Hi! I’m San, the voice behind Loopsan. I’m a Scientist by day and a crafter by night. Hopefully I prove that you can still be creative and not all geeky when you’re a Scientist :). Originally from Germany, I moved to Birmingham in the UK just over 3 years ago. My mum taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl and I fell instantly in love with it. Even though I lost track along the way while growing up, when my life got stressful I remembered how relaxing crochet can be. Since then you’ll hardly see me without ball of wool and a crochet hook in my hand. I can tell you it’s rather addictive! And that’s what I blog about – crochet – with the odd food recipe and DIY adventure thrown in. I can’t wait to share my projects with you and hopefully get you as “hooked” on crochet as I am!


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