How to Paint Mason Jars Tips and Tricks

Painted mason jars are a great DIY for adding some fun color to your mantel, setting your wedding tables with the perfect centerpiece, or just giving your home decor the perfect personal touch! But getting the paint to stick to the glass can be tricky sometimes. But lucky for you we have some tips from crafters who have perfected the technique!

I’m trying to paint Mason jars and I’m having trouble with the paint sticking. Any suggestion?” – Janna

Suggestions for this post were taken from this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous® Facebook Page.

How to Paint Mason Jars

How to Paint Mason Jars. Lots of tips, tricks, and product recommendations.
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  • “Almost all craft paint companies have glass paint. A friend did it and I think it took 4 coats.” – Sue Ellen W.
  • Glass paint! Martha Stewart’s Glass Paint works well.” – Mary P.
  • Wipe jars down with alcohol first, and I agree about Martha Stewart paints, let coats dry two hours between coats and it will cure in 48 hours. I paint wine/beer bottles with it.” – Doreane L.

red mason jar Patriot Painted Mason Jar Tutorial

  • “Use American Paint Co. on the jars.” – Jamie H.
  • “I would use chalk paint. Chalk paint is designed to “stick” to just about anything. And…you can save a TON of $$ by making your own using My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust. You just add the dust to ANY color FLAT latex paint.” – Rustic Diva Design
  • “I use enamel paint and wipe down the glass with alcohol. Works great!” – Denise C.

DIY tinted mason jars

  • “I wiped down with alcohol then used the chalk paint Joanne is selling. Two coats that’s it, worked great.” – Kassie C.
  • Spray paint with white primer and then use regular acrylic paint. Also, you have yo let it dry in between coats.” – Brenda M.

DIY painted mason jarsDIY Blue Tinted Mason Jars

  • “Make sure they are VERY clean and only enamels, chalk, spray and glass paint are suitable for glass. I made this mistake when I first started painting window panes and all of my design came off. I cleaned it, repainted and it was starting to come up again and I had to use sealer over the whole glass, ruining the effect of the painting. I had good luck mixing my own chalk paint with calcium carbonate I got from Amazon (you mix with water prior to mixing with satin or flat latex). I buy samples from Sherwin Williams and get the color I want (very reasonably priced). I like to mix heavy with chalk – it seems to stick better. I seal the chalk after if its on the jars.” – Cindi M.
  • “I read somewhere to wipe them down with rubbing alcohol first . I did that and it worked. Still need at least two coats for full coverage though.” – Beth B.

What are your tips for painting Mason jars? How do you do it?  We would love for you to chime in using the comments below!

How to Paint Mason Jars

Top Image from Mom4Real

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  1. 1
    Susan Williams

    What a great diy project. Looks simple and easy. Definitely will give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. 2

    I have a Mason jar that was given to me for decorating. But I didn’t know hot apply paint. Thanks for your comments.

  3. 3

    Glass painting is what I do. And the best glass paint is Folk Art Enamel. It is baked on the glass or air cures in 21 days and is top rack dishwasher safe so you know this isnt coming off. Also it is super important to wipe the glass with rubbing alcohol first and during if you touch it. The oils from your hands prevent the paint from sticking. Happy painting!

  4. 4
    E Guyon

    I tried painting a mason jar using chaulk paint and it looked like a 5 year old did it. Couldn’t get rid of the brush strokes. I used a foam paint brush thinking that wouldn’t show the strokes.

    Any tips on how to get a smooth painted jar?

    E Guyon

    1. 4.1

      After 2 or 3 coats with chalk paint, the lines will look better. If the lines bug you, try glass paint for a smoother finish.

    2. 4.2
      Deniece Boden

      I saw someone use a “Spouncer Brush”. Looked great

  5. 5

    Do you know what is used to paint mason jars that are like in the craft stores that are brown in color and rough on the outside? It is like coffee color and rustic looking.

  6. 6
    Teresa Bridges

    I have never wiped down my jars with rubbing alcohol. I do however clean them in the dishwasher and make sure they are completely dry. I only use Dixie Belle Chalk Paint. And I use a circular brush that makes the job so much easier. I paint one coat and let it dry overnight. Reapply paint and let it dry completely. After two coats of paint if I want the distressed look I use sandpaper and ruff up the jar in different places. After that is done I take off the excess sandpaper then paint the jar with a clear coat by Dixie Belle. Let that coat dry overnight and I am done.