you know you’re a CRAFTAHOLIC when… {all entries!}

WARNING: you may need to grab a tissue because you’re going to laugh so hard you’ll cry! here is the complete list of all the entries. sorry the formatting isn’t that hot, but i have to manually format it and i didn’t feel like putting in numbers and typing everyone’s names. sorry!!

your kids have watched Disney for 8 hours straight in their pajamas and you are happily sitting at the sewing machine!

You wake up in the middle of the night and say “oooo remember to stop and get fabric tomorrow”.

Mod Podge is your way to exfoliate.

You consider your hot glue gun blisters badges of honor.

you go shopping and stealthily take pictures of things because “I can make that!!”

you spend more time crafting than you do dating

You scurry around at nap time trying to get AS MANY DIY projects in as possible! (my work bench is filled with unfinished ideas)

you regret getting rid of previous supplies, even if it was years ago.

you stand by the bin at parties and make sure no one throws out any bottle caps or interesting looking beer bottles because you can definitely make something from it all. 

your friends start questioning their own rubbish bins and wait for you to come round so you can tell them what they’re allowed to throw out and what must be saved for crafts!

you see things in the store and say “why would I buy that for X when I could make it for less!

you telecommute so you can work on your latest project!

It’s cheaper just to buy stuff, but you can’t stop yourself from making it anyway!

you have no fingerprints because of how many times you have burned your fingers with hot glue

all of your jeans have glue ridges from wiping glue-y fingers

you pick your house plan out because your crafting space will be AWESOME… oh, and the kitchen is pretty nice.

when you have scars on your feet from all the pins that magically found themselves on the floor and jumped into your foot, to inflict a certain level of pain.

you just got done cleaning your craft room, say there isn’t room for one more thing. Then, you end up at the craft store, see a great sale/clearance, and buy several bags of things.  

you put your son down a little early to nap and then let him cry when he wakes up (maybe a little too long) just so you can finish what you’ve started. {did I just admit that?}

you get a little excited about a stained or bleached shirt because you know you can use the rest of it to make something pretty.

You go to someone else’s party and come home with their “trash for your stash”

you have to move crafty supplies to the side to make room for your kids to eat at the table.

you walk out of the house with felted wool balls stuck to your clothes!

you are hiding crafting supplies in your kids toy bins.

your kids think you can make anything, including a camera for them

The photo library on your cell phone has been consumed by things you see in the store to replicate. Suddenly the pictures of the little people in your life are the minority. 

you have permanent blisters on your fingers from burning them with the hot glue gun.

your stash is found in any room in the houes

You bring your ‘Work in progress’ bag everywhere you go!

your son asks to go to the “fagric” store and pick out “fagric” to make his something.

your husband helps build a craft table (using Ana White plans) so that you can actually use the kitchen table for eating meals!

most of the play time with the kids involve cutting and pasting and creating

your husband hides your sewing machine cord so you can’t sew until you put the laundry away.

you don’t care if it takes more time and money than just buying it… you’d rather make it yourself :)

your boyfriend drags you out of work and to the charity shop so you can buy a huge stash of buttons, and all he expects in return is a quiet evening- because you’ll be crafting, anyway1

the only store you will shop at is etsy

you can name your hot glue gun burn mark scars by the craft project associated with it. (ex: this burn is from when I was bedazzling by daughter’s shoes)

you go without buying food just so you have more money for supplies!

you just KNOW you can repurpose that old grill in the backyard that your husband wants to throw away.

You have the largest room in the house for your crafting, and it is still too small sometimes.

You move to a new city and the only place you know how to get to without GPS is the craft store!

Your collection of projects you want to do is too big to complete in your lifetime and you still plan to do them all.

your husband gives you a stack of paint sample chips for Valentine’s Day and they make you feel more loved than flowers ever could.

you’ve gone to Joann and Michael’s more than the grocery store this month.

you see something you like and immediately say “I can SO make that. for cheaper. and better. and cuter.”

your dining table holds a sewing machine instead of a serving dish and swatches in place of spoons!

you hand a customer a crochet hook to sign a receipt.

getting a new article of clothing is only slightly more exciting than wearing an old one out so that you can take it apart and upcycle it.

You tell people about this cool new pair of scissors, and then you don’t understand why they don’t think they are cool as you think they are. 

