Burlap Christmas Wreath

Looking for Christmas Wreaths to Make?

This is one wreath you’ll definitely want to make this holiday season! Its super easy to make, requires few supplies and is fantastic for all skill levels! Plus it could easily transition to be a winter wreath for January.

christmas wreath idea
 I am so excited to show you my door decor for the Christmas season! I absolutely love it. The white burlap wreath contrasts so nicely with my red front door. Some of my girlfriends came over and we made these together. We cut the burlap into strips and tied them onto a wreath form. This wreath looks great in other colors as well. {see my Halloween version of this wreath here}
Told you this was a Christmas Wreaths to make!
 Here’s an up close of the fabric flowers. I was recently shown how to make these cute fabric flowers. I think they are just so cute! Ok, so I’m a sucker for any fabric flower! But they are super easy and really cute. They look great on headbands and brooch pins.
**added later: click here for the wreath tutorial and here for the flower tutorial
If you make one of these wreaths, please send me a picture or link! I’ve love to see it :)
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  1. 1

    Awwww…as my youngest granddaughter says, my pleasure! Love that wreath. It is incredible.

  2. 2

    so pretty and so chic! the wreath makes your front door look so welcoming.

  3. 3

    that is fantastic and gorgeous and wonderful :D

  4. 4
    { L }

    You make the most beautiful things! I'm also in love with this one and it matches the cranberry tassel perfectly. You create such beauty.

  5. 5
    Jan @ bobbypinsboardwalk

    You're 100% correct. it is a beautiful contrast. You really love that burlap, don't you? I would think it would be difficult to work with. Whatever — your projects are turning our beautifully.

  6. 6

    that is awesome! i love it!

  7. 7
    Sherri S

    I have a red door too! And I was planning to make a scrap fringie tied wreath too. Now I may just have to use burlap! I love how pretty yours is!

  8. 8

    Very cool! Glad I found your blog :)

  9. 9
    The Fifes

    Love the wreath – and the pictures you took of it are incredible too.

  10. 10
    Andy Porter

    I love the simplistic beauty of this wreath. the red flowers are the perfect touch…ok, so I accidentally deleted both of your entries. I added this one again, but it was before I actually clicked on the link. Let me know if I linked back to the wrong project. Lol…sorry, it's been one of "those" mornings for me:)
    Thanks for linking!! I loved your pillows too!!

  11. 11

    I love this wreath! It is beautiful especially on the red door. I would love a door like that!

  12. 12

    loving the burlap again!!! The contrast between the door and the red flowers makes it pop!

  13. 13
    Mrs. Petrie

    That wreath is awesome!! I've been thinking about making a new wreath for Xmas, but I didn't know what to do. Very classy and beautiful. :)

  14. 14

    I love that wreath and am going to have to try making one for my home. Thanks for sharing and for the cutting burlap tip. It makes such a huge mess. I'm having a giveaway this week if you'd like to stop by.

  15. 15

    This is really cool, thank you for the tutorial.. and helpful hints.

  16. 16
    Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

    First I have to say I love the name of your blog! Your burlap wreath is so cute! As I was looking at it, and wondering if I should make one, I was cringing inside at the thought of the mess that burlap makes when you cut it. I am sooo happy you gave us the hint of spraying it down with water first!!

  17. 17

    I came back to feature this one! THanks!

  18. 18
    Kim @ Cheap Chic Home

    I really like the idea of using white. My doors are so dark, green wreaths disappear on them. Thanks for the idea.

  19. 19

    Beatiful. I love anything with burlap. Who knew it was so versatile? Great job.

  20. 21
    Lacie @ Creative Attempts

    I have to make this wow I blog surf alot and this is the best idea I have seen in FOREVER!!

  21. 22

    How long did you make the strips? Don't laugh… I'm more of a craft lover than a maker. I'm babystepping.

  22. 23

    I love it…. I am so in love with burlap right now, and it looks fantastic on that wreath! great job!

  23. 24

    Stumbled across this from Someday Crafts. This is beautiful! Could you give a tutorial on making the fabric flowers? I, too, am a sucker for them!

  24. 25

    That looks so cool…I lurve white burlap! And the flowers…so cute. I think I will copy you. :o)

  25. 26
    Jen J.

    Found you on the DIY Show Off – great job!! Now I wanna make one, but I already bought the stuff for an ornament wreath. Hmph. Maybe next Christmas?!

  26. 27
    Blue Creek Home

    It is lovely! I love that it is white and not burlap colored.

  27. 28
    The DIY Show Off

    I LOVE it. I'm so glad you shared your creativity in the DIY holiday party – I would have missed it. It's awesome! Great job!


  28. 29

    Love this idea…think I might need to do this with some lime green burlap that I have…thanks soooo much for sharing it! Hope you have a FUN week.


  29. 30
    Its So Very Cheri

    Super cute. I a, working on something similar


  30. 31
    black eyed susans kitchen

    What a great idea for a country style wreath! I would never have thought to use burlap…brilliant.

  31. 32
    Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Oh I adore this. I have put it in my style file! :)

  32. 33
    Beeutiful by Design

    Another brillant idea to use burlap. Burlap seems to be the vinegar of the design world – so many uses and so inexpensive! Have a great week.

  33. 34
    Janis@ White Alder [Home]

    Loving the burlap………so cute!!

  34. 35

    That is darling! I am going to use this idea!! I have a black front door and nothing really "pops" against it. What did you use as your form??

  35. 36
    Peg @ Bloomfield Farm

    Very pretty… looks great on your red door!

  36. 37

    I am getting amazed at all of the uses for burlap!! Yours looks nice on that red door!

  37. 38
    Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend

    You did a GREAT job…I have had so little time to do any blog reading and I have missed it…stop by my Christmas blog and leave a comment. The giveaway is a great Christmas CD to add to your collection.

  38. 39

    What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to try it!

  39. 40

    I love this wreath! Just my style! Thanks for sharing this.I am off to buy burlap!

  40. 41

    So many wreaths in the parties today. Yours is definitely one of my favourites. Love the texture of the burlap and the detail of the red flowers.

  41. 42
    Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking

    This is so cute! I will definitely be copying you… thanks!

  42. 43

    I love burlap and I love Christmas. So naturally I think this is an incredible project! :-) I also love your blog!!

  43. 44

    so so love this!!!!

  44. 45
    Lara Harris

    very sweet :)

  45. 46

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Thanks for sharing! : )

    I think I may have to make one!

  46. 47

    This is beautiful – I voted :)

  47. 48

    I LOVE this. I have been a little resistant to the burlap craze, but I MUST. MAKE. THIS. I hope one of your tutorials is on this. I mean, it looks pretty self explanatory, but it would help to know how much burlap to buy, any tips, and of course, how to make those darling flowers.

    Great job, I voted for you too!

  48. 49

    This turned out so cute! I love those fabric flowers.

    pk @ Room Remix

  49. 50

    LOVE your wreath! Those red flowers really pop with the red door. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!