How to Make a Zipper Shamrock TUTORIAL + March craft kits

Happy Tuesday, crafters! I have a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft for you today. Plus you’ll have the option to purchase the craft kit if you’d like because these are the March kits for the Craft Kit Club! Either way, I’ll show you how to make these adorable little shamrocks that are sure to bring you good luck.

shamrock made from a zipper

I don’t wear green much, so to prevent you from pinching me,  I will be sporting this little green shamrock on March 17th.

st. patty's day craftA little shine with a rhinestone sets this 3 leaf clover off nicely. {you could very easily make it into a 4 leaf clover, but i couldn’t get mine to look normal. ha!}

How To Make a Shamrock from a Zipper

*Please Note: All Craftaholics Anonymous tutorials are for PERSONAL USE only and items made using this tutorial may not be sold. thanks!*

supplies: 14″ green zipper, felt, rhinestone, pin blank, fray check/lighter/clear nail polish

tools: scissors, sewing machine, hot glue

  1. Zipper, rhinestone, felt, and pin blank are included in the craft kit.
  2. Sew a Gathering Stitch by lengthening your stitch length to the longest and do not back stitch at the beginning or end. And leave the threads long.
  3. Pulling one string, gather your zipper.
  4. You’ll want to gather the zipper until it circles into a shape like a slinky.

zipper clover

5. Start at one end and curl around putting the end behind. My loop measures about 1″.

6. Put a dot of hot glue behind the loop to hold in place.

7. Continue twisting the zipper around and create 2 more loops and hot glue in place. {your shamrock is starting to take shape}

8. Trim off the excess zipper to create a stem for your shamrock. My stem is about .75″ long.

shamrock made from a zipper9. Apply fray check or clear nail polish to the raw edge of the stem. You could also use a candle to lightly singe the ends.

10. Flip the shamrock over and trim off the extra zipper length.

11. Cut a small circle of felt to be about .75″ in diameter and hot glue to the back of the shamrock. Make sure that none of the felt shows from the front. Glue the pin blank on top of the felt.

12. Glue the rhinestone in on the front and you’re done!

patrick's day craftSo festive and cute!

And there’s dorky me trying to take a picture of myself again. ha!

happy crafting! linda

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  1. 1

    I love the cute blue sweater it really brings out your eyes!!! LOL! But it really does.

  2. 4

    I am loving all the zippered projects I’ve seen. Yours is adorable and I’m not just saying that because I’m part Irish ;)

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  4. 5

    So now I have to hope I have a green zipper in my stash of rescued zippers! But I might not be able to resist in trying to squeeze 4 leaves out of it. You know, just for luck!
    So lucky I came across this!

    1. 5.1

      I would love to see one with 4 leaves! For the life of me, I couldn’t get mine to look normal with 4 leaves, so I stuck with 3. So 4 would definitely bring good luck!
      happy crafting,

  5. 6

    Love this project and would really like to share it with my readers on de Lovely Affair for our special St. P Day post! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!

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