sweater wrist warmers TUTORIAL


here’s how i made my sweater wrist warmers! they’re pretty simple. have you noticed i’ve really been into up-cycling clothes lately?! haha probably because i’ve been cleaning out all my closets….and almost got all my Spring Cleaning done. ahhh, such a good feeling!  i have a weird obsession with cleaning out closets. i really enjoy it. organizing is like therapy for me. i find it very relaxing…..i know. i’m weird. and i still don’t like chocolate….

ANYWAYS, all you need to make these warmers is an old sweater, scissors, tape measure, and a sewing machine.

cut the bottom 7 inches off each sleeve of your sweater.


next, cut along the sleeve seam to open up the section you cut off.
if it is not already 7″ by 7″, cut the section so that it is. this will make the warmers snug so they won’t fall down to your wrists.
 then measure 2″ down from the finished sleeve hem and cut a half circle about 1″ in diameter on each side for your thumbs to come through. {refer to picture above.}
now using a zig zag stitch, finish the unfinished edges of the sweater. don’t worry about zig zagging the already finished side that was the sleeve’s hem.
next, you’ll put right sides together and sew {straight stitch} the piece back together. do not sew around the half circles. just the straight sides before and after.
then turn right side out and you’re done!
i embellished my wrist warmers with sweater flowers with vintage button centers.
happy crafting!
Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1

    those are SO cute!! just saw a tutorial (on brassy apple) for making sweater covers for PILLOWS! I'm going to have to make both of these idea :)
    LOVE your blog!!

  2. 2
    pk @ Room Remix

    Thanks so much for posting the tutorial, Linda! I'm still loving these and hoping? to make some. I'm going to link to this on my facebook page because I linked your first post and it sounds like there are some who would like to make them.

  3. 3

    I so want to be you when I grow up. You are amazing. I'm going to try these, I can't wait!

  4. 4

    wow… amazing idea….. creative cute and stylish tooo !!

  5. 5

    Super ideja kako iskoristiti stari džemper!!! Sviđaju mi se vintage gumbići koji ovim super rukavicama daju još ljepši izgled! Hvala za tutorijal :)))

  6. 6
    urban craft

    hooray for saving sweaters from the trash. Super chic!

  7. 7
    This N That

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I am so excited to get to try this today! I went shopping at goodwill JUST to get a sweater and some buttons to upcycle. I am SO looking forward to this one!

  8. 9

    So cute! Cant wait to make them.
    And I love to organize over chocolate any-day lol

  9. 10

    Adorable! Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

    Lee Ann

  10. 11

    Hi there! Anyone have any creative ideas on how to make the thumb hole have more of a finished edge to it?