You find glitter in places where glitter shouldn’t be.

your husband says he is giving you clothes money and NOT to spend it on yarn or fabric!

When every where you go you think, “i’m not paying that, I’ll just make it!”

you have to keep reminding people that your blog is not actually a craft blog, even though that’s pretty much all you blog about!

your credit card statement reads “hobby lobby $xx michaels $xx a.c. moore $xx” repeated 6 times.

you’d rather have a craft budget than a cell phone plan

you start to rip apart perfectly good items/clothing/etc. “just to see how it’s made”!

you can’t even feel the glue gun burns anymore.

You scrounge the clearance bins of every store you step foot in looking for junk that you can turn into art.

my craft room got to full and spilled into my husbands garage!

even your toilet paper is paper mached!

…you find yourself hoarding scraps, bits, pieces, odds, ends and sometimes even “trash”, because you know you can make something with it “Someday!”  ;)

you look through your in-laws recycling bin for items to craft with.

you found a cute project to make with the glue gun drippings! 

you don’t bother getting dressed because its a waste of valuable craft time!

you have an entire room dedicated to crafting in your house

your husband tells you to stop crafting and spend more time with him :)

Hot glue doesn’t really hurt that much anymore…

after your kids have gone to bed, you break our your crafts.

you have to use the restroom but don’t want to leave your project so you run to the potty with your cordless glue gun and work on it while you are…you know, relieving yourself. ha!

dinner is still on the table the night before. :)

your friend asks you what the rash on your hands is from and you say “Oh! Those are just glue gun burns.”

you’d rather go shopping at a craft store than for clothes

you have more stamps than shoes.

you get heaps of junk form everyone you know becase they all “Know you can find something to do with it!”

you keep looking for cute new project ideas, even though you have a million projects started or supplies purchased for such projects.

all you do is think of crafting

you have a craft room, and your craft supplies can still be found in multiple locations throughout the house…you know, just in case you need to randomly craft when doing dishes, or cleaning the bathrooms?

your oven timer is beeping, so while running up the stairs to pull out your treats, you trip on your iron cord, sewing machine cord, and you realize you’ve still got your glue gun in the other hand…
you find yourself examine that cute shirt, pillow, wall decor to see how it’s made so you can re-create it at home.

you don’t throw anything away in hopes of using it for a craft project…this drives my husband nuts!!

you wake up with fabric stuck to your cheek with glitter glue….and dont notice it because you have got to finish your kids valentines before 9 am.

you save things like cardboard tubes, tiny scraps of fabric, and milk jug tops, telling your husband “I know I’ll use these some time!”

your 3 yo son knows when you are on the street that Michael’s is on better than your house

you consider a manicure consists of hot glue dots, glitter and paper dots!

you had a craft idea during your 13 hour workday, went home put the son and the hubby to bed, and you are still up at 2 am making your idea a reality.

you look in your grocery basket and imagine all of the fun things you can make with that box or bottle with the interesting shape, plus scrapbook paper/fabric/glitter/paint. I seriously just did this last week!

you wake up at night for a trip to the bathroom and head back to the craft room instead of back to bed.

…you see your kids about to tear their new jeans and you give them an extra nudge.

your idea of a hot date is with your glue gun

you think you can turn anything into great with just a little paint!

You see something at the store and instead of buying it, take a picture so you can make it at home

You have nightmares about hot glue gun burns…

your husband rolls his eyes and asks you why you need more “googly eyes” from the craft store when you make a HobLob run.

the cashier at joann’s knows you by your first name!

You have told friends and family who gets what craft supply after you die.

When your supply bill is more than your grocery bill.

you know when the workers at Michaels recognize you

you stay up all night reading craft blogs even though you are dead tired

you have created, crafted, decorated for a holiday that is months away…

you fall asleep thinking of how to do a craft, dreaming of the craft, and waking up to start the craft BEFORE you go to work!

you can’t eat on your kitchen table.

