Small Craft Room Storage Ideas

small craft room storage ideas

Do you have a small space to create in? Here are so awesome storage ideas for a small craft room or space! Suggestions below were taken from this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous® Facebook Page.

“I need help. I’m moving into a small house and losing my wonderful craft room. I will not have a space dedicated to my love. I need suggestions for organizing all of my supplies in a way that takes to minimal space. HELP!” – Becky

Small Craft Room Storage Ideas

1. “How about making a closet somewhere you have a little space with a folding table and lots of space on top and underneath to store your things?” – Angie A.
2. “I converted a wardrobe into a fold down work station with plenty of storage.” Barbara C.
3. “I feel your pain. On a Walmart bookshelf, I used floss organizers for all my loose stuff and made a ton of Jamie Cripps silhouette organizers for all my inks and sprays and washi tape. I put all my embellishments in binders in sheet protectors by category. All my paper is on the bottom sorted by colors. You can see more here!” – Suzanne V.
4. “I lived in a dorm room for 2 years and now I live in a small apartment. I organized all of my craft supplies into Rubbermaid bins. Each one is labeled with what it contains on the top and side. Then I slid them under bed so that they are out of sight! It works really well.” – Katelyn D.
5. “Can you put bed up on risers? You can buy those at Walmart, Big Lots, or bedding stores and use space underneath for storage. Possibly use old suitcases to hold supplies and stack them as decor.” – Kim H.

craft room organization
Image from Just Between Friends

6. “I love my computer armoire. I put everything in it, including craft supplies and a sewing machine and laptop. I have it in my family room and pull it open when needed, close for company or cleaning. I had my hubby put a lock on it to keep my kiddos out. It’s wonderful! I also have a friend who turned her coat closet into a craft room similar to the previous post… She replaced the closet with a coat stand so she doesn’t miss the space.” – Jennifer E.
7. “I use alot of plastic see thru shoe boxes. You can stack them.I have mine in a bookshelf. Book case is only as deep as the shoe boxes. Or you can stand them on end.I also have some drawers that are fastened together.They don’t take much space and you can see whats in them or label them.” – Carol P.
8. “Do you really need a dining room or living room? I’d say craft room is top priority.” – Hope B.
9. “I’ve been lucky finding small shelving units at thrift stores. Ideal for paints, glues etc etc Also, a rolling scrapbooking bag, even if you don’t scrapbook per se, can hold a LOT of supplies and keep them handy for moving where it’s convenient. Do be careful with shelf construction if u have cats or little ones. Make sure they s are securely fastened and preferably have an edge or lip to hold things on.” – Kitty C.
10. “Use clear storage containers that stack & use wall grids or pegboards. Don’t forget under-bed storage & those bags you suck the air out. Trunks & footstools you use as coffee tables can double as storage. Inside of cupboard doors can be used to hang scissors, hole punchers, etc. On back of doors, hang clear shoe organizers for craft stuff. You’ll get better ideas once you see what fits. Good luck.” – Linda E.
11. “Shelves. When living in a small space, build up with shelves. I learned that when living in a dorm and continue to do it with my craft stuff in a 500 sq ft apartment. They’re easy to install and you can even buy pretty mounting brackets.” – Ambelleina W.
12. “Utilize the wall! Lots of ideas to keep paper and craft hanging up. Also the doors for keeping beads, buttons and so much more. I also used part of my closet they have lots of things to get for babies and I would use like the hanging shelf for craft instead of putting sweaters in. Also instead of chairs get a bench you not only use it for sitting on but storing lots of heavy craft items!” – Cynthia H.

armoir craft storage
Image from The Embellished Nest

13. “I don’t have a designated craft room either. I have a craft closet. I use plastic bins and trays. I get out what I need and craft on my dining table then put it all away.” – Victoria D.
14. “I agree with Hope. There is plenty of cupboard space and shelving in the kitchen. More families should order take out and eat in front of the tv on the couch. Invest in TV trays. Why sacrifice the craft room/sanctuary/woman cave?” – Shauna S.
15. “Check out the workbox!!” – Sue A.

small crafting space
Image from The Unskinny Boppy

16. “I use those plastic drawers that are stacked and on wheels. Easy to move and store.” – Marsha K.
17. “I use an Ikea secretary desk to house my cameo and sewing machine.” – Johanna M.
18. “My mom uses a desk swings open – to “unfold” like a L shape. I think it came from office max. You can push the are in and shuts with doors. Has lots of storage!” – Taunya T.
19. “I have a built in buffet, wall to wall, with storage cabinets under. DYI kitchen cupboards with a top turns into a buffet, and if need be, on wheels. Wa-La!” – Annie R.

small craft rooms
Image from Better Homes & Gardens

20. “The Original Scrapbox. Google it. It is awesome!” – Audra A.
21. “Turn a closet or armoire into a craft space with a fold down table!” – Kathy K.
22. “Shelves all the way to the ceiling & redesign the closet if you have one that can be used to store things. Lots & lots of lidded baskets/containers and under the bed or sofa is a great place to store containers of craft things.” – Michele P.

22 Organizing and Storage Ideas for small craft rooms and spaces!

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  1. 1

    I love this collection of great ideas – I have a small craft room and am looking for some new storage ideas- thanks!!

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  3. 2
    Abbey Cron

    Love this! I actually have a small craft room as well. Because we are not formal people, I converted our formal dining room into my crafting space! Directly across from this space is a formal sitting room that we made into a great play space for my daughter. Now I can craft and she can play in the same general area without walls dividing us!

  4. 3
    Amy Deaton

    I LOVE these ideas, I am going to put my own twist to a couple of them for myself.

  5. 4
    Frasharon Hall

    I have a small space I would like to turn into a crafts room, right off my guest room 6×12 feet of space with entry door into that room and a second door that goes into my guest room. I just love the ideas you have for small craft rooms.

  6. 5

    Hahaha! Suggestion #8 is THE BEST. So true.

  7. 6
    Dani Bohlman

    I am in love with this web site!!! I have seen so many good ideas! I am inspired! It’s Friday and I plan on organizing my craft room this weekend! Well, at least start! It’s going to be a project!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! :-)

    1. 6.1

      Thank you, Dani!! :)

  8. 7
    Columbia Corindia

    I would like to get some ideas as to how I might store all my fabrics, gadgets, rulers patterns, and various threads for my various sewing projects whether it’s quilt, embroideo, serging or making articles of clothing. I live in an apt so I use the “dining” room as my sewing room. It is your typical “L” shaped. The measurement is 6 1/2 ‘ by 8 ft. Also there’s a table that I keep my machines on which is 32″ x 56″. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’m at a standstill for ideas!

  9. 8


    Does anyone know where I can get the micro mesh trays/shelves in the pic where they are hanging on the closet door pegboard? I can’t find them anywhere online…


    1. 8.1

      I have some and I got them from Bed Bath and Beyond in the kitchen gadget/storage area.

  10. 9

    This has given
    Me some great ideas…thanks

  11. 10
    Lisa Schick

    Looking for a storage cabinet/shelves for knitting supplies and spinning supplies ( fiber, parts to spinning wheels, etc.)

  12. 11
    Su Ellen Rowan

    Love the ideas for small craft room. I have a small room I want to change into a office/craft room. So keep the ideas coming.