How to Make Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamps

Hey Craftaholics Anonymous® readers! Its Jessi here from Practically Functional! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so if you need a quick and easy craft idea for this green holiday, try using a bell pepper to make a shamrock stamp! It’s a great kids craft and you only need a few supplies and a few minutes of time!

Easy Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamps

St. Patrick's Day kids craft || How to make bell pepper shamrock stamps

You can use these pepper stamps to make super cute St. Patrick’s Day cards, or if you use multi-surface paint, you can even stamp shamrocks onto fabric to make t-shirts, hats, tea towels, or tote bags! Kids and adults love these DIY Shamrock Stamps!

How to make Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamps:

  • Bell pepper (bonus points if you can find one with four lobes to make a four leaf clover!)
  • Craft paint
  • Knife
  • Paper or fabric surface

Use A Bell Pepper As A Shamrock Stamp

Start by cutting the bottom third off of your bell pepper. Make sure it’s a nice flat cut so that all edges of the pepper will hit the paper at the same time. You don’t need to pull out the seeds unless they are close enough to the bottom that they will get paint on them.

pepper stamps

Pour a little bit of craft paint onto a paper plate and then place the top half of your bell pepper into the paint with cut edge down. Move the pepper around a little to make sure all of the edges are evenly covered in paint.

Then pick up the pepper and firmly stamp it onto a piece of paper!

Bell pepper stamps for kids || St. Patrick's day kids craft idea


If you want to add a little stem to your shamrock, you can tilt the pepper and stamp again with just one edge of the pepper.

Kids craft for St. Patrick's Day || Pepper shamrock stamps

If you liked this St. Patrick’s Day craft, check out these green and gold St. Patrick’s Day roses! They are quick and easy to make; all you need is green food coloring, gold glitter, and white roses!

How to make green roses for St. Patrick's Day! All you need is food coloring!

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