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Handmade Gift Exchange

it’s that time again! YAY! i love hosting the Handmade Gift Exchange. if you’re new to Craftaholics Anonymous, twice a year i host a Handmade Gift Exchange and let me tell you, it is loads of fun!! it’s a fun way to meet a fellow crafter AND the perfect excuse to get your craft on! :D and each time, i am blown away by the thoughtful gifts you crafters make. blown.away! you ladies go all out and it makes it so much fun!! {if you want to see what people have made/received in the past, click here or here}

how it works is after you sign up, i will email you your partner’s mailing info. you will then make and send a gift to your partner, who in return, will make and send something to you. For ex: I make and send a gift to Jane Crafty and in return, Jane Crafty will make and send me a gift.

this gift exchange has grown exponentially since i started it {the last gift exchange there were 480+ participants. wow!} so this time around, i am going to have to limit everyone to 1 gifting partner this time. i’m sorry ladies! last time it took me a week to email out all the partners.

ADDED LATER: there is 2 different exchanges, the United States and the International exchanges. you must live in the United States for the USA exchange. if you live outside the USA, please sign up for the International Exchange. when you click the sign up button below, there will be a drop down menu where you can select the appropriate gift exchange. i will try my best to line you up with someone in your country, but i cannot guarantee anything!!

Please read this entire post BEFORE you sign up!

If you have any questions, PLEASE email me at craftaholicsanon@gmail.com before signing up.

  • If you commit to participate in this exchange, you will need to make one Handmade Gift for a fellow crafter and have it post marked by thursday June 30, 2011. In return, you will receive one Handmade Gift from a fellow crafter in the mail.
  • Fill out the form below to officially sign up. Sign up is May 29 – June 6, 2011.
  • After sign up closes, I will personally email you with your “Gift Exchange Partner’s” mailing address and email address. {please please please add craftaholicsanon@gmail.com as a contact so that my email does not go to your Spam Box. this is important because i copy and pasting the entire email so it “looks spammy” to most email accounts.}
  • After I email your partner’s info to you, please send them a friendly email to introduce yourself. I find it fun to get to know my gifting partner and try to tailor the gifts I make around to fit my gifting partner, but that is completely up to you!!
  • Make a gift for your assigned partner. Need ideas? Check out my Craft Tutorial List.
  • There is no official theme to this Gift Exchange. If you want to do Christmas in July, go for it! If you want to do a summer theme, awesome!
  • Have your gift post marked no later than Thursday June 30, 2011. It is very important that you have your gift post marked by June 30! If you can get your handmade gift in the mail earlier, that’s fantastic, bonus points to you!
  • Participating in this exchange means you will probably have to make a trip to the Post Office. Please take that this into account when you’re looking at your busy summer schedule.
  • There is no skill level required. A handmade gift is always wonderful, no matter how technical it is!
  • There is no price minimum on the handmade gift. If shipping costs are an issue, you can make a gift that is light weight and fits inside an envelope.
  • You do not have to have a blog to participate!
  • If at any time you are unable to follow through and make and send your gifting partner a gift, PLEASE email me ASAP!! We all understand life happens and that some things are out of our control. If something unexpected comes up, shoot me an email and give me a heads up so that I can work something out.
  • Don’t forget to take pics of what you made! I will host a Handmade Gift Exchange Linky Party so that everyone can show off what they made/received. This linky party will start on July 1. There will also be a Flickr group for those without blogs to upload their pics.
  • **I have no way of patrolling everyone’s participation….but usually, people are honest and do their part.**


*****Sign ups have CLOSED. The next Handmade Gift Exchange will start Beg. of November 2011.*******

Please tell your friends and family about the Handmade Gift Exchange! The more the merrier. I would love it if you would grab a Handmade Gift Exchange button {below} to display on your blog to help get the word out. Or better yet, blog, tweet, or facebook about the Handmade Gift Exchange to spread the fun!

example: Sign up for the Handmade Gift Exchange hosted by @CraftaholicAnon http://wp.me/p1ws4R-FG #HandmadeGiftExchange

If you’re on twitter, please use the hashtag #HandmadeGiftExchange if you tweet about the gift exchange. That way everyone can join in the fun and I can retweet your twits :)

get the code on my sidebar —>

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  2. 2

    Hi..I am so excited about this swap! I will add your button to my blog tomorrow. I am SO sorry that form went thru twice, the 1st time has an incomplete email addy.

