You Know You’re a Craftaholic When….. Contest FINALISTS!

come vote for your favorites!! i know i promised to post my top pics on Friday, but we had company come into town for the weekend and i totally forgot. sorry!! {i guess all the craziness of my 2 year blogiversary celebration didn’t help either! haha}

i love hosting this fun contest! i’m sure you’re like me and think to yourself, “oh that is so me!” or “i’m so glad i’m not the only one!” i love that we can sit back and laugh at ourselves for a minute.

ok, so here are the entries that literally had me LOL. i narrowed it down to 53. i know i said i would have it narrowed to the top 25, but as you are probably coming to find out, i am really indecisive. so, i’ll just let you decide what you like best. good plan? i thought so.

TO VOTE: grab a paper and pencil to jot down the coordinating number of your favorite entries. then leave a comment on this post with the numbers for your top 3 entries.

you can vote for each entries one time.

you get 3 votes total.

all votes are weighted the same.

voting will be open until Friday, August 26, 2011.

Buccinator says:
1. You know you’re a craftaholic when…your significant other knows the different types of glue, when to use which, and where they’re located around the house!
Tiffany says:
2.    You know you’re a Craftaholic when… you start hiding craft supplies in your car and sneak them in when the hubby is out.
Tiffany says:
3.  You know you’re a Craftaholic when you start planning your personal life around your crafting deadlines – instead of the other way around.
Courtney says:
4.    … you make cute clothes for your dogs because you don’t have kids, and you tell everyone, “it all started with a halloween costume.” Did I mention my dog is a 120 pound Great Dane?
Kristen says:
5.    You know you’re a craftaholic when you hear that Forever 21 has their plain-craft-ready headbands back in stock and you rush over to buy them 20 minutes before your son gets out of school hoping that you won’t be late to pick him up. Then you hide them in your closet so the hubby doesn’t know you bought them. All in the name of crafting up some cute new headbands. :)
Amanda says:
6.    You know you’re a craftaholic when your “crafting box” becomes a “crafting closet,” which becomes a “crafting side of the house.”
Amanda says:
7.    You know you’re a craftaholic when you tell yourself, “I can quit any time I want to,” and the fridge has no staples like milk or eggs, but you’ve somehow managed to buy the entire new Amy Butler line of corduroy.
Hallie says:
8.    You know you’re a craftaholic when your husband brings you stamps and glitter instead of flowers on your anniversary, and you couldn’t be happier!
Kelsey says:
9.  You know you’re a craftoholic when your little boy yells ‘wait mommy, you passed something good on the side of the road!’
Kelly says:
10.    You know you’re a craftaholic when… you know fabric not only by manufacture’s name, but by designer and pattern name also.
Amy says:
11.    You know you’re a craftaholic when…you make your daughter nap in the hotel bathroom so you can use the sewing machine {which of course joined you for a 3 week internship across the country}
Ellie says:
12.     …your husbands starts making piles of things he’s not sure he’s ‘allowed’ to throw away when you’re not around to verify.
staci johnson says:
13.    You know you’re a craftaholic when family picture time rolls around and you plan everyone’s outfit around the extra scraps of fabric you need to use (bowties, suspenders, headbands, necklaces) oh the possibilities are endless!!
bettina says:
14.   You catch your husband or kids eyeballing those cute fabric flowers you made from their favorite t-shirts…’cause they look soooo familiar!
Cindi says:
15.    You Know You Are a Craftaholic when every salesperson in craft stores within a 50 mile radius  of your home, calls you by your first name…
Rebecca says:
16.    You dump out your handmade purse to reveal a handful of handmade goodies ~ checkbook cover, wallet, coin purse, keychain wristlet, kleenex pouch, wipes case, and more. And you love it all :-)
kathy britton says:
17.    your husband thinks you have so many craft supplies that he buys you a sign for your front door that says ‘YES were OPEN for BUSINESS”
Nichole says:
18.    … your husband asks if you need the broken ceiling fan for a project – or if he can just throw it away.
Amanda Joy says:
19.    When you say you have to run to the store, and your three year old son asks if we are going to the Joann store or the Michael store.
Amanda Joy says:
20.    When your husband finally gets a job closer to home, doesn’t have to sleepover from Friday to Saturday anymore, and you are slightly bummed because it means you can’t get away with midnight crafting binges any longer.
Michele @ The Scrap Shoppe says:
21.    You know you’re a craftaholic when the word trash only refers to food scraps. Everyone knows better than to throw anything else away before without discussing it with you first! It could be upcycled!
Tiah B says:
22.    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you get excited in the spray paint section at Home Depot.
