Preschool Color Wheel Matching Game

Looking for a DIY Preschool Game that is fun AND educational AND keeps their attention? This Preschool Color Wheel Matching Game is beyond cute and a brilliant way to keep your child busy doing quiet play. Read on for the tutorial! DIY Preschool Color Wheel Matching Game Tutorial on

Color Wheel Matching Game

If you have little ones at home, you probably find yourself looking for things to keep them busy while you’re doing something else, like making dinner, folding laundry or helping other kids. It’s a bonus when those activities are educational and don’t involve a screen! Jess from If Only They Would Nap here, back with a Color Wheel Matching Game for my preschooler and toddler. I use it to occupy my littlest boys while I’m homeschooling the older ones. You can use it any timeincluding in the car! Supplies:

  • 8 clothespins
  • small pieces of cotton fabric in 8 different colors
  • double fold bias tape (about 37 inches)
  • cotton quilt batting
  • paint in 8 different colors
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • sewing machine and thread

**For a no-sew option, glue or mod podge the fabric pieces onto a paper plate or any other flat surface** 1. Cut out 8 triangles – the short sides should be 6 3/4in. long, then cut them at a 45 degree angle (which is also known as “on the bias”) to make the triangle.fabric triangles on 2.Sew pairs of triangles into squares unsung a 3/8in. seam allowance. Press the seam allowance to one side and trim off the “tails” that are leftover at the corners. color wheel matching game 3. Sew two sets of squares together – make sure the points come together. Then repeat by sewing the two rectangles together to form one large square, pressing the seam allowances on each piece as you sew. color matching game for kids 4. Cut a square of fabric and a square of quilting batting the same size as the square you just made. Sandwich the batting in between, with the wrong sides of the fabric against the batting. Pin or clip these pieces together. color wheel game 5. Sew lines to quilt the batting in place. I sewed on either side of the seams, but you can do this in whatever design you choose. color matching game 6. Cut the square into a circle. color wheel tutorial 7. Now you’re going to add the bias tape. Open up and lay the bias tape onto the back side of the circle. Begin sewing along the first crease — but make sure you leave the first 1/4in. of the bias tape NOT sewn down. how to sew bias tape8. When you get almost to the point you began on the circle, pause your sewing to fold the ends of the bias tape back (toward the underside of the bias tape). Do this with both ends of the bias tape. This makes sure that the raw edge of the bias tape is enclosed. Trim off any extra bias tape you may have. Finish sewing the bias tape onto the circle, over your folded ends. bias tape tutorial 9. Trim the seam allowance to be about 1/4in. Do not cut through your stitching!sewing bias tape10. Fold the other side of the bias tape over (the raw edge will be tucked inside) and topstitch it down from the top of the circle. The ends of your bias tape will be enclosed, as seen in the photo below.color wheel 11.Take your clothespins and label one side with the color names. Then paint the corresponding colors on the opposite side.color wheel game Then hand it off to your kiddos for color matching fun! DIY Preschooler Color Matching Game Tutorial on The color names are great for slightly older preschoolers or kindergarteners. They can learn to recognize the color words, and they can use the painted side to check if they are correct. matching game for toddlers || Color Wheel Matching Game with clothespins on The clothespins can be tricky for young toddlers – use your own judgement to know if your child is old enough to use these correctly, and carefully supervise them of course. If your child is too little for the clothespins, use it without them until they are. They can still have fun pointing out the different colors! DIY Toddler Color Wheel Matching Game with clothespins on The painted side is great for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning their colors, and it can be played independently while you take care of other things around the house or even while you’re driving. If you’re in the car, have your child point at things out the windows that are the same colors!DIY Fabric color wheel tutorial on I love learning games that are fun, low-tech, build fine motor skills, and help share my love of fabric with my littles. :)Sewing Tutorial for color matching Game for Preschoolers and Toddlers on You can see more of my sewing tutorials here. Happy sewing, friends! DIY Tutorial for Cute Color matching Game for Preschoolers and Toddlers on More Kid Crafts You’ll Love! handprint owl Handprint Art Owl || Great craft for Preschoolers! budgeting craft for kids Teachings Kids About Money and a Budgeting Craft idea! Kids Sewing Craft CA Kids Halloween Stitching Craft idea + Free printable template || A great craft for young kids to sink their teeth into this Fall!

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