  3. 3

    Is it possible to request a gifting partner who is in Europe?
    I know the postage to the US and vis-versa can be pretty expensive which is why I guess you added the two options in the sign up form. I would love it if an option for Europe was added to the form maybe?

    It is really nice to find a gift exchange that allows outside the US people to take part!

    1. 3.1

      Hi Stephanie,
      You can put a note in the “where did you hear about” field that you would like a partner in Europe, but I cannot guarantee that you will be paired with someone in a certain country. As much as I would love too, It would be really difficult for me to host an exchange for every country.

    1. 4.1

      Yes! there are the 2 exchanges again, when you sign up there is a drop down menu where you can select the USA exchange or the International Exchange. I should have mentioned that in my post! sorry.
      I hope you’ll sign up! :)

  4. 5

    Hi Linda, will there be a seperate international gift exchange this year? Or is it just one? Thanks x

    1. 5.1

      Hi LeeAnn,
      Yes! there are the 2 exchanges again- USA and International. When you fill out the sign up form, there is a drop down menu where you can select the one you want. Sorry, I should have mentioned that the post.
      I hope you’ll sign up!

  5. 6

    Hey Linda! I’d love to join again but I am about to have a baby and I am afraid I won’t be able to be on time with the deadlines =( … Maybe next time?!

    1. 6.1

      Don’t worry about it Magda! I completely understand!! Hope everything goes well with the rest of your pregnancy!!

  6. 7

    Hi Linda. We just bought a house, woohoo! While that means I will finally be able to get all the craft stuff out of storage, I think signing up for this exchange would be pushing it. I’ll be back for the Christmas one for sure!

    Have fun,

  7. 9
    Deb Westbury

    I just signes up and posted it on Facebook…This is out of the box for me and I am so excited about this…I can not wait…

  8. 10

    I signed up! Looking forward to it! =] I tried adding the button to my blog but it’s not working. When I figure out if it’s a me issue or a blogger issue I’ll get it fixed. Thanks!

    1. 10.1

      Don’t worry, its me, not you! My button wasn’t working. UGH. I just fixed it. You can get the code on my sidebar. {I tested it multiple times this time, fingers crossed it works for you this time!! {computers and i don’t get along much}

  9. 11

    yipiiiii the first time I participate in this swap. I already sent my form, I am from Panama, Republic in Panama (central/south america, and I will really appreciate if my partner is from this side of the ocean. rgds, dalys

  10. 12

    Hi Linda!

    I signed up! This is the first time I will be participating in anything like this and I’m so excited, and also a little nervous about what I’m going to make.

    I will be posting about this on my blog tomorrow.

    Thanks for hosting!

  11. 13

    This is going to be exciting! I tried to add your button to my blog and it did not come up. Oh well, still excited! Do we get any sort of demographic info?

  12. 14

    Hey Linda!
    I can’t wait, this will be my first one!
    Also, I can’t seem to get the button to work… :/

    1. 14.1

      ugh. sorry! it is now {at least it worked for me!!} its on my sidebar. thanks for letting me know it wasn’t working! I checked it before i hit publish and it worked, then something weird happened. grrr.
      take care!

  13. 15

    I just signed up as well this is my first time too I’m a “handmade gift exchange newbie” I am so excited can’t wait to get started!!!!!

    As a couple other people already mentioned I am getting an error when I add your button to my blog it’s just showing a (?).

    1. 15.1

      YAY! you’ll have so much fun! I’m glad you signed up :) And thanks for the heads up on the button. I just got it fixed. computer hate my guts. grrr. anyways, you can find the code for it on my sidebar now. {fingers crossed my computer likes me tonight haha}
      happy crafting,

  14. 16

    I can’t wait to get started on this project! It’s the kickstart I need for a craft I’ve been wanting to do for a loooong time. (:

  15. 17

    I signed up, too. Sounds like so much fun! I can’t get the button to work either…

    1. 17.1

      Yay for signing up! Grrr for my button!! sorry. it should be working now- its been banished to my sidebar now haha
      thanks for letting me know!

  16. 18
    Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    What a cool idea! I signed up and can’t wait to see all the neat ideas people come up with! And thank you so much for organizing such a huge undertaking!

