Tree Themed Preschool Ideas for Fall

Tree Themed Preschool for Fall. Crafts, Snack, and Activity ideas!

Tree Themed Preschool for Fall

Whether you do a home preschool or are just looking for some fun Fall Activities for little Kids, then here’s a great post for you! I’m sharing ideas from the Fall Tree Themed Preschool I hosted at my house last year {we did a neighborhood co-op preschool}. It was a huge hit! But I didn’t have time to post about it then, so I saved it for this year! Here are ideas for tree themed crafts, snacks, and fun activities for a fall themed preschool!

T is for TREE

Fall Preschool Craft ideas Tree Trunk Vest 

Prep: I got a big roll of brown kraft paper and cut out “vests” out for each kid. It was basically a rectangle with 2 arm holes. Nothing too fancy! Remove the paper wrapper from a handful of crayons.

Activity: I gave the kids crayons and showed them how to make tree rubbings by placing the paper on the trunk of a tree and rubbing the paper with the flat part of the crayon. Fall Craft for Preschoolers + snacks and activities

Leaf Crown

Prep: Cut a strip of brown kraft paper to 2″ x 23″ for each kid. Get a bag or bucket for each child to collect leaves. Gather liquid glue and a stapler.

Activity: Give each child a bag or bucket and let them go outside to collect colorful fall leaves. Then come inside and glue the leaves on their strip of paper using liquid glue. Let glue dry, then wrap the crown around their head and staple the two ends together with a stapler.

Tip: I’d recommend doing this activity at the beginning of the preschool, because the glue can take awhile to dry.

Tree art for preschool using toilet paper rolls Preschool Tree Art

Prep: Cut out a trunk shape in brown paper for each child. I used my Silhouette CAMEO to cut this trunk shape, but you can easily cut out a basic trunk shape with scissors. Collect toilet paper roll tubes, one for each child. Gather an old XL T-shirt, white paper, glue sticks, red paint, yellow paint, paper plates, and newspaper or a drop cloth. Put red and yellow paint onto a paper plate for each child.

Activity: Give each child a sheet of white paper, a tree trunk, and a glue stick. Have them glue the trunk to the white paper. Then give them a toilet paper roll tube and a plate with red and yellow paint and let them paint “leaves” onto their tree trunk.

Lesson: This is also a great lesson for kids to see how mixing red and yellow makes orange. So make sure to point that out to them.

Tree themed snacks for preschool. Such a fun fall themed Preschool!Tree Themed Preschool Snacks

For our tree snacks, I made Tree Ring Cookies {see below} and paired them with orange and apple slices because oranges and apples come from trees. We also drank apple juice. I made sure to give each a napkin for their snack and we talked about how paper is made from trees.

Tree Ring Cookies. Cute and yummy snack for a Tree or Fall themed Preschool!Tree Ring Cookies

I made “tree ring cookies” similar to these but I used Gingerbread Cookie Dough and Sugar Cookie Dough instead. {I used pre made dough, but you could easily make your own doughs} I rolled out each dough separately on wax paper. Then I brushed a little milk over the Gingerbread dough and placed the Sugar Cookie Dough on top and removed the wax paper off the top and rolled the two doughs together into a “log”. Put the dough in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Using quilting thread, I cut the log into 1/2″ thick slices and placed on a greased cookie sheet and baked according to the directions on the cookie dough packaging. {if you made your own dough, follow recipe directions for baking.}

Activity: Have the children count the rings on their tree cookies to determine how “old” their tree ring cookie is! {Afterwards, I showed the kids real tree rings on a slice of wood and let them count those tree rings too.}

I hope this helps you as you plan your Tree Themed Preschool this fall! Follow along on Pinterest for more Craft Ideas!

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What Tree Themed Preschool ideas have you done? 

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