Lorrie Everitt says:
23.    You know that you are a craftaholic when you get home and realize that the new dress that you just bought to wear to a friend’s wedding was selected completely on the fact that you are going to use it to make a couple of decorative pillows after you have worn it a couple of times!
Erin says:
24.  You talk in your sleep to your husband about the projects you are working on!
katherine says:
25. you see a ‘project’ in everything, everywhere!
Terri says:
26.    …you put lobster tails (after you’ve eaten all the good stuff) from a restaurant in your purse to take home because you know you could make something out of them!
Christine says:
27.    You consider quitting your job so that you have more time to sew.
Lee says:
28.    You know you’re a craftaholic when your husband comes out to your studio and says “good morning” and you realise you didn’t even go to bed the night before.
29.  …. when you are sitting in church and you look down notice you still have spray paint on your feet :)
Brooke says:
30.    … you start making a list of what you are going to buy everyone for Christmas in February so you have time to make everyone something!
Kari Johnson says:
31.    When your husband’s first question is “what did you make today?” instead of “how was your day?”
Debbie C. says:
32.    You know you’re a craftaholic when … you’re thrilled that you get wait (the longer the better) for ANYTHING as long as you brought your knitting or crocheting with you!
Jessica Ball says:
33.    You know you’re a craftaholoic when…….your 10 year old tells you he is going to call ‘Hoarders’ so you’ll stop buying craft supplies.
Gina Sorenson says:
34.    You know when your a craftaholic when you pick up a scrap piece of fabric from the floor to wipe your toddlers nose. =]
Erin says:
35.    when it is more important to buy thread for a half finished project than milk for a milk-less fridge.
deedee says:
36.    You know your a crafterholic when the master bedroom is your studio and the garage is no longer his….
Elizabeth says:
37.    You know your’re a craftaholic when your dog eats hot glue blobs off your hardwood floor.
Amy says:
38.    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you take your 1 and half year old to the fabric store and she gives a bolt of fabric a kiss:)
Lyndee says:
39.    You know you’re a craftaholic….when your fingers start resembling bubblewrap! (a few to many close encounters with the glue gun)
Lyndee says:
40.   You know you are a craftoholic when….you start going through your neighbors trash can for your next upcycling project.
Nichole says:
41.    When your mom texts you every day to tell you how many toilet paper rolls she’s saved for you …
Kari Johnson says:
42.  When you are pretty sure that pinterest got blocked at work because of you!
dawn says:
43.    you know you’re a craftaholic when your idea of heaven is wandering around joann’s, michael’s, any craft or fabric store for hours with no children
Hilary S. says:
44.   You know you’re a craftaholic when…your idea of “exercise” is walking briskly through the fabric section at Joann’s.
Natalie Wold says:
45.    You know your a craftaholic when the hem of your ruffled, vintage lace and rosetted skirt, you made this morning, falls and your whip your massive ATG framing gun out of your purse to quickly fix it. :)
Heidi aka Digital Misfit says:
46.    You know you are a craftaholic when you doze off while crafting and awake to find the imprint of a pair of scissors (that you fell asleep on and fortunately did not poke an eye out!) in your arm, and think “hmmm..that would make a pretty cool crafty tattoo!”
Brittany says:
47.    …you reeeeally need to get your hair done, but forking out $65+ would hinder your ability to buy more craft materials, so you wait.
MIchele says:
You know you’re a craftaholic when you have to build a new house after being wiped out by a tornado and the first room you furnish is the craft room. Really!!
Trinity Whitley says:
48.    … when you’re husband has to remind you, “You’re crafts are safe honey. You don’t have to sleep with your glue gun under your pillow.”
Jennifer McGuire says:
49  …when you take your glue gun to a public bathroom fo find an outlet to finish a headband for a person who’s waiting for you at the play area with your kids!
Haley G. says:
50.  You know you are a craftaholic when you are so busy with the kids that you don’t have time to sweep, mop, vacuum and certainly not do the dishes but you somehow manage to fit in 4 crayon rolls , a skirt for my daughter, decorating my kids crayon boxes with vinyl, and spray painting for my future projects….all in one day! (No, honey…I didn’t have time to clean…..don’t you know how hard it is to take care of the kids all day?!)
June Walker says:
52. You know you are craftaholic when every one in your office saves their empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls in and leaves them on your desk…
Jenni says:
53.    You know you are a craftaholic when your seam ripper is tucked behind your ear, buttons are super glued to your butt, and glitter is sprinkled on the green beans. Well, at least you cooked dinner right?!


