Jo Totes GIVEAWAY! {you don’t want to miss this one!}

today i get the opportunity to giveaway a product i’ve admired for awhile. its completely fashionable AND functional.and  those don’t always go together as well all know……shoes, anyone? Jo Totes has the most gorgeous camera bags ever. no contest. you’re gonna want to show this post to your hubby so he’ll know what to get you for christmas this year! {he can thank me later haha}

jo totes giveaway

Jo Totes handbags are padded on all 4 sides and the bottom to keep your precious camera safe and sound. they are big and roomy to fit all your gear inside! one tote can hold a Canon EOS 7D with lens attached, Fujifilm Instax Mini, iPad, along with your keys, wallet, and credit cards. no joke. {seriously pondering if i could fit my 1 year old in one of these they’re so big! haha}


these camera bags are high quality and designed for women AND cameras. {light bulb!} no more dragging that ugly camera bag around anymore. {we won’t discuss my nasty, boxey atrocious camera bag i’ve used for years! don’t worry, i’m totally getting one of these Jo Totes so my camera won’t be embarrassed anymore!}

pretty camera bag

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win the Jo Totes of her choice!

HOW TO ENTER: simply leave a comment on this post telling me about the ugliest camera bag you’ve owned. {required}

OPTIONAL EXTRA ENTRIES: leave a comment for each entry!

  • like Jo Totes on Facebook {1 entry} don’t forget to tell them i sent you!
  • tell me the name and color of the Jo Totes bag you have your eye on {1 entry}
  • follow Jo Totes on Twitter {1 entry}
  • follow Craftaholics Anonymous officially via RSS or GFC {1 entry}
  • mention this giveaway with a link to this post on Facebook or Twitter {1 entry for each}

dying to win a @JoTotes camera bag? enter to win one! @CraftaholicAnon

i entered to win a Jo Totes camera bag! @CraftaholicAnon

Rules: must be at least 18 years old to enter. open to USA residents only. giveaway ends Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011 at 11:59 PM ET. winner will be chosen at random and will be notified via email. if winner does not respond within 3 business days, a new winner will be chosen.

disclosure: i received free product from Jo Totes. all opinions are 100% mine. see my disclosure link for my complete disclosure statement.



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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1751
    Kim Ratajczyk

    i like Jo Totes on FB and told them you sent me.

  2. 1752
    Kim Ratajczyk

    I would choose Millie in Marigold because the size would suit me best but it was a hard decision. I am loving Rose and all her inner colors, esp. marigold with the hounds-tooth and moss with the vines.

  3. 1753
    Kim Ratajczyk

    I am a follower of your blog through my Google reader. I read you right after craftgossip

  4. 1754
    Kim Ratajczyk

    I posted on Facebook about the giveaway, including the link

  5. 1755

    big. ugly. navyblue. shaped like a box. embarressing to carry in public.

  6. 1756

    the betsy in black is what caught my eye!

  7. 1757

    The ugliest camera bag was an old plain black bag that my mom was getting rid of and so I took it…let’s just say there was a reason she was getting rid of it.

  8. 1758

    Following Jo Totes on Twitter. @leishakelsey

  9. 1759

    Eyeing the Rose bag in either Teal or Sugarplum. Love them both. And I think my camera is smiling at the thought of having a better home.

  10. 1760

    I have never owned a camera bag before…this would be my first!

  11. 1762

    love the Betsy in Mustard

  12. 1764
    lisanette curbelo

    I love them all!! They are beautiful! But I choose the betsy chocolate for me!

  13. 1765
    lisanette curbelo

    I go for the betsy chocolate! :)

  14. 1766
    lisanette curbelo

    Jo Totes are beautiful, gorgeous camera bags! any woman who has a camera can RECIST want to have one! the betsy chocolate for me!!!

  15. 1767
    lisanette curbelo

    All the Jo Totes Bags are awesome!! But I choose the betsy chocolate for me!!!

  16. 1768
    lisanette curbelo

    I choose the betsy chocolate!! All of the Jo Totes are awesome!

  17. 1769
    lisanette curbelo

    I share this terrific giveaway on facebook ( lisanette Curbelo) The betsy chocolate is the one for me!!!

  18. 1770
    lisanette curbelo

    I will love to have the betsy chocolate!!!

  19. 1771
    lisanette curbelo

    IGood Luck everyone!!! I will love the to have the betsy chocolate!!

  20. 1772
    lisanette curbelo

    the betsy chocolate please! and thanks for an wonderful giveaway!!!

  21. 1773
    lisanette curbelo

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!! the betsy chocolate for me please!!!!

  22. 1774
    lisanette curbelo

    Love the betsy chocolate hard to choose because I like the rose moos, the rose moonbeam. But the chocolate it is!!!

  23. 1775
    lisanette curbelo

    will love to change my my black an non stylish camera bag for a betsy chocolate!

  24. 1776
    lisanette curbelo

    I will love to go to my photography classes wit a beautiful betsy chocolate!

  25. 1777
    lisanette curbelo

    I will love to go to my photography classes with a betsy chocolate!

  26. 1778
    lisanette curbelo

    Love it , Love it , Love It! The betsy chocolate for me!!! Please!

  27. 1779
    lisanette curbelo

    I will love to win a Jo Totes Bag! The Betsy chocolate for me!!

  28. 1780
    lisanette curbelo

    Jo Totes Bags are beautiful!!! I love to have a Betsy Chocolate!!!

  29. 1781
    lisanette curbelo

    Like U on Facebook! Betsy chocolate for me!!!

  30. 1782
    lisanette curbelo

    Like JO Totes Bags On FB!!! The Betsy chocolate for me!!!

  31. 1783
    Sheila Goettner

    The ugliest camera bag is the one I have right now. It’s powder blue with an orange interior. It’s big and clunky and looks like a diaper bag. Just writing the description makes me want to puke.
    I have my eye on the Tote Noir Floral because it can also hold a MacBook:)

  32. 1784

    ugliest camera bag=my butt pocket of my jeans…well not too ugly =)

  33. 1786

    My in-laws bought me a huge black backpack when I first started shooting. I was very grateful at the time to have something to protect my gear so well, but it looked like I was going on a three-day hike every time I went out to shoot some photos. I was so glad to get rid of that thing!!! :)

  34. 1787

    The ugliest camera bag I ever had is the one I still have to use, it’s one of those boxy triangular things. I hate it!

  35. 1788

    I like Jo Totes on Facebook. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  36. 1789

    My mind changes every five minutes, but for now, I think I’d choose the Betsy – Mustard. They are all so beautiful!!

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  38. 1791

    I love Rose teal…if I have to pick one!!

  39. 1792

    Following Jo Totes on Twitter!

  40. 1793

    Subscribed to Craftaholics Anonymous Thanks!!

  41. 1796
    lisanette curbelo

    Awesome camera bags!!! the betsy chocolate for me! and good luck everyone!!!

  42. 1797
    lisanette curbelo

    Awesome camera bags!!! love them all!the betsy chocolate for me!

  43. 1798
    lisanette curbelo

    fantastic giveaway!!! they are Awesome camera bags!!! the betsy chocolate for me!

  44. 1799
    lisanette curbelo

    They are beautiful and stylish camera bags for women’s love JTB!!!! Awesome camera bags!!! the betsy chocolate for me!