  17. 20

    so exciting! what a great idea!

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  19. 21

    Linda, I think it is so sweet that you host this event every year!


  20. 22

    This sounds like so much fun! :) Thank you for hosting. I know that it’s a lot of work. Going to post about this on my blog and facebook page. :)


  21. 23

    Yay! This is my first time participating, but I’m stoked! I tweeted and added the button to my events in blog land area on my blog. Thanks for hosting this!

  22. 24

    Sadly, I won’t be joining you guys in the Summer exchange. Between pregnancy spd slowing me down and a holiday to visit my brother in Holland for his birthday, I couldn’t be sure that I could get a parcel off in time. I’ll be in the pot for your Winter exchange though. Have fun!

    1. 24.1

      Hope your pregnancy goes well! And safe travels! Hope you’ll join us this winter with the next exchange :)

  23. 25

    Signing up again this year. Love the beautiful stationary I got last year! Thank you, Linda, for offering the gift exchange again.

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  25. 28

    I am so excited about this!! I can’t even imagine how much work it is for you to put this together, but I am so thankful you are : ) I’m blogging about it and sharing on FB too!


  26. 30

    I just signed up and tweeted about it. Thanks for offering this fun opportunity to get to know my “partner in crafting.”

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  28. 31

    Thanks for organizing. What an awesome idea. Any idea about when the next exchange will be? I like to be thinking about thing and work when I can. No worries though…I’m in this one and can’t WAIT to play!

    1. 31.1

      lol the next exchange is this winter. Sign ups will be beg. of November. :) Hope you’ll sign up then too!
      happy gifting,

  29. 32

    This would be my first exchange–IT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!–I cannot get the button to work–HELP

    1. 32.1

      ugh. that button is the bane of my existence right now! here’s the code: PLEASE let me know if that works, k? thank you!

      1. ok that didn’t work. apparently WordPress will read the code and post the image in the comment. who knew? lol i’ll see if I can email it to you.

  30. 33

    I signed up on the 1st or 2nd day and I noticed that you tweeted about sending out the first 300 & some info already. I have no idea what number I was but I haven’t noticed anything in my inbox or spam. I guess I am paranoid that I misspelled my email bc I was doing it via iPhone at a red light :)

    I signed up with: amandamichellemorris(at)gmail(dot)com

    If you could check, it would put my worries at rest!



    1. 33.1

      Hey Amanda,
      I just looked your email up and you are sign upee #351. I sent out the first 346 last night so I stopped just shy of you! sorry. You should be getting an email in just a little bit from me ;o)
      happy gifting!

  31. 34

    This is so much fun! Thank you for Hosting this! I am extreemly excited to be a part of this! I will repost this on my FB later this evening, I am posting it to my blog right now!

  32. 35

    I love this idea. Just found out about it a few minutes ago on a blog that I follow. I shared it on my blog: koolbeenz-blog.blogspot.com/2011/06/bi-annual-handmade-gift-exchange.html

  33. 36
    Dawn K. Thomson

    I just signed up for the exchange. I am excited about this. I haven’t done an exchange in ages. I really miss doing them and meeting new people…..

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  35. 37

    Count me in!! I am from Spain, but will mail to whatever country my assigned partner is in!! Already started my project!

  36. 38

    I’m a newbie to this, but I croosed my fingers, and I’ve already corresponded with my partner and know what to make for her.

  37. 39

    I’ve shared on Facebook and posted your button. Started my craft, too!

  38. 40
    Kelli Mullins

    Oops, just signed up but re-read it and it was JUNE, I was thinking July. Disregard (:

  39. 41
    nicole heuten

    hy! my first time to! i can’t wait to start crafting for it but try to wait for more info about the person! it’s exiting! i wonder if there are many listings from my country or neighbours! i’m putting it on face book and on yunomi! thanks

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  41. 42
    Cheryl K.

    I signed up! I won’t be back from vacation until the 25th…But I already know what I will make and I know that it only takes a day to do, so I will have it out in time! :) So excited! Last time I did this, it wasn’t that great, but I thought I would try again! :)

  42. 43

    I want to join!!! I love making and sharing my stuff!

      1. I thought I had done so. :( I guess not

  43. 44

    Dear Linda
    thank your for the great idea and for my very nice partner :-))

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