How to Make Barefoot Sandals for Babies

how to make barefoot sandals

How To Make Barefoot Sandals

I knew having a baby girl would be fun to craft for, but I had no idea it would be THIS MUCH FUN!! Seriously, I’m kind of going nuts over here! Desi is 8 weeks old already has oodles of headbands and tons of adorable flower barefoot sandals. After I posted this picture on Instagram, I’ve had several requests for a tutorial on How to Make Barefoot Sandals. I promise, they are super easy and turn out so stinkin’ cute! Plus they make great baby shower gifts too!

  • 5/8″ fold over elastic
  • 2.5″ Chiffon Flowers {2/pair}
  • felt
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

Size Guide for Elastic*

  • Newborn 2.5″
  • 0-3 Months 3″
  • 3-6 Months 3.5″
  • 6-12 Months 4″

*These are estimates only. All babies grow at different rates, so use your best judgement.*

Baby Barefoot Flower Sandals Tutorial

shabby flowers

1. Trim off the excess tulle from each of the chiffon flowers.

2. Cut 4 pieces of elastic for each pair of barefoot sandals you are making. Use the Size Guide above as a reference.

baby barefoot sandals tutorial

3. Take one piece of elastic and hot glue it across the center of the back of one flower as shown.

baby flower sandals

4. Take a second piece of elastic and hot glue it so that it loops around on one side of the flower. See picture above.

barefoot sandals with flowers

5. Cut a rectangle of coordinating felt to 1.5″x2″ and hot glue over the ends of the elastics. Snip corners so the felt doesn’t show when worn.

6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for the second flower.

Those were a breeze, right?

diy barefoot sandals

Put those cute barefoot flower sandals on your favorite little princess! I love that these sandals are soft on baby’s feet. Plus, you can show off her cute painted piggy toes, right?!

So who are you going to make these for? What colors? I’d love to hear!

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Happy crafting!! Linda

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  2. 52

    where did you buy the elastic you used for the baby barefoot sandals? I’ve never seen patterned elastic before

    1. 52.1

      I got it from The Ribbon Retreat online :)

    2. 52.2
      Arielle Boulton

      You can also find it in the ribbon and trim section at Hobby Lobby

  3. 53

    Where did you get the flowers

  4. 54

    Looks fun. The ones I’ve seen crisis cross or twist. Know what I’m talking about?

    1. 54.1

      No I don’t. What is that?

      1. Sandy

        Lol, I wish I knew how to describe it. It looks sort of like an 8. It fits behind the heal and then between the big toe. I’m exciting to try yours out tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


    2. 54.2

      Love love love. So precious. I have made so many of these as shower gift and there always the hit of the party !!!! Thanks again.

  5. 55
    ginger cox

    Hi Linda, just wanted to say thanks for such a cute idea! I am making a pair of these for a niece that will be born in July. I crocheted the little flowers and making a matching headband. How adorable they are going to look on her!

    1. 55.1

      Awesome! Crocheted flowers will be perfect for them! Thanks for sharing! I’m sure your little niece will look like a little doll in her matching headband and barefoot sandals! :)

  6. 56
    susan peterson

    I love the barefoot sandals

    1. 56.1

      Thank you, Susan!

  7. 57

    LOVE These! Both my nieces are pregnant! Hopefully one or both will have a girl!:)

  8. 58

    More easy than what I thought!!! Thanks for sharing. Im craftaholic,specially for girls stuff! And I only have one granddaughter.

    1. 58.1

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  9. 59
    Eva Powell

    Linda, this is so easy and beautiful. My third great grand baby will born next month, is a girl and I’m going to make tons of these for her. Thanks a lot for your ideas. Lots of blessings.

    1. 59.1

      You are so welcome, Eva! Enjoy your sweet grand baby when she arrives!

  10. 60

    This article is so helpful.. i am almost 4months pregnant and cannot wait to use this on my baby girl (if it’s a SHE). Thank you!

  11. 61

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  12. 62

    muy lindos zapaticos

  13. 63
    Sharon Welch

    I love the baby shoes. They are beautiful. We are expecting a Great Grandbaby anytime. Her name is India. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. 64
    Donovan Burdick

    Do they actually stay on their feet?

    1. 64.1

      yes they do

  15. 65

    Will this work with Elastic Lace?

    1. 65.1

      Yes :)

  16. 66
    Jane Anne Rose

    Just had triplet granddaughters and am making them sandals to go with all their summer outfits! They are adorable!

    1. 66.1

      Congrats on the 3 granddaughters! How fun! They’ll look so cute in their sandals :)

  17. 67
    Kylee Rudd

    I LOVE these!! Having my first baby girl this spring, and I’m going to go nuts making these! Thank you so so much!!

    1. 67.1

      That’s so exciting! Enjoy your little cutie when she gets here :)

  18. 68

    How do these go on the foot? Do you have to put the whole foot through the loop from step 4, then hook that around the heel while the loop from step 3 goes under the foot?

  19. 69

    So cute! I wonder if there’s a way to make little boy sandals…any ideas on what to use instead of the flower?

  20. 70

    Love no-sew projects like this!! Using my hot glue gun will be so much easier. Thanks for the idea! Little girl arriving in August <3