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  1. 1

    My top three are:
    But all are so true! Great fun, Love this.

  2. 2
    Sasha F

    Gosh this one was so hard! I totally get why you chose your top 53, lol
    I liked:
    Michele (wasn’t numbered, between 47-48) about the tornado

    Best of luck to all entries. You are all so creative and really funny!

  3. 4

    wow! I feel so lucky to be in your top picks!! My votes are 5 (bc that’s me!!), 6, & 31.

    Thank you Linda!!

  4. 5

    My votes are 15, 19, and 38. (I can relate to about 47 of these!) :)

  5. 6

    I love 9, 19, and 33!

  6. 7

    I vote for #6!

  7. 8

    I love 9 & 29. They are all hilarious!

  8. 9

    29, 33, and 6

  9. 11

    So much fun! My top three are 9, 18 and 53…good luck to all :)

  10. 12


  11. 13
    Ana S.

    I think #18 was the only one that made me laugh

  12. 15

    Love 9 been there, heard that!
    Then 33, then 17.
    They are all so funny!

  13. 17
    Valerie@Occasionally Crafty

    2, 3, 50 (I could’ve written 50 myself!)

  14. 18

    Uh, I vote for 9, 38, and 48…all three of those I seriously snorted with laughter.

  15. 19

    I vote for #24!!!!!! and 6 and 53.

  16. 20

    I like 34

  17. 21

    6, 7, and 18!

  18. 22

    8, 15 and 18

  19. 23

    I vote for number 24!! I was rolling on the floor laughing.

  20. 24

    I like 19, 47 & 50.

  21. 25

    My favorites are 25 & 53

  22. 26

    #53 for sure!!

  23. 27

    I like #42, 31 and 43

  24. 28

    I like:
    37 (most favorite)

  25. 29

    2, 3, and 27 :)

  26. 30

    So much fun … looks like there are lots of Craftaholics out there. My votes … 5, 8 and 23.

  27. 31

    I LOL at 29, 41 & 8 ~:)

  28. 32

    I vote for #36,12 and 41

  29. 33

    #36!!! Thanks!!! :)

  30. 34

    Love it! 2, 18 and 41.

  31. 35


  32. 36
    Bill Bream

    I vote for # 36 LOL… That sounds like our house!
    And a vote for #41,
    and a vote for # 12.

  33. 38

    3, 48, 49 emphasis on 48

  34. 39

    I like them all, but for my favorite pick 36 please, thank you

  35. 41
    Kristen Trappett

    6, 8 ,18

  36. 42

    37, 38, &52!

  37. 43

    8, 26 and 53 are my favorites, but they’re all great!

  38. 44

    18, 41 and 9!

  39. 45

    I vote for #5!

  40. 46

    I vote for 50!

  41. 47

    I loved #24

  42. 48

    2, 8, 42

  43. 49

    19, 26, and 50

  44. 50

    My favs are 2, 41, 28, I cannot fiish I have some crafting to do RIGHT NOW.