How to Make a Beach Towel Backpack

If you’re looking for an EASY way for your kids to carry their towel? This clever beach towel is both a backpack AND a towel! Jess {Creative Team} is here to show us how to make a Beach Towel backpack! These adorable bag/towel combos are perfect for the beach and kids will love them! Definitely the perfect summer craft. Enjoy! -Linda

Beach Towel Backpack

beach towel backpack

How to Make a Beach Towel Backpack

Beach Towel Backpack

Looking for a fun new way for your kids to be able to carry their own towel to the pool or beach this Summer? How about turning it into an easy backpack! This easy, quick sew craft recycles two towels and turns them into one great accessory for your little one. Perfect for stowing not only their towel, but all of their beach essentials! A quick sewing project that will take less than 30 minutes to make. Let me show you how it is done…

towel bag

how to make a towel bag


  • large towel
  • hand towel
  • 20″ cotton webbing
  • basic sewing supplies

towel backpack1. Cut cotton webbing into 2- 10″ pieces. Lay each piece along the right side of the hand towel. Pin and sew along each out edge where the dots are.

Beach Towel Backpack Tute2


2. Fold towel in half, wrong sides together, matching up the top and bottom edges. Sew along outer sides. NOTE: Do not sew top!

Beach Towel Backpack Tute3


3. Take your new towel tote and place the top outer edges along the wrong side of one edge of your towel.

Beach Towel Backpack Tute4


4. Folding down the 1″ lip on the outer edge, sew the other top edge of the tote to the towel.

Beach Towel Backpack Tute5.2


5. Fold in the towel sides.

6. Fold up the bottom.

7. Stuff inside.

And you are done!  By using two towels you don’t need to deal with hemming, or the very messy clean up that towel sewing usually creates because you aren’t doing any cutting of that material. It’s perfect!

Now, time to lather on that sunscreen and head on out to the beach…

bag towel

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  1. 1

    What a clever idea Jess, and I have a simple idea to make it even better. If you use a wide elastic strap instead of the cotton webbing you can even close the bag up by simply flipping the elastic around the bag. The straps should be more comfortable as well, especially if the bag is filled with extra items like sunscreen, etc.. Have a great summer – maks :-)

  2. 2
    Lisa Frank

    I love this idea! That honeycomb-patterned beach towel matches perfectly with some bedding I got at Target for my daughter’s room. I’d love to find that towel too…where did you buy it?

    Lisa Frank

  3. 3

    So cute and useful! Even if we only go to the coast about once a year, these would still be great!

  4. 4

    Cute idea. I’d like to reference it in a blog post – can I use a picture from your post and link back to it?

  5. 5

    I’m making your beach towel backpack but totally lost on the last step: 4. Folding down the 1″ lip on the outer edge, sew the other top edge of the tote to the towel.
    Yikes! Can you clarify this for me?

    1. 5.1

      can anyone out there rephrase this instruction for me?