Washi Tape Easter Eggs


Happy Wednesday! You probably have noticed how crazy popular washi tape, or paper masking tape, has become lately. I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about pretty patterned tape?? I absolutely love the stuff! So I decided to give our boring plastic eggs a facelift with the help of a little washi tape….
washi tapeThe pretty tape adds some fun! {and yes, i mixed and matched the tops and bottoms for a little added spunk}

And wouldn’t this be a fun activity for the kids?

*those cute little egg stands are Rolo’s! I used them with my Glitter Eggs too. they’re perfect for them.

Color + polka dots and stripes = love

My parents used to put nickels and dimes in our eggs, so a little washi tape to make sure they stay inside is handy.  {that’s the oh-so-practical spin} PLUS it keeps kids out of the eggs for an extra 10 seconds….right? ha! {and that would be the jokester mom spin.}

My 3 year old was so excited to help me with this photo shoot. I guess seeing all the chocolate I was using had something to do with that.

So that’s a simple, easy Easter craft that takes only a few minutes to do. I love easy, inexpensive crafts that pack some punch…like these cute Easter eggs!

washi tapeWhat do you put in your Easter eggs?

happy crafting!

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  1. 1

    Really cute…love that tape. So many uses.

  2. 3

    What an adorable idea! I have never used washi tape, but I have seen so many great tutorials and ideas for it that I am definitely in need of some! ;-)

    1. 3.1

      Its way fun! Once you get it in your hands, you can’t put it down lol. You can use it on everything!
      happy crafting,

  3. 4

    love this!!! so freakin’ cute!

  4. 5

    Hi! This may be an extremely weird request, but I have been looking everywhere for the target pillow you posted about in a post a very long time ago. It’s the target dwell studio pillow with yellow rosettes. I am willing to buy it from you. I know this is weird but it would match a room I am decorating perfectly! Name your price and I will give you the amount. I hope you can consider this and email me back. Thanks so much!

  5. 7
    Deb Hornick Gotham

    Adorable..love that tape and gotta love the Rolo stands..so clever:)

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