! Thanks for posting! Love your tip to save $. Saving for a Cameo! Pinning great tutorial.

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  11. 10
    wendy helmer

    Would love this!!!!!!!

  12. 11

    Looks great! What paint colours did you use on the walls?