Name, Address, Phone Number Learning Cards

Make Kindergarten prep cards- Name, Address, Phone number to help teach Preschoolers.

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Kindergarten Prep

My oldest started Kindergarten this year {yes, many tears were shed.} As you probably know. most schools expect kindergarteners to know their name, address, and phone number before starting school. So I made these DIY Name, Address, and Phone Number cards to help teach my boys. I made these for both my boys since my second little guy is in Preschool and should start learning all these as well.

I recently got the awesome Scotch™ PRO Thermal Laminator, TL1306 {you can find it on Amazon here} and it made this project quick and easy. I have 2 ScotchTM laminators and I like this one better because it is larger, heats up quicker, and laminates faster. 

Scotch laminators are user friendly and definitely easy to use. I know I was a little intimidated when I got my first one, but they really aren’t hard to use at all. They come with a handy quick reference guide that gets you laminating within minutes of opening the box. Always follow the instructions for your particular laminator, but here’s a quick explanation.

Name, Address, Phone Number Cards


  • Computer/printer
  • White paper
  • ScotchTM PRO Thermal Laminator, TL1306
  • ScotchTM Titanium Designer Scissors
  • ScotchTM Washi Tape in Turquoise crackle, Orange Stripe, and Blue Feathers
  • ScotchTM Laminating Pouches
  • Dry Erase Makers

august-3 1. First I printed off Name, Phone Number, and Address on individual pieces of paper using a handwriting font. Then I used ScotchTM Washi Tapes to decorate the sheets and add some fun.


2. Then I placed one sheet of paper in a laminating pouch.

August step 4-1 3. After the Ready light was green, I inserted the laminating pouch into the laminating with the folded side first. August step 4-24. Let the laminator feed it through {Don’t pull on it!!} and in a couple minutes, out pops your newly laminated sheet!

Name Tracing Cards august final retake

Laminated sheets are perfect for practicing writing their name. Let them use dry erase markers to trace the letters, then wipe clean with a paper towel or cloth.

Address Game // Flash Cards


The address sheets, I cut up to create a game/flash card set. I would mix up the words/number and they would have to put them in order.August-1  This was very helpful for my 2 kids to learn our address. They learned it really quickly with this game!

Phone Number Tracing Cardsaugust-8 The phone number tracing cards were not only great for teaching them our phone number, but they were awesome at helping them write numbers better too. So that was an added bonus.

Laminators are a great tool for teaching kids! I love my new ScotchTM TL1306 laminator. Its a fantastic laminator!

What do you use a laminator for? How does a laminator make your life easier?

Disclosure: I received free product From ScotchTM  to try. I was in no way obligated to give good review. I only write about products that I use and love. Please see my disclosure page for a complete statement.


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    These are cool! They would also be a great way to make reusable coloring sheets! Like if he had a favorite character – he could color it over and over again! :) Fun!

  2. 2

    What a great idea! My sons could really use this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. 3

    You don’t need to precut the cards before laminating? I would have thought that the lamination material would peel off the cards if you didn’t leave a border sealing it in.