St. Patrick’s Day Wreath TUTORIAL

Good morning! Are you seeing green already? I am! Here is my first St. Patty’s Day craft of the year….a green felt flower wreath on my interchangeable wreath form. Simple, easy, but oh-so-festive!

st. patty's wreath

With stripes being so popular right now, I was floored to find some vintage green and white stripe fabric in my stash . Its so perfect and stylin!

st paterick's day green flowers

I used felt instead of burlap for my trademark wreath flowers, and I have to say, I think I like them in felt better.

Felt Flowers Tutorial

supplies: felt, scissors, hot glue, metal button covers with covering tool, clips, fabric scraps

  1. holiday wreath Cut 3 peanut shapes pieces of felt for each flower. They should measure approx. 1.5″ at the widest part and 6″ long.
  2. Place a dot of hot glue in the center of the flower and press over the edge on both sides of the narrowest part of the peanut.
  3. Repeat for each piece of felt.
  4. Stack 3 pieces of felt on top of each other as shown.
  5. hot glue the clip to the back of the flower. {make sure you don’t glue it shut!}
  6. Cover your button covers with fabric using your button cover tool. {comes in most packages}
  7. Glue fabric button to the center of the flower.
  8. Clip your flowers onto your transitional burlap wreath!

st. patty's day craftSo what do you think? If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of quick and easy wreaths. ha!

Want to see more versions of this wreath?

DIY St. Patricks Day Wreath with interchangeable flowers. || All you have to do is unclip the flowers and clip new ones one. Cool idea!

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  1. 1

    Love it! I’m making this! I need an interchangeable wreath… what a great idea..thanks for sharing.

  2. 2

    I love it! Great wreath Linda! Thanks for the felt flower tutorial as well! I can’t wait to change out my wreath for St. Patty’s day too! :) Have a great week!! xo, Reannah

  3. 3

    Nice wreath! I love the button centers. Hard to believe it is almost March.

  4. 4

    LOVE this! Such a gorgeous wreath for the holiday! Have to pin this for sure!

  5. 5

    You are so stinkin creative!! I have recently become obsessed with wreaths!! I will so be making this one! Thank

  6. 7

    It looks great Linda! I love the stripes with it too. Simple and stunning!! Awesome job:)

  7. 8

    Your wreath is really just too darn cute! I love the flowers and the ribbon combo!

  8. 9

    Hi: I am new around here and I enjoy every craft you make. I will love to be part of the gift exchange program (a need to know more about: what kind of things, how it works, etc.) Please anybody let me know. My email is Thanks.

    1. 9.1

      Hi Susana,
      For the gift exchange, anything handmade is just fine. Or if you add/decorate something store bought, that’s perfectly fine too! Just as long as a handmade touch has been made to the gift.

  9. 11

    I love the flowers on your wreath! Perfect for the upcoming holiday!

  10. 12

    I love your website soooo much! You are amazing! Someday I want to try all these crafts…someday…. :)

  11. 13
    eileen reilly

    I’ve been looking for this forever.Love the St.Pats day wreath.Now I have so many ideas in my head.Love the way you show how to make things.Nice easy to follow steps.I’m going to make the cute flowers for my wreath.Gonna change the colors for different occasions & seasons.Cant wait to get started.Thanks so much!

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