You see something shiny when you are walking to your car and you walk all the way to the end of the parking lot to pick it up because it just MIGHT be some sort of buckle or button thingy and you think – “Hey, I can put some glue dots on the back of that & it would be perfection!”

you buy craft items and don’t have a clue what you’ll do with them!

when its 4 in the morning and you remeber that thing you saw at the shop and need to get up and sketch a pattern as it would be nice for your son

your SON doesn’t want to throw away cereal boxes because he wants to save them to make a “craft”.

your son thinks people are held together with hot glue.

you come to school with bts of felt in your hair from last nights project, and your friends are used to it
for my 50th birthday, which happens to be today, Valentines Day!, I wanted to have a weekend long marathon of crafting and sewing instead of a big a party. As it ended up, my husband threw me a suprise party this weekend and was hoping I wouldn’t be upset because my craftathon was interrupted.

you take your grocery list to Joann’s by accident, but leave with a cart full of crafty supplies!

…you have to eat cereal for a couple of days because you spent part of your food budget at Micheal’s.
you have more unfinished projects than you do hairs on your head!

You can’t bear to throw out old/ugly/used/second hand clothing because, “The fabric may come in handy for some project!”

you fall asleep in mid-crafting and wake up with glue on your face. No joke it’s happened!

your fitted sheet has a huge hole in it and needs to be thrown away, and all you can think about is how much elastic you can salvage from it to use for crafting projects.

you buy felt to craft with instead of more practical items like tampons…opps…

your two-year-old BEGS to go to the dollar store and is disappointed we aren’t going “thrifting” today.

you check your e-mail during church each Sunday to see what the coupon for Hobby Lobby this week.

the cashier at McDonalds has to pick thread off your shoulder and point out the paint flakes in your hair.  Not just once, but every time you go in.

your children stop you in the department store to ask which of the clothes you made.

your child’s first sentence is, “I bet I can make that for cheaper.”

Your glasses case is made from old underwear!

you take your fabric, needle and thread to the bathroom with you, even you to pee! :)

when your hubby bans you from storing any more future projects on the already overflowing stacks in the closet

when your hubby sneaks your stash of saved toilet paper tubes into the garbage

you stay up til all hours to finish a project!

your husband tries to have a serious conversation about budgeting and saving to be able to pay the house off in about 3 or 4 years, getting a new car next year, etc., but in your mind you think….I don’t care about that now, I just need $20 to go get materials for my next craft!

you secretly spend more time at work looking at crafting blogs and getting new ideas and getting annoyed when you actually have to “work” at work!

you are asked if you made your skirt from a dish towel or curtains.

you have your husband pull over on the highway to grab an orange cone because you have a Christmas tree idea!

at any time you walk into Hobby Lobby and your kid can hum the tune currently playing.

no one asks if you made your daughter’s dress. They already know!

you have to call you  husband to come to Hobby Lobby with the truck because you can not fit everything you have bought into your car.

You have a house FULL of doodads and your hubby just raises an eyebrow and smiles.

you no longer have a dining room, but instead have a personal craft store.

you ask other people for their old clothes and trash to make projects with!

you check every craft blog you can think of every day for new craft ideas!

your daughter hasn’t taken a nap in her crib for months because her room doubles as your craft space.

you buy burlap over a new pair of shoes!

your dog is sporting an orange acrylic paint mohawk and glitter dandruff while tearing through the house with felt scraps.

Family friends and neighbors give you crafting supplies and Joann’s gift cards for Christmas, birthdays and sometimes just because

you use E6000 glue to mend a hole in your shirt.

strands from the hot glue gun fall in your salad at dinner!

you reach in your coat pocket and pull out a marker and a gluestick

you check out the latest post on a craft site just so you can have something to do

 you have visions of crafts during those “odd” times of the day or night ;)

your husband forgets what its like to have to share the bed because your up crafting all night.

it’s 4:00 and you’re covered in hot glue and still in your jammies.

you own more fabric than actual clothing.

you finally look up from a craft to realize you just watched an entire episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody…by YOURSELF ’cause you didn’t want to get up to find the remote.

you tuck your husband in bed (wait for him to start snoring) and sneak downstairs to spend a few precious hours with your sewing machine/hot glue gun, tweeps, chocolate chips, and favorite chick flick.

people want to know why you are saving “trash”

your son brings home his mouthpiece at the end of 8th grade football, so you can put it in his scrapbook!

