a Mustache, a Silhouette Discount, and a Silhouette CAMEO Giveaway!!

Happy {Giveaway} Thursday!! Yep, I’m hosting ANOTHER Silhouette CAMEO Giveaway today! yay! {can you tell i love giving away my fave crafting tool??} And I’m sharing with you a fun little mustache craft I made. Its bound to make you giggle!

Mustache Craft

I mustache you a question

I mustache you a question, would you like a chance to win a Silhouette CAMEO today?

bahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!


mustaches still make me giggle whenever I see them. {yeah, i know. real mature.} and this rhinestone mustache pretty much makes my day.

I used my Silhouette CAMEO to create a rhinestone template. The Rhinestone Starter kit comes with everything you need to add some bling to your crafts!

Silhouette Discount

silhouette discount

Already have a CAMEO?

This promo is valid thru June 28, 2012.

How to Use a CAMEO to create Rhinestone Template

How to use Silhouette Rhinestones

  1. Cut out your rhinestone design {with the green side facing up} using your Silhouette. *NOTE: do not resize the rhinestone design in Silhouette Studio.
  2. Remove the rhinestone template material off leaving the small circle cutouts behind. To do this, peel one corner back and rip it off as fast as you can. Trust me. It works. BUT if you’re like me and think, oh I don’t need to rip it off that fast, you’ll end up picking out the small circles with your finger nail or hook tool. So learn from my mistake and just rip it off fast! Then apply the template to the rhinestone backer board. {the thick white board}
  3. Brush the rhinestones into the holes with the brush that is included with the starter kit. But I won’t lie, I licked the tip of my finger and used it as well! hehe You want the rhinestones to be right side up in the template.
  4. After all the rhinestones are in place in your design, cover your design with a piece of rhinestone transfer tape. Peel off the transfer tape and it will bring all the rhinestones with it. Then position the rhinestone design where you want it.
  5. Put a piece of fabric or pressing cloth {i used a scrap piece of muslin} over your design and press down for 45-60 seconds. Manual says to use wool setting, I used a medium heat. Pull back transfer tape and if rhinestone pull over, iron for longer. Then turn the garment over and press the other side for 45-60 seconds to pull the rhinestone adhesive into the fabric.

rhinestone mustache

I put my rhinestone mustache on natural colored linen that had a bit of a rugged texture. Very fitting for a rhinestone mustache, huh? ha! I layered a piece of batting between 2 layers of the linen inside the embroidery hoop. The batting gives it a little more shape.

mustache craft

Back to the question I was shaving {hehe} for later, who wants to win a Silhouette CAMEO + Rhinestone Starter Kit??

Silhouette CAMEO giveaway

To enter, use the giveaway widget below:

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{GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Winner was announced here.}

Here’s the link to the CAMEO Rhinestone Bundle again in case you missed it!

happy crafting,


PS looking for ways to Re-stick your Silhouette Cutting Mat? check out these 25 tips!

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  1. 51

    I really want to start drawing some of my own files.

  2. 52
    Becki F

    I would LOOOOVVVVEE to win this. I want to learn how to do wall stencils

  3. 53

    Thanks for the chance to win this AWESOME machine. This is at the very top of my crafting wish list. Love the mustache by the way.

  4. 54

    What a fabulous giveaway! I have a confession to make, I already own one and love it dearly, but I want to win one for my sister who is my crafting muse!

  5. 55

    I would love to learn how to make decals. There are so many cute ideas!

  6. 56
    Jenni Lou

    Love the rhinestone tutorial….looks easy and the results are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  7. 57

    “I mustache you a question”…….will you PLEASE PICK ME TO WIN!! Lol. I freakin love the mustache….so cute! Ah, the things I could do with this amazing machine! My little girls will be in rhinestone heaven! Keeping my fingers and toes, arms and legs…and everything else I can, that I win this Silhouette Cameo! Yay! Thanks for the chance

    1. 57.1

      Oh, and I am now following the silhouette blog, I tweeted about your giveaway, I pinned it, I facebooked it……and now I’m following your blog too!! Pick me, pick me! :)

  8. 58
    Eileen Evans

    I would love to win as I have been trying to save for one but then I have to use the money for something else

  9. 60
    Becky N.

    I would love to learn to do so many crafts – I don’t have one and I see so many great ideas using them!

  10. 61

    Awesome Giveaway!
    The things I couldn’t do with this!
    Would Love to make some signs for my home
    and t-shirts!

  11. 62
    Teresa Blue

    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. 63

    I am so excited! Hoping to win!

  13. 64

    This is a great giveaway. I would love to win this machine to start my project life. I ine of these have been wanting one of these machines for a long time.

  14. 65

    I want to learn EVERYTHING! But I think I’d use it to make some lettered signs, first…

  15. 66
    Jackie P

    Have been wanting to get one..so to win would be great!! Thanks for the chance..and love your blog!

  16. 67

    Please pick me! I’m dying for a kit like this start my crafting life. I have always had an interest in design and crafting but have never had the time to do either until recently. For once in my life I am going to have free time and have been dying to begin crafting. :)

  17. 68

    Does anyone know who won?

  18. 69

    Did I miss it? I hope not! I wanted to help my mom put up inspirational vinyl words on a large wall in her day spa! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway!

  19. 70
    Elizabeth Haskell

    Hello, i am new to this site, but i love art, and crafting, and bead making, i just got finished trying the sewing roses, and saw the zig zag one, wow, i love it, will be doing it next.. i feel sad i missed this giveaway, i really could use one of these, and being ill the crafting and art is theraputic to me too…. hugs u please continue doing more crafts i can learn… Elizabeth

  20. 71
    Cindy fischer

    So many possiblities! No time for sleep, I just want to play with a cameo “)