Last Minute DIY Valentine for Him

Last Minute DIY Valentine for Him || Would be perfect for a wedding too!

Last Minute DIY Valentine for Him

AKA easiest Valentine ever!

by: Linda

Raise your hand if you’re scrambling to get ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow!! {both hands raised!} I was up late last night getting school Valentines and the beloved Star Wars Valentine box ready for my little kindergartener.

Now that those are taken care of, its time for me to get the family Valentine’s ready!

Here is the FASTEST and EASIEST Valentine for Him you ever did see! It will take you all of, umm, 30 seconds max! This is one of those DIY valentines for Him that you can squeeze into any busy schedule!

Add a Red Heart to wood hangers for a simple, thoughtful Valentine.

DIY Valentine for Him

Simply grab:

And then {wait for it} draw red hearts on them with the red sharpie!

You could do one heart in the center of the hangers like I did or you could cover the entire wood hanger with tiny hearts. Or something in between. You pick!

Red Heart Hangers || Easiest Valentine for Him ever!

Done and done!

Then put the hangers with shirts on them back in his closet.

Now when your man grabs his dress shirts, he’ll see a little reminder that you love him. Each and every day!

Wouldn’t this be adorable for a soon-to-be Bride to do for her groom’s hangers?!!

Show your mann some love every day with these simple red hearts!

Didn’t I tell you that this was the easiest Valentine for Him ever?!

I love how the red hearts add a pop of color on his side of the closet to break up all the blue and white. And stripes. What is with all the stripes in men’s clothing? I think they should incorporate more polka dots. Just saying.

Valentine's Day hanger idea || Great last minute  Valentine gift for him!

What are you waiting for?? Go grab a red sharpie and get going! I’ll be here timing you :)

Grab a red sharpie for this easy DIY Valentine for Him || Love this idea for a groom too!

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