How to Make Fabric Pom Pom Christmas Wreath

are you ready to see my new Christmas Wreath?? its really different than my previous Christmas wreaths {see here and here}. its more whimsical and funky. {which kind of describes how my year has been so far! lol} AND i’m going to show you a spin off my t-shirt pom poms and show you how to make FABRIC pom poms! {i didn’t have any tees in the right colors….or at least ones that i could cut up!}

pom pom wreath

don’t those colors rock?! they look so fab together.

fabric pom poms

i used lime green knit and teal and red jersey fabric for the pom poms.

want to make your own fabric pom poms? here’s how:

How to Make Fabric Pom Poms

how to make a pom pom

Supplies: 1/4 yard jersey or knit fabric with Lycra in it, scissors, and cardboard.

  1. cut your fabric into 1/2″ strips.
  2. cut out 2- C shaped templates with your cardboard. i used a vase and a glue stick for my circles. {my outer circle is 5″ in diameter and the inner circle is 1″ in diameter.} sandwich one strip of fabric between the 2 cardboard templates.
  3. wrap the strips around the C template, pulling tightly so you stretch the strips out. {more on this in a minute} when one strip ends, start the next and overlap the end of the previous strip.
  4. i went back and forth twice across the templates. but you can do it until your templates seems full. {TIP: error on the side of too much. if you don’t have enough strips wrapped around, you will end up with a thin looking pom pom.}
  5. using a sharp, pointy pair of scissors, cut the strips along the edge of the C templates. hold the strips in place with one hand and cut with the other.
  6. pull the sandwiched strip in step 2 tight and tie a knot. remove cardboard templates carefully.
  7. now give your pom pom a hair cut! trim uneven strands. {note: do not clip the ends of the sandwiched strip in Step 2. you will use this to hang the pom pom!}
  8. congratulations! you have just made a gorgeous, curvacious pom pom!

Now the trick to getting your fabric to make little C’s at the ends is:

how to cut fabric for a pom pom

-the trick is to cut parallel with the stretch of the fabric.

*NOTE:  if you’re using my t-shirt pom pom tutorial with a stretchy shirt {that has lycra in it}, this should NOT be an issue because most manufacturers make shirts with the stretch going side to as long as you cut the t-shirt as directed in my t-shirt pom pom tutorial you should be fine. {you can also see a diagram

BUT with the pom poms i made for my wreath, i used fabric, so i had to be careful with how the fabric stretched.

-to get the fabric into a C Shape, simply pull the strips tightly. this can be done as you wrap the strips around the template or before. its up to you.

-if your fabric does not go into a C shape when pulled tightly, then you either cut it in the wrong direction {as opposed to parallel with the stretch} OR your fabric does not have lycra in it OR your fabric is too thick.

-BUT it is not necessarily a bad thing if your fabric does not make a C shape. as you may have noticed, the lime green pom pom on my wreath does not have C shaped strips. {its a heavier knit with no lycra} its just a different look and a different feel. both are great and if you’re like me, mixing the 2 types of fabric pom poms is kind of fun!

click here for more TIPS and TRICKS on making pom poms!

Interchangeable Wreath

interchangeable wreath

you may have recognized my wreath form as being my interchangeable wreath. {want to make your own interchangeable wreath? click for the tutorial}

i simply hot glued an alligator clip to the back of the red bow. then tied the two long pom pom strings into a knot and then clipped the bow onto the wreath with the knot in the clip. all is secure and snug! the wreath has hung on my door for a couple days and that clip is doing a fabulous job!

AND the best part is, after Christmas, all i have to do is unclip the bow and i’m back to my interchangeable burlap wreath form to reuse for the next holiday/season!

burlap christmas wreath

i tied some grosgrain ribbon above the pom poms to give them more of a Christmas ornament feel.

so there you have it. my pom pom christmas wreath. sort of reminds me of a whooville wreath…am i the only one??  maybe its because i’ve stared at it too much after writing this novel of a post! lol

have a great day! i hope you get loads of crafting done!

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  1. 1

    So cute, Linda! I love the color combo. And that giant bow is adorable!! Still wanting to try this pom pom technique with my old maternity shirts. Hopefully early next year! :)

  2. 2

    This is an awesome wreath! The pom poms are perfect!

  3. 3

    I LOVE it! It’s wonderful! Check out the one I just made -

  4. 4

    You know, I’m typically not a fan of wreaths; HOWEVER I do have this square frame from IKEA that you’re supposed to stretch fabric around like it’s a canvas, and I lost all the nails to hammer the fabric into. Rather than buy a staple gun and use that I’m feeling inspired to make a SQUARE wreath; cuz I’m a rebel like that.

  5. 6

    I love your wreath and the pom poms. I especially like the green one. By the way if you did not want to use fabric you cab cut into strips those plastic bags that some stores put your purchases in or even dry cleaning bags.The printing and logos make some interesting designs. I don’t take my clothes to the dry cleaners anymore but if you do it is a great way to use those plastic covers you get them back in. Several decades ago I actually made a pom pom wreath out of recycled dry cleaning bags. Yes, the possibilities are endless like making jean pom poms.

  6. 8

    So sweet..and yes I do think of “Whoville” when I see it! ;) Love me a little whimsy!The pom poms are fabulous!! My almost teen wants this on her room door! She already has picked out the colors!! ;)

  7. 9

    Pretty pom-poms and nice colours. Thanks for the detailed steps for making the pom-poms.

  8. 10

    Thanks so much for the tutorial!! Love the poms and the wreath is beautiful!

  9. 11

    Soooo cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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  11. 12

    I love it! It does remind me of Whoville–I think it’s the color combination plus the fluff. :)

  12. 13

    I absolutely adore these, Linda!!! I’m going to make a whole bunch and use them as gift-toppers!!! Woo hoo! Thank you so so much for inspiration!

    You. are. awesome.

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  15. 14

    Has anyone made puff balls out of organza.? Thank you!

  16. 15

    I am WAY late in seeing this post (just spotted it on pintrest), but this is so so so so great! I’m about to have pompoms all over my house now!! YAY!

  17. 16

    Thanks for this unique way to recycle old t shirts! FYI – It’s “err” on the side of too much. Not “error.” Could have been auto correct.