emily I’m Emily. A 25 year-old crafter, clothing hoarder and Pinterest addict. I’m a Marketing Manager, Executive Editor and, in my spare time, a blogger.
I’m obsessed with my dog, my family and my craft room. If I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be poutine. How Canadian of me…
I’m a Northern Ontario girl who spends 90% of her free time creating and the other 10% playing soccer or skating. I’ve always loved to craft – I used to wake my parents up at 5am with a list of projects and craft supplies I needed for the day – in 2014 I finally decided to start my own blog to share all of my creative attempts with the blogging world. I love learning new skills and I’m currently obsessed with felt and string art.
You can find me over at Painting it Purple!
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