… your first thought when you are shopping or looking through magazines is how you could easily make it {for a lot less money!}

you do your kids craft for them and don’t let them help.

my bedroom is full of things allmost finished, and things start to appear on it cause everyone thinks I recicle everything…

every table surface in your home is scratched and covered with stray paint splatter.

you are walking through a store that is not normally for crafts and you are thinking, what could I make with that.

your fingers always bear the evidence of your last hot glue mishap.

you wake up before 5 am on a Saturday morning because you just couldn’t get that craft out of your head and have to start on it right then.  Too bad the craft store doesn’t open until 9!

you are constantly looking at other blogs to get the latest idea of what to make.

other people “find” things for you to make things from.

you have more craft stuff than clothes and it’s better organized.

You win a fabulous prize (a wallet at Bunco) and you regale the assembled with all of the things you can make out of the beautful box, ribbon and tissue paper. Oh, and then remember to thank the hostess for the prize!

you have scissors in every room

you name your sewing machine and start referring to it like a person

you inspect the way anything (or everything) you see and think “I can make that”….

a trip to Michaels is your saturday night plans!

you start counting down the minutes to your day job to get home and create that vision dancing around in your head.

your constantly making your family have a “picnic” on a blanket on the floor, since your whole dinning room table is filled with crap from your latest project. And if you move ANYTHING your whole system will be messed up! :)

you carry your scrapbook papers with you while clothes shopping for your child.  I do this all the time!  I have friends who say I am crazy…

every single inch of the storage areas in your house are taken up by totes and totes of “fabric/patterns”,
“ribbon/wood/glue gun/paints”, “flowers/clips/buttons”, “more fabric”, “cricut/cartridges/matts/scrapbook paper” etc. And when your husband trips over it all and then asks about it being really necessary to have so much, you say there is no way you could get rid of any of it. You need it all!! ( is there some kind of 12 step program for this severe of an addiction?) :)!!

you have 4 craft rooms

you use the scraps of your scraps

you can no longer be indentified by fingerprints because you have burned them off using the glue gun.

you send your husband to the grocery store all morning so he misses the UPS/Fedex delivery of oh so much fabric….

you get a compliment on your makeup and you later realize you are a little extra glittery from your late night crafting.  No, I don’t normally glitter up before church, thank you very much.  ;)

you walk in a craft store and top to appreciate the scent enticing scent of possibilities

When you wake up in the middle of the night and have to try out the craft you just dreamt about making.

Look at every piece of clothing your getting rid of as “potential fabric yardage”

your hubby suddenly grabs the one bowl from the cupboard you are hoping he will avoid… as soon as he touches it an avalanche of saved soup cans fall out because you JUST KNOW you will need these for something crafty. (Craftaholic or Hoarder? It is a fine line)

the grandkids walk in the door and say “What are we gonna craft today Grandma” before even saying hello or goodmorning!

you sleep walk and cut the air with a pair of sissors!

your craft crap, I mean supplies, is falling out of your daughters closet and spilling onto HER floor and HER bed.  Ooops!

Your husband refuses to go shopping with you for a new (bigger) dining room table so that you have more “crafting area”

you pick up an object and think…Hmmm, I could MAKE that!

you clean out your pantry so your craft stuff can have a new home!

you spend more time at the hardware store than your husband.

you make a gun holster for your glue gun & think it’s actually cute enought to wear it out of the house.

You see an empty space on your wall, look in your garbage can and wonder what you can use to fill up that space.

your hubby automatically packs your sewing machine (without being asked!) when you leave on vacation!

Your craft closet is bigger than your clothes closet

You work overtime to be able to afford your habit and then take days off so that you can play with your stuff!

your sleep is being robbed by ‘which project should i begin with first?’, ‘which fabric is more compatible?’, ‘is half inch enough for the allowance?’ and blar blar blar…. zzZZZ

you start conversing with your craft tools like partners-in-action.

you see other inspirational crafts

you refuse your boyfriend’s invitation to finish a knitting beanie for him

you go into a store and say “pfft I can totally make that!” hahaha

you save every little thing, ex gifting tissue paper for later uses like for making patters!

You check the weather only to know if its warm enough to spray paint

Your three old knows the name of all the Craft stores but doesn’t know what a root beer float is. :)

your house is a constant chaos filled with drawers, shelves, jars, plastic containers, boxes, smaller boxes inside boxes, plastic bags and any other container you can imagine, all filled up with supplies or POTENTIAL supplies for any POTENTIAL crafting project.

you are no longer TV-holic! there’s not anough time :-D

… I touch desginer fabric. Then my brain starts to giggle and fireworks tell me its time to make something!

