a Headboard Makeover on the cheap!

DIY Headboard

Check out my faux stenciled headboard! I gave my headboard an easy makeover using vinyl to give the look of a stenciled headboard without the mess! {no taking bed apart, no wet paint, no sticky stencil….}

{read how I did the DIY headboard makeover here}
I have owned a Silhouette SD for about 1.5 years now. Davis gave it to me for our 5th anniversary. {thanks babe!} and let’s just say, it’s like my 3rd child… i heart my silhouette! {it’s sitting next to me as i write this} as a crafter, i use it ALL the time. for all types of different projects from scrapbooking to home decor to cutting templates to making cards.
it’s like a crafter’s righthand woman!
{sigh. i’m a bit obsessed with my Silhouette}
the Silhouette cuts through paper and vinyl, and soon with a new product, be able to cut another material. {more details to come soon!}
Now I have to show off my latest project with my Silhouette.
Check out my ridiculously *gorgeous* headboard! love love LOVE it! I cut the fab vinyl design with my beloved Silhouette using Silhouette’s Premium White Vinyl which has stronger adhesive for indoor and outdoor use than the regular vinyl.
I have been wanting to do this to put a vinyl design on my headboard for ages, but didn’t dare because I was worried the regular vinyl wouldn’t stick well or withstand a 2yr old’s little hands rubbing and scratching at it. BUT when Silhouette came out with the Premium Vinyl, I recently decided to give it a go….. and it works perfectly on my headboard! {yes, we put the Vinyl Design through strenuous testing, thanks to a very curious little 2 year old boy who lives here ;) and it passed with flying colors! The Premium Vinyl’s adhesive is definitely a lot stronger than the regular vinyl. And little man was not able to scratch or peal any of it off. PHEW.

{no i did not make the yellow flower pillows, although i wish i did! they are from Target. i may try replicating them sometime though.}
In case you want to see the headboard before the vinyl:

you’ll notice I am in the middle of redoing my Master Bedroom. {super excited about it! don’t ya love the gray and yellow with my black bed frame?} more details and pics to come in a different post. And yes, I have more projects planned for my master bedroom using my Silhouette.

reasons why i decided to go with a Silhouette versus other digital crafting tools:
  • any font you have on your computer {i have like 1,000 fonts!} can be cut with the Silhouette right out of the box. FREE! you don’t have to pay for any alphabetic cartridges.
  • you don’t have to buy any cartridges for that matter. {or worry about losing them. or little people ruining them. ahem.}
  • to get additional shapes and images, you simply download them at Silhouette’s online store for 99 cents each. no need to pay for unneeded designs!
  • create your own design and shapes.
For more details on how I cut the vinyl for the DIY headboard makeover, check out this post!
happy crafting,
Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 2901
    Jennifer Love

    I also already following Silhouette's blog. And I'm gonna buy one of these with my next paycheck…LOL! So y'all could save me some money, I mean…if you want and all. LOL

  2. 2902
    Jennifer Love

    Following CA on FB, too!

    mrsjllove at yahoo dot com :)

  3. 2903

    Wow! I have been reading about these things all over Blogland. I had no idea all the stuff it could do. If I won one (or ever saved enough cash to buy one) the first thing I would make would be some cute shirts. I have one little girl and another on the way so "Big Sis" and "Lil' Sis" could use some matching T's.

    And Temporary TATTOOS!!! My 2 year old is obsessed with tattoos right now (my MIL blames me) but to be able to make cute original tattoos that aren't ugly cartoon characters would be awesome.

    I could really go on but I am running out of time.

  4. 2904
    Homemaker Honey

    I would make some Vinyl Decor for my home.

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  5. 2905

    I would love to try decorations with the vinyl and of course a million other things.

  6. 2908

    I'm following you on facebook with the name Susan Carpenter Simser

  7. 2911

    I'm a follower of CA..

  8. 2912

    Of course I'm a follower of Silhouette-Blog!

  9. 2913

    OOOH, Where to begin. My first project would be to create some cute hooks on a sign for my sons new room. I love the bicycle/play one on the site.

  10. 2914

    I follow you on Facebook!

  11. 2915

    Following your blog…and loving it!

  12. 2916

    I would so love this!!! The ideas are already coming to mind!

  13. 2917
    Kucuk Cezve

    Love it, want it:)

  14. 2918
    Jeff and aimie

    I would love to make vinyl sayings around my house. I would do a bunch of lettering in my kids room.

  15. 2919

    I would use the glass etching for sure to label my pantry storage containers!

  16. 2920

    I would use the glass etching for sure to label my pantry storage containers!

  17. 2921

    I would make a card–maybe something like the "note for you" card on their website. That and decorations for my home.

  18. 2922
    Nicole Moore

    i follow craftaholics!

  19. 2923
    Nicole Moore

    I am following silhouettes blog!

  20. 2924

    I am a new follower of your blog, and would love to have a Silhouette for myself.

  21. 2925
    heather lynn

    Ohhh Weee…I would love this soooooo much!!!! I love the custom apparel, especially the blinged up millitary hat! So cute.

  22. 2926
    Alicia B.

    I follow CA!

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    Alicia B.

    I follow Sillouette's blog :)

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    Alicia B.

    I follow CraftaholicAnon on Twitter!

  25. 2930
    Alicia B.

    I would love to sew up some clutches and add decals to them, they are so cute! Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. 2931
    Julie D

    I can think of several ideas I can make with my new Silhouette! Pick me!!

  27. 2936
    Pid & Connie

    Following on fb!minerva1214@hotmail.com

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    Pid & Connie

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    Pid & Connie

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    Pid & Connie

    Following Silouettes Blog now!minerva1214@hotmail.com

  31. 2942

    I would use it to make so much stuff! I have been dying to get one of these. i want to use it for vinyl projects, my daughter's new Paris room, scrapbooking, and t-shirts and onesies.

  32. 2943

    I follow Silhouette's blog!

  33. 2944

    I now follow your blog which I LOVE!

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    I follow you on Facebook as well!

  35. 2946

    WOOO-HOOO!!! Congratulations, what a wonderful win!

  36. 2947

    I follow.

  37. 2948

    Great ideas-I have the same throw pillows-I LOVE Target!

  38. 2949

    I love this thank you so much for sharing. Come and say hi and enter my Jamberry nail giveaway!

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW

  39. 2950

    Just saw this on Tip Junkie and had to check it out. Your bedroom is GORGEOUS! I love the new headboard, and I love those flower pillows! I may have to try to replicate them, too! ;)