My Love Story

I have a special treat for you today. Davis and my love story! {Cue: awwww.}

linda + davis

This picture was taken last summer. Yep, he’s tall, dark, and very handsome, and he still makes my knees weak 7.5 years later!

Our love story is a little serendipitous. {Is that word?} We both attended Brigham Young University- Idaho, but we didn’t have any classes together, let alone even in the same buildings. And our apartments were not very close to each other either. So it was definitely meant to be! If we both had not applied and been chosen to be on the planning committee for a service club at BYU-I, we probably would not have met.

Now, are you ready for the cheesy name of the club we met in? Serving with Smiles. Yep, true story. And yes, our “mascot” was a big smiley face. Too funny. Anyways, Davis and I talked a few times during our semester term on the planning committee, but did not go on a date until the Serving with Smiles banquet dinner. And that may not have happened if I had found a date like I was supposed to. But I slacked off because of finals and never asked anyone. So Davis and I were magically talking after the last planning meeting a few days before the dinner AAAAND I asked Davis to go to the dinner with me. Yes, I asked him out first. {He will claim something different, but don’t believe him.}

I ended up getting deathly sick before our first date, as in bronchitis, but I really wanted to go to the banquet. So I went anyway. And I was miserably sick the whole time. I coughed like crazy and could barely talk. And Davis was so sweet to me. He would get me cups of water and tissues without me even asking him to, and then the next day, he brought me white daisies and chicken noodle soup. I was smitten! We continued dating and then one summer day, Davis rode up on a horse and threw rocks at my window and then while watching the sun set, asked me to marry him. {He did good, huh?} We got married almost exactly 1 year after meeting in Serving with Smiles.

So that’s our love story. I just love love stories!

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  1. 1
    Valerie@Occasionally Crafty

    Oh, that’s sweet. I always love to hear “how-we-met” stories.” Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2

    Cute story thanks for sharing! My husband and I both went to BYU-Idaho too! I miss it!

  3. 3

    I am originally from MI and my future husband and I met in AZ. I moved out there “just for the summer” to get away from a broken heart. I ended up staying, getting my life right with the Lord (which He healed my broken heart) and I moved in with our associate pastor and his wife. I lived with them for 3 1/2 years and in the meantime finished college and ended up marrying into the family (the associate pastor’s younger brother!!!) We have been married for 14 years and now 4 kids later. =0) I call it my cinderella story cause I married the prince meant for me. ♥ Kelly

    1. 3.1

      What a great story, Kelly!! I love hearing real life love stories! Thanks for stopping by and sharing.
      happy crafting,

  4. 4

    So sweet. Love how you’re both smiling big in this picture too :)

  5. 5

    My husband and I met my second year in college in Edmond, OK. My husband was from Ohio and had come to Oklahoma to visit his father and decided to stay awhile. He was my roommate’s boss. She invited him and another guy from work(she like that one!) to come over to swim. They came and I was already in the pool. I am afraid of water so was holding to the side and I had my glasses off so was blind. I yelled don’t touch me–don’t splash me! And he didn’t . He stayed by me and talked until we went to eat pizza. Saw him with my glasses on three hours after we met. He says that is the part that makes him lucky!

  6. 6

    I met my hubby at BYU-Idaho too! Although we were in the same apartment complex and ward…and we got married 3 months after we met! Haha! Love that place!

  7. 7
    Michelle H.

    I met my husband through mutual friends. I was going through the world’s longest divorce and had dated a few men, but no one “special”. My friend told me her husband knew a “great guy” and they wanted to fix the two of us up. I kept putting her off because I was sure he wouldn’t measure up and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. One day she called and asked if my sons and I wanted to come to dinner at her house that evening, never mentioning there would be another guest attending. We came and I was awed; he was handsome, sweet, and even read my sons a story. I was so shocked, I ended up not saying two words that night because I didn’t want to come off looking like an idiot. As we were getting ready to leave and I was getting into my car in their driveway, I was mentally beating myself for not saying anything and figured I blew it. He walked up behind me and started to talk to me one-on-one and ended up asking me if he could have my phone number. He later told me he picked up the phone every night for a week, wanting to call to ask me out but put it off because he didn’t want to scare me off, being too anxious. We started dating and a year later, while watching fireworks on July 4, he asked me to marry him. We celebrate 17 years at the end of this month and I love him even more now, than I did when we were first dating.

    1. 7.1

      awwww, Love it! What a great story! He sounds like an amazing catch! So happy for you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Michelle!
      happy crafting,

  8. 8
    Danielle M

    Aw! That’s cute. Sounds like you found a good one :)

    1. 9.1

      That’s awesome you’re from Rexburg! I’m sure you hear many stories like ours. Such a great town and now with a gorgeous temple. lucky!!
      thanks for stopping by, Kimberly!
      happy crafting,

  9. 10

    what a cute couple you are! How could you not want to marry a guy who takes care of you on your first date? ;)

  10. 12

    What a sweet story! LOVE to hear how people met and fell in love.


  11. 13

    I met my husband while I was attending Ash Wednesday mass. I originally thought he was married and had children (turns out that was his cousin and nephews). He was a tall, dark, handsome, and a cowboy nonetheless. I walked out of mass that night thinking to myself I want a man that will treat me like that. I deserve to have a great man like that who cherishes his wife and children. When Good Friday rolled around we met again. This time I realized he was single. I was too nervous to speak with him so I blended in to the crowd and listened to the “men” chat about the weather, farming, and the grain markets. I left that night asking my Dad who that guys was. We went 6 months without seeing each other, but never once did I stop thinking about this guy and who he was. When I had to make a trip to the Lumberyard one afternoon I was surprised to find him filling my order. We exchanged glances that would make a girls stomach flip-flop and I KNEW I had to get a date with this man. We ended up going on our first date a couple of months later and then married 6 months later. Michael still makes my heart melt 5 years later and treats me with the most respect I could ever ask for. He loves our daughter and I unconditionally and would die for us. I can not thank the Lord enough for bringing us together. I trust him with my inner most secrets and fears and with the life of our child. He, in my mind is the perfect man.

  12. 14
    Betty Baez

    Aaw how cute love the serving with smiles name of the club