Your digging thru your purse to find the wallet at the store and your pulling out more on the go crafting than the things that normally would be found in a purse.

you buy coffee because you like the jar it comes in rather than buying it because you actually like the brand!

you go on vacation and you bring your paper cutter with you.

your average number of hours spent in Joann Fabrics is 5 hours!

people stop asking you what you want for your birthday/Christmas/etc and just get you gift cards to Michaels, JoAnns or Hobby Lobby.

you see something in the store that you love and you don’t buy it because you know you could make it better and cheaper yourself!

you can’t go to sleep at night because you’re too excited about a craft!

you have so much glitter you can’t find the color you want

you have enough ribbon to tie 100 gift bags, 20 valentine cards, and 30 baby shower gifts with yards left over

you dream about crafting!

You spend your babysitter dollars so you can sit at home by yourself and craft.

your a college student and your apartment closet is overflowing with craft things that you don’t have enough time to work on!

you’re constantly starting projects, but never finishing them.

you sell the idea, to your husband and kid, that a indoors picnic (in your dinner room floor) is a wonderfull family activity, just to not get of your mess craft work that’s in the top of your dinner table!

your thinkigna bout what craft you are going to do the next day, during “Woopi” with your man.

You are looking for houseplans and base them off of how big your craft room will be

you burn your fingers with a glue gun but you keep going because you’re having too much fun!

you go digger through your recyclables looking for stuff to transform into your next masterpiece.

you could spend 4 hours in a craft store and never get bored (but quickly poor!)

you forget to go to the bathroom because you cant stop crafting

your home decor starts to mirror your current projects and you are a year behind in your “OH I CAN TOTALLY DO THAT” list

every receipt you turn in has glue sticks, markers/ink/paint and cleaning wipes on it.

you’ve rigged your breast pump to be hands free so that you may continue crafting while fulfilling your motherly duties.  

your 3-year-old names her two first pet fish “sparkles” and “glue”…nevermind the fact that they’re male betas…

you’re twisting your daughter’s chlorine-stiffened hair into rosettes after she’s fallen asleep in your lap!

everyone wants to be your friend at Christmas time.

You can’t decide which ongoing project you are going to work on much less which medium you want to work in at any given moment!

Your living room looks like your own personal craft store, instead of part of a private home!  Uhh where should I start looking for my chair?

you get “grounded” from the craft store

the top 2 groups with the most bookmarks are titled “craft blogs” & “crafts”.

you bring an extra duffle bag while visiting your parents because you don’t have a hobby lobby right the the street from your own house.

you find a silver star in your baby’s dirty diaper!

you browse craft blogs during class because you can’t wait to get back to your dorm and make something fun to wear or add to your room!

you fall in love with fabric tape…

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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1

    oh my goodness! i have to admit though, i don't have enough time to read them all because i have to go sew:) love the one about the hubby hiding the sewing machine!!

  2. 2

    these are hilarious and i can relate to sew i mean so many:)

  3. 3
    Leslie Waters

    I love it. Luckily I haven't suffered to many hot glue burns but yes we do have to move the flowers and gun off the table so we can eat and Last night dishes are still on the table.
    If only we didn't have to take time to sleep we could get so much more accomplished in a day. Oh ya and there needs to be 36 hrs in that day.

  4. 4
    RosMari Brand

    Hahahaha all of this is SOOO true.

    Yay for crafting and creative people!!!

  5. 5

    I'm totally freaking out over whomever would throw away a sheet with a hole in it. That's good fabric! Girl, I'll send you elastic — you send me the holey sheets!

  6. 6

    Nor should you be drinking a mug of tea when reading these. My computer screen got a nice shower of tea this morning after I busted out laughing. I couldn't help it!

  7. 7

    I see myself in so many sentences… (my english is very bad! I hope you understand!)

  8. 8

    and….your husband puts you on "paper restrictions"….

  9. 9

    YEP! I'm a CRAFTACHOLIC!..amd I'm proud of it! ;)

    this is so good!

    XOXO Andrea

  10. 10

    Yep! I think I see me in this list, every line. LOL! I bought our house, sight unseen, because of the studio out back. DH said, "Find your craft room and hopefully, it will have a kitchen". It didn't. We had to gut the house and start over. But the craft room and studio are magnificent!