Scissor Storage Ideas

29 Scissor Storage Ideas - organization and storage tips for all your crafting scissors! #scissors #craftroom #organization  If you’re anything like me, you probably have oh, about a hundred pairs of scissors. {give or take 5. ha!} Well, no matter how many pairs of scissors you have collected, this post will give you all kinds of tips and tricks for Scissor Storage Ideas!

Ideas and suggestions were pulled from the comments in this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous® Facebook Page.

“I am re-organising my craft room and I am after a cool way of storing or hanging my scissors. I have at least 10 pairs.” -Sarah

Scissor Storage Ideas

1. “Magnet strip?” – Jennifer E.
2. “Mine are on a strip of wood with cup hooks!” – Paula L.
3. “I have a couple of magnetic knife rails & they’re wonderful for organizing things you want to keep within reach – I even use one of them for my knives! You can avoid the eternal search for wall studs, & permanent damage to your walls by mounting them with the heavy duty command strips.” – Cinthea M.
4. “I use a mug holder I picked up at a thrift store.” – Stephanie C.
5. “I took a pair of blue jean Capris, cut off one leg and put a belt through the belt loops and hung to wall. My scissors fit in pockets.super cute!” – Joanne S.
6. “Box filled with bath salts put them standing in the salts, also keeps the room smelling nice” – Fiona F.
7. “I put mine in a small vintage basket” – Kelley C.
8. “A silverware caddy, then they are portable.” – Dawn E.
9. “The trick for saving your best fabric scissors from misuse is to simply put a small padlock on the handgrips…cant be opened!!” – Julie R.
10. “My scissors hang from a string with a hook from the ceiling. this way they are all spread out in front of me , far enough away to not be in my face but always within Reach. Never have to dig through a drawer, tray or cup. Takes one second to grab them and one second to but away. I also hang my glues this way with a binder clip on so the tubes hang easily on the hook. I also have a few other small items hanging such as a needle threader. This really works great because it is like having everything on your work space but is not in your way and never needs to be put away.” – Marianne H.
11. “Coffee mugs. This falls under items I like to spread around the house, though.” – Hollis W.
12. “I too love my MagnaStrip heavy duty kitchen magnet. Mine is 18″ long as SUPER magnetic. It’s great for all my scissors. They aren’t exactly cheap but well worth it!” – Camie M.
13. “I have an old plant hanger with S hooks on it.” – Kimberly C.

More scissor storage ideas…

14. “I put up a small piece of peg board, added some hooks, and hung all my scissors on it. Works very well and keeps them high enough that small children can’t reach them!” – Rhinda S.
15. “An expandable coat hanger. It looks nice and it has the knobs for coats that would be great for scissors.” – Jill C.
16. “I would hang them off large s hooks from a thin towel rod on the wall.” – Judith W.
17. “You could hang them inside of open frames on the walls.” – Samantha C.
18. “I have a wire grid hanging on the wall with S hooks to hang the scissors.” – Donna B.
19. “Magnetic strips from Ikea. They’re 12.99 each and mount right to the wall. They’re a necessity in my craft room.” – Marissa A.
20. “I have a round wooden carousel that I put mine in.” – Cheryl H.
21. “I have a short flowerpot I have my scissors in and keep on my desk.” – Helen D.
22. “I have a scissor drawer. When I hung mine it looked too menacing!” – Michelle W.
23. “I just keep mine in my longaberger pens and pencil basket,it’s cozy looking.” – Dori G.
24. “I use an old bulletin board and simple push pins. The board can be painted.” – Nicole G.
25. “I live in fear that the boys will take my fabric scissors and use em all over the house for paper so I hide those in a drawer and keep all the rest and baskets all over the place.” – Angela I.
26. “Try the rack for spools of thread from the quilting aisle, wood and the pegs are perfectly spaced!” – Margy D.
27. “Hang eye level on one wall, trace around each pair big to small and you’ll always know where each pair goes.” – Daria B.

So many creative ways to store scissors! I found a couple clever ideas I’m going to have to implement in my craft room!

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