Silhouette PORTRAIT Giveaway + Discount!

Who wants to win a Silhouette Portrait giveaway??! Yep, I’m hosting another Portrait giveaway today!! yay! And I get to tell you about a new product from Silhouette, the Double-sided Adhesive {its really awesome!}. AND let you know about their current promotion. We all love Silhouette discounts, don’t we? Hang tight while we have some fun today! {good way to start the weekend, right?} 

Handmade Valentines Card using Double Sided Adhesive

silhouette portrait giveaway

I just received my first double-sided adhesive yesterday, so I haven’t had much time to play around with it. {hence the instagram picture} But I did whip up a simple Valentine’s Day card with it and I have to say, its pretty fun stuff! I simply cut out the adhesive, applied it to my card, removed the backing and then spread red glitter on it. Love the look!

Silhouette is running a great promotion on their Double-Sided Adhesive and Portrait. Check it out!

Silhouette PORTRAIT Discount

Silhouette portrait discount

This is a fun product, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, glitter and cards are on everyone’s crafting list! So now’s a great time to snag a Double-Sided Adhesive starter kit full of tools, glitter, and double sided adhesive. And if you’re interested in a PORTRAIT, the Double-Sided Adhesive PORTRAIT bundle is a fantastic deal!

Discount Code: CRAFT

This is the special link for the Silhouette PORTRAIT and Double-sided Adhesive  promotion page.

ends: 2/14/13

Don’t know what a Silhouette PORTRAIT is? Its a digital cutting tool that hooks up to your printer but instead of printing, it uses a small blade to cut designs out of vinyl, cardstock, paper, fabric, and more! Read my Silhouette PORTRAIT review here. 


Now, who wants to win a PORTRAIT + Double-sided Adhesive Starter Kit? Use the widget or link below to enter using Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Stop by next week for the tutorial on my Valentine’s Day Be Mine card pictured at the top! Happy Friday!

happy crafting,


In case you missed the links for the Silhouette specials mentioned above, here it is again!

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  1. 451
    Rebecca S.

    Would love a silhouette! Pink!

  2. 452
    Heather T


  3. 453

    It would have to be the silver glitter.

  4. 454

    Thanks for the chance!

  5. 455
    Fawn Strunk

    Pink silver and blue is my colors

  6. 456

    I would use a clear glitter to give a pop of sparkle to whatever project I am working on!

  7. 457
    Deanna Worrall

    So many options… but right now I’m thinking BLUE GLITTER!!

  8. 458
    Leann Lindeman

    I am into greens right now… so green!

  9. 459
    Tiffany Haag

    I love to try purple glitter!

  10. 460

    I would use Silver glitter … love anything silvery :-) Thank you for the chance to win this.

  11. 461
    Cari Brewer

    I would love to win this and try out the adhesive on my daughters birthday invitations! She’s having a Cinderella party!

  12. 462
    Cari Brewer

    I would use blue and silver for my daughters birthday invitations (Cinderella party)

  13. 463


  14. 464

    Purple glitter, it’s the best color!

  15. 466
    Miranda K


  16. 467

    I would use a pink and purple for my girls.

  17. 468

    Thanks for hosting this! I love the glitter!

  18. 469


  19. 470
    Ashley Coursey

    Blue!! thanks

  20. 471
    ellen casper


  21. 472

    Glitter?! As a sorority gal, “glitter” is my middle name. ;) I don’t know if I could pick just one color…so I would start with PINK and then see where the inspiration takes me. :)

  22. 473
    Cindy B


  23. 474

    I’m thinking I’d have to go with a classic red. Just love red. :)

  24. 475
    Carla Hundley

    I’d have to use Purple glitter!

    Carla from Utah

  25. 476

    I would put red on it :)

  26. 477
    Angie O

    I would use silver glitter.

  27. 478

    Probably red glitter –

  28. 479

    I love them all, but I guess that I would pick purple.

  29. 480

    Clear because it would go with and highlight anything and everything!

  30. 481
    Cristina M

    blue or silver glitter for the win!

  31. 482

    I’d like green glitter to make a framed shamrock for St. Patricks’s Day! Thanks for the giveaway–love your card!

  32. 483
    Alex M

    Blue! However any other colour would be great as well

  33. 484
    Katie Uppman

    I’m super into aqua right now!

  34. 485
    Diane B

    I’d SO love to win a Silhouette. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  35. 486
    Diane B

    I would definitely need to use pink glitter – first. Eventually, however, I’m pretty sure most colors of the glittered rainbow would be used!

  36. 487

    Pink glitter for sure!

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  38. 488

    Green! Oh and pink! On the same projects :)

  39. 489
    Lee Tucker

    I’d love to put all colors of glitter on my projects, but my fave color right now would have to be baby blue. My daughter will give birth to my newest grandson on March 21st. :)

  40. 490

    I would put silver glitter on the double sided adhesive

  41. 491
    catherine s.

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance :) Dreaming of all the fun I could have with this thing!!!

    1. 491.1
      catherine s.

      Here’s my color of glitter – almost forgot it! Turquoise!

  42. 493
    Catherine R.

    I would use purple for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. Thank you for the opportunity!

  43. 494

    I love the gold candle design using gold glitter!

  44. 495
    Emily C

    Can’t I use all the colors? If I absolutely have to pick one though it would either be blue and/or green or a clear to match anything!

  45. 497

    Turqouise glitter for sure!

  46. 498

    Definitely green! Not only is it the color of 2013, but it’s the color of fast approaching St. Patrick’s Day and the Spring!

  47. 499
    Amanda Thomas

    I LOVE all glitter, but the first color I would use is pink for my daughter’s 2nd birthday coming up : )