Ideas for Unfinished Decorative Wood Frames

I know you’ve seen these unfinished decorative wood frames all over and they’re so stinkin cute…but how do you use them? If you’re like me, you were captivated by their curvy cuteness and so they made their way into your shopping cart. But then when you get home, you’re not so sure what to do with them. Well, thanks to our Facebook fans, we have LOADS of awesome craft ideas for unfinished, decorative wood frames! ideas for unfinished wood frames

“I look at these (decorative wood frames) every time I go to the craft store…I love them! BUT I don’t know what to do with them. Curious how others are using them in their home decor. Pictures would be awesome! Thanks!” – Kristy

Ideas for this post were taken from crafters’ suggestions on this Facebook thread.

Ideas for Unfinished Decorative Wood Frames

Craft ideas for those adorable unfinished decorative wood frames. Lots of great ideas!

1. “I framed my AC controller to make it look purdy” – Kristyn B.


Mirror makeover for under $15! Via Dawn on Craftaholics Anonymous’s Facebook page.

2. “I got mine as a gift and I stared at it a long time before coming up with a quilling (rolled paper) mosaic design.” – Sarah C.

whimsical frames 4

3. “For mine I spray painted them red and then cut out pictures/words with sticky backed vinyl (you can buy at Michales, but to match my red I bought from eBAy) using my Cameo Silhouette.” – Amanda C.
4. “I made a last minute keno gift with one when I was snowed in! I left it open on top so you can change out the picture.” – Cassie P.
5. “I bought a metal frame from the dollar store, and glued it to the front of the frame (after painting your choice color)” – Kristie S.

monogram spring wreath

6. “I use them on wreaths to make the monogram stand out!” – Heather S.
7. “I simply paint them, attach a clothes pin covered in washi tape or on this case a small piece of lace ribbon and hang in my kitchen for a recipe holder. I have one for each season!!” Heather S.
8. “Jewelry frames! Spray paint, add hooks and screw into the wall. My husband cut some rods for the bangle/bracelet ones and I used the hooks to hold them in place. And these aren’t pictured but he also cut chicken wire for earring holders!” – Sohini W.

whimsical frames 13

9. “I took scrapbook paper and covered the $1 frame first. Then using a sponge I blotted paint onto the overlay and attached to the $1 frame with E6000 glue! IF its going to show OVER the frame like above be sure to blot paint on the edges that will!!” – Aleisha R.
10. “Just went to a Pinterest party where my friends made these! They mounted one covered with scrapbook paper and a plain one with a monogram on it onto a burlap covered canvas. All of it came from michaels.” – Jan J.
11. “Paint it and adhere narrow magnetic strips to it and use it as a refrigerator frame for your favorite snap shots!” – Janetta L.

whimsical frames 16

12. “I used them as centerpieces for my daughter’s wedding.” – Tatia C.
13. “I used them to make now holders for my daughters. Paint ’em & hot glue ribbon across the back & voila! You’ve got bow holders!” – Stephanie M.

whimsical frames

14. “I have mounted to a larger piece of plywood- painted and framed photo surrounded by a quote or song lyrics” – Jillian R.
15. “I used the filigree ornaments to create a monogram plaque” – Karen S.
16. “Chicken wire or screen and spray paint it, use it as a message center or jewelry holder.” – Judy D.
17. “I painted mine in neon colors. We hang them from the tree for BBQ’s in the summer for goofy photos or photo huts for church functions. It is a lot of fun!” – Jenn S.
18. “If you live in an apartment, hang over the peep-hole like on Friends!” – Lorraine L.

love this cute frame craft! This post has tons of ideas on how to use those decorative wood frames that are so popular.

19. “I attached clips to them, Painted various colors and hug them on my daughter’s wall and then I change out her “works of art” that she creates to display.” – Suzanne A.
20. “I had a bunch of frames given to me without anything in them. I got a vey large chunk of cardboard and cut pieces to fit, put felt of different colors in each one, used scraps of cloth and made cabins, trees, windmills, old tractors and other things. The ideas are endless. I sold them all at the flea market for $85.00 and only had $12 invested. Who needs pictures?” – John F.
21. “I think some beautiful coordinating fabrics behind them to make a grouping would be fun.” – Michelle W.

ways to use decorative wood frames

22. “You could paint a beautiful family “tree” on your wall and use the frames to house pictures.” – Mary Ann K.
23. “I just spray painted other laser cut outs like this bird and butterfly to make garland along with contrasting paper & old buttons, etc. covering card board cut outs strung on burlap string to welcome in Spring. Be imaginative. You can do many things with the frames to. Spray paint them, affix fun photos in them and hang by corners this same way.” – Sherri T.
24. “I painted the frames either cream, mustard yellow, black or white. I went to the mat department had mat cut down to fit in them, and painted a zigzag on it. I used my Cricut machine to cut out vinyl peel and stick letters and put them on it. Hot glued ribbon to it. Made a bow for the corner. And gave them out as gifts for my son’s teachers for end of your gifts. They loved them.” – Hope S.
25. “I painted them and glued them to canvas leaving the top side open to slide 4×6 pics. I connected four together with ribbon and hung with a bow.” – Amanda G.

whimsical frames 18

26. “I used it as a frame for my daughters room. I made the abc picture using photoshop elements and had it printed through” – Christina R.
27. “I’ve seen chicken wire added to the back and then clips to hold cards or notes.” – Stephanie P.
28. “Would work around a light switch too, or any hanging thing that’s 3D.” – Emily S.
29. “I have the oval ones and hung skeleton keys in them.” – Ashleigh L.

love this instead of a wreath! love a good monogram.

