The Key to Taking Pictures like a Professional Photographer GIVEAWAY {4 winners!}

it’s thursday…..and do you know what that means? a giveaway! yay! today’s giveaway is a staple for every photographer. i was the school photographer in high school {not that i even knew what i was doing!! i think there wasn’t anyone else for the position. haha} and i shot an all manual SLR in black and white FILM {yes that f-word you don’t hear anymore}. so when i made the leap to a DSLR few years later, i felt so limited and intimidated by this new technology i didn’t bother to learn it. and then i started this blog…..and proceeded to realize that i needed to step up my photog skills. {please do not go back to my first posts. my pictures are horrible!} i’ve been playing with my nikon for 2 years and i’ve made some progress. but i sure have a long ways to go! there is so much to learn about DSLR’s. loads and loads to learn. and what i really like about Katie Evan’s book, The Key To Taking Pictures Like a Photographer, is how she breaks it down to the basics and explains every little thing. after she’s covered the basics in photography and digital single lens reflex cameras, she then proceeds to more advanced topics like raw files, white balance, and composition.Katie’s book is 74 pages long. which sounds like a lot. but this book is full of beautifully photos and illustrations to help explain different aspects of photography. i am a visual learner, so this is very helpful for me.  if i can see something, i can learn it! i haven’t quite made it all the way through her book {i think i’m on page 24 or so} but i’ve jotted down a few notes and tried to implement a few of the things i learned. oh and added a lens or 2 she recommended to my christmas list! haha

Big News!! The Key to Taking Pictures like a Photographer is now available in hardcopy!

>DISCOUNT ALERT< get $5 off the ebook, $5 off the hardcopy or $7 off if you buy both the hardcopy and the ebook!

discount code: craftaholic GIVEAWAY

1 lucky reader will win a hardcopy of The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional and 3 lucky readers will get the ebook version! {yep, 4 winners!!}


leave a comment on this post telling me who/what you like to take pictures of! {1 entry, required}


LIKE Katie Evans Photography on Facebook {1 entry} don’t forget to tell her i sent you!

FOLLOW Craftaholics Anonymous blog via GFC or RSS feed {1 entry}


giveaway ends at 11:59PM ET on Wednesday, August 31, 2011. winners will be chosen at random.

good luck!

disclosure: i received free product to review but was in no way obligated to give a good review. please see my sidebar for a link to my complete disclosure.

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  1. 251
    Maly P

    I love taking pictures of my kids!!! if only they would stay still long enough sometimes and i will be a happy mama!

  2. 252
    Maly P

    I “liked” katie evans on facebook!

  3. 253
    Maly P

    I follow your feed through google reader…does that count? :)

  4. 254

    I love to take pics of my kids!

  5. 255

    I LIKEd your page.

  6. 256
    Christina Bell

    I love taking pictures of newborn and children! They make me so happy and I always get a good laugh during a photoshoot!! : )

  7. 257

    I love to take pictures of everything. First my kiddos, then nature, blog pics, food, anything really. :)

  8. 259

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway. This is definitely an area I need extra help with. I love to take pictures of our garden, where light isn’t quite as much of an issue as indoors. Thanks.

  9. 260

    I take a lot of action shots of my kids!! Love the casual feel of those type of photos !

  10. 261
    Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life

    I love to take pictures of my kids!

  11. 262
    Paulette Gollan

    This would be a great book so i could use my camera better!

  12. 263
    Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life

    I already like Katie’s site on FB!

  13. 264
    Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life

    And I already follow your blog!

  14. 265
    Tori Nicoll

    I love taking pictures of my daughter and my nieces and nephews. I would love this book so that I can learn to take better pictures!

  15. 266

    I love to take pictures in Boston!

  16. 267

    ….and I follow CA!

  17. 268

    We live overseas and I love taking photos of our surroundings that are so different from back home.

  18. 269
    kelly k.

    I would LOVE to learn how to use the manual buttons on my camera. I want to take better pictures of my kids so I can document every little detail and spend less on professional shoots all the time!

  19. 270

    I love taking unique pictures of our surroundings (we are missionaries overseas) that are so different from where I grew up.

  20. 271
    kelly k.

    I “liked” katie on facebook!

  21. 272
    kelly k.

    I follow CA via google reader as well!

    1. 272.1

      Hi Kelly!
      Guess what…….you won a copy of “The Key to Taking Pictures like a Professional Photographer” eboook! congrats! shoot me an email with the email address you’d like your copy sent to.

  22. 273
    Nancy Peterson

    I take all the pictures in my family, not just my kids and husband, but for all our family gatherings. I also make scapbooks for my great nieces and nephews and for other friends when they have children. So..I take a ton of pictures and get some that are good. I could really use this book to learn more and help me to capture those precious moments in my family!

  23. 274
    Nancy Peterson

    I liked Katie on facebook too.

  24. 275

    OH, be my lucky day :) I just bought a used Nikon DSLR and would love to be able to take it out of manual and take the pictures I dream of at night of my 2 boys (and baby on the way).

  25. 276

    I am already of fan of Katie on Facebook, hope that counts!

  26. 277

    I need to learn how to take decent pictures.

  27. 278

    I follow your blog

  28. 279

    I liked Katie on FB

  29. 280

    I take pictures of my kids, of course! I could use some help taking my dslr camera off “auto.” :)

  30. 281

    I follow via GFC.

  31. 282

    I love to take pictures of just about anything!! But mostly, I love nature and noticing the little things that speak volumes!!

  32. 283

    I love taking pictures of my family… especially the furry critters that we consider kids, as well as of landscape/scenery.

  33. 284

    About 98% of my pictures are of my 1 year old daughter, but come February, she will have to share the camera with her new brother or sister!!

  34. 285

    I already like Katie on FB!

  35. 286

    I love to take pictures of nature

  36. 287

    I follow Craftaholics

  37. 288

    I am a photographer and a mother of 2. I take lots of pictures and love learning new things everyday.

  38. 289

    I LOVE to take pictures of my 3 kiddos and husband – I’m never in the pictures! :)

  39. 290

    I Like Katie Evans Photography on Facebook

  40. 291

    I like taking pictures of my son ;) Redheads are SO fun!

  41. 292

    I follow Craftaholics Anonymous via GFC!

  42. 293
    Brooke BB

    I love taking pictures of my husband and son together. Would love to learn more!

  43. 294

    I follow CA via Google Reader :)

  44. 295
    Brooke BB

    I follow C.A. in google reader

  45. 296

    I like taking pictures all different kinds of photos. Complete randomness is my style.

  46. 297
    Jenn N

    I take pictures of food, travel, other peoples children, nature & family.

  47. 298

    I consider myself to be a landscape photographer more than anything else, although I do also enjoy getting shots of food, flowers, and metalwork. there’s something about wrought iron that I just find absolutely beautiful.

  48. 299

    I also follow your blog!
    sorry, forgot to mention that in my first comment.

  49. 300

    I love to take pictures of food, nature, obscure details, and couples. A lot of my friends love my food photography, especially my pregnancy food “porn” album :-) We are expecting our first child in December so I imagine that will become my favorite subject :-D