30. “I have painted the smaller ones and backed with thin cork for coasters.” – Laura N.
31. “My niece used them in her photobooth at her wedding. Cute as people held up various ones in front of themselves and the photo was snapped and she painted hers white.” – Susie C.
32. “Fancy up a plain hollow core door! Attach 2 of them to the top and bottom of the door at do 4 smaller ones and paint everything the same color.” – Patty D.
33. “I saw chalk board contact paper so I would put that behind it and paint them bright colors” – Tammy W.
34. “You could make a welcome sign for your door with them and maybe decorate with a few silk flowers, but I love them just the way they are! I would make cute signs in the middles, or quotes.” – John L.

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  1. 1

    Linda, I have been looking for frames like that, where did you find those (first photo?) Also, I love and ADORE decorative frames, I love all the ideas! THANK YOU!

    1. 1.1

      I found all kinds of these at JoAnns Fabrics! I, too, got captivated with all the culiques and such…
      I was thinking of using them as stencils…

    2. 1.2

      they have them at Michaels

  2. 2

    Great ideas! I keep buying more frames, and I had run out of ideas.

  3. 3
    Tanya A

    can someone tell me the brand of these frames and some places I might find them in stores? I looked at my local Joann Fabrics, but I didn’t see any there. I am hoping I may be able to find them online, as they would be perfect for a baby shower I am hosting later this summer.

    1. 3.1

      Check Joanns online store and see if they carry them there. I know both my Michaels, Joanns, and Hobby Lobby all carry these types of frames. They’re laser cut frames.

  4. 4

    I love this! I made a nail polish rack with them which you can find on my blog. Thanks for the ideas :)

  5. 5

    I take the smallest size and put them on the back side of a castoff window, spray paint, and then use a Sharpie Oil Paint pen to write a saying with important words like “love” or “home” in the frames. Makes for amazing repurposed, vintage, heartfelt art for the walls!

  6. 6
    Diane Roche

    I love your ideas

  7. 7

    I LOVE unfinished frames. I purchased one and made a lighted vanity mirror for my daughters new Parisian theme bedroom. I’ve posted it on one of my Pinterest boards…but I don’t know how to post it where others can see it. It’s SO cool!!!
    Love your ideas!

  8. 8

    Love all oF your ideas. Thank you.

  9. 9

    Bonjour…je suis en admiration devant ces cadres…je n’arrive pas à les trouver…même sur l site de Joanns. ne trouve pas…je ne trouve pas chez cultura….vous pouvez me dire où je peux les trouver ? Merci

    1. 9.1

      Hi! Hmm Joanns carries them in their stores, but maybe not available online. Have you tried Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Amazon?

  10. 10
    sheilah varnado

    Love these frames

  11. 11

    Thanks for the ideas, I saw these frames at Michael’s and liked them but I just wasn’t sure what to do with them. I have some ideas now, so back to Michael’s, And I think they were on sale last time I was there, yippee

    1. 11.1

      So glad you were inspired, Betty! Thanks for stopping by! :)

      1. Linda Schmidt

        I’m looking for ideas for using old toilet seats for picture frames. Any ideas.?

        1. Hi Linda, I posted your question on my FB page tonight. :)

  12. 12

    i used one for a decorative touch around my bathroom ceiling light.

  13. 13

    For #14 how did you get the words on the plywood? Did you stencil them or wrap the paper in printed cardstock? Also how did you attach the frame to the wood? Thanks! We are thinking about doing this for your BIG family craft night at church.

    1. 13.1

      I believe it was hand written with a sharpie and to attach the top frame, use E6000.

  14. 15

    Hi limda i want one pf this frames how i can get it??

    1. 15.1

      You can find these frames at Michales, Joanns, and Hobby Lobby craft stores as well as online at Amazon :)

  15. 16
    Sondra H

    I painted mine with an aqua color, then I used cobalt mixed 2:1 with water on top and immediately wiped it off. Finally, I did a whitewash on top of it all. I then took some magnet tape and cut it down to little strips and adhered it to the back. I use them as picture frame magnets for my fridge.

  16. 17
    silvia polette lopez mendoza


  17. 18
    Barbara Butler

    Craftaholic caught my eye, that’s what I am!!

    1. 18.1

      Always fun to meet a fellow craftaholic! :)

  18. 19

    Hello Linda,
    Its so beautiful. How much these frames cost.?
    where I can find them..?
    Did u by chance they have them in bigger sizes?

    1. 19.1

      I do no sell these frames. Sorry!

  19. 20


    I am after these exact wooden frames above. I am after frames that can fit a 6 x 4″ photo inside. Where can I buy them from?

    Thanks! :)

    1. 20.1

      check :)

  20. 21

    I’ve been searching for these frames everywhere. I went to Michael’s recently and the employees had no clue what I was talking about. the only ones they had were like close to $4 each. So I am not sure how long it’s been since you purchased yours if there is another place to get them. But I haven’t given up.

    1. 21.1

      There are several etsy shops that carry them :)

  21. 22

    These are great ideas, really love the wreath :)

  22. 23
    A Walker

    Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.

  23. 24

    Morning everyone,
    How do you get the pictures to stay inside the frame without a back to the frame? I would like to do this for my daughters first birthday, but am not having any luck on what to put on the back to hold the picture in.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. 24.1

      I cut a piece of cardboard to fit behind the pictures and it worked great :)