Hexagon Art + Silhouette Portrait GIVEAWAY!

Lots of fun on here today!

Hexagon Art

hexagon art

Have you heard that gold is making a huge comeback? Well, the gold of the 80’s is back…in full force! And I’m loving it! Especially in home decor. I used the metallic Silhouette sketch pens on white cardstock to create this gold hexagon art {here’s s tutorial on how to use the sketch pens in your silhouette} and then I spray painted a couple old frames gold. Then pop in the sketched artwork and ta-da! Super  cheap decoration! You could use the sketch pens to create all kinds of different art for your home. An easy way to update your decor on the cheap. This grouping is looking rather stunning on my mantel!

silhouette sketch pens

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  1. 601

    I so want this Silhouette. So many things I can with my 5 year old girl :)

  2. 602

    The CAMEO looks amazing.

  3. 603
    Erin Singer

    Thank you for a great blog! I am always excited about the giveaways and great advice!

  4. 604
    Carri Jensen

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this for all my crafting projects.

  5. 605


  6. 606

    Definitely a Silhouette fan!! Why on earth buy a machine where you can’t edit your images? And where you have to buy PACKS of images instead of just the one you want?!??

  7. 607
    Erin Singer

    I like the silhouette, I think! I am still waiting to win a giveaway to try it out!

  8. 608

    Would love to win one for my best friend. We scrapbook and craft together, often working on showers and other ladies ministry events for church.

  9. 609
    Michelle L.


  10. 610

    Well, I’ve never used a Silhouette or a Cricut, so I don’t know! ;) based on what I’ve seen, I like the many options that the Silhouette offers :)

  11. 611
    Karen OConnell

    Would love to win!!!!

  12. 612

    Silhouette all the way!

  13. 613
    Sherry Dornblaser

    I’m a silhouette cameo fan :-) thanks for this giveaway!!

  14. 614

    Thanks for a chance to win. Have been following you on pinterest and your blog for some time now. I really enjoy your creative and inspiring spirit!

  15. 615

    I’ve been wanting a silhouette forever! So I’m definitely a silhouette fan! :)

  16. 616
    Amy Clayburn

    I have no preference!

  17. 617

    I want a Silhouette soooo badly!

  18. 618
    Connie Tornow

    Silhouette fan! :-)

  19. 619
    Mary Ann Hubbard

    Would love one!!!

  20. 620

    I’ve only used the original silhouette and although I love it, I’d like to upgrade to the newer one!

  21. 621
    DeAnn O

    Well, I have a cricut…2 actually, but I like the Silhouette better. It takes up less space and has better software (no cartridges to buy).

  22. 622
    Peggie Sue

    Wow! What a great give-a-way! I will cross my fingers and hope for a wonderful outcome! I just sold ALL my Cricut goodies to purchase a Silhouette – this would just be delightful! Thank you!

  23. 623
    Angela Talbott

    Woo Hoo! Very exciting to win one to start the season off with crafting for all 4 of my wee ones!
    Thanks for the opportunity and intro.

  24. 624

    Have been curious about using this…would love the opportunity to win and use it for all kinds of craft and school projects ;)!

  25. 625

    What a wonderful chance….thank you!

  26. 626

    This beauty would take my crafting to,the next level!

  27. 627
    Alysha Tinsley

    I want one of these so bad!!! Thanks for the reviews now i know exactly which one I want :)


  28. 628
    Katrina Painter

    Thanks for the chance win. I would love this for many pending projects.

  29. 629
    Kathy Martin

    Cricut fan. But would love to have a Silhouette too.

  30. 630
    Melanie Greer

    I haven’t used either of them enough to have a preference, but my friends seem to like the Silhouette so that’s what I have been wanting! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. 631
    Linzi P

    I would LOVE a silhouette I had a cricut, and i did not like it! I cut mostly vinyl and had to change out the needle constantly, and want a silhouette! I have it on my Christmas list as #1!

  32. 632
    Sarah Combs

    I love my cricut, but I would love the ease of having digital cuts with the sillouhette! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  33. 633

    I’d never heard of Silhouette before my aunt got one. She makes such cute things, I am a fan now!

  34. 634

    This looks like so much fun!!!

  35. 635

    Wow!…I would be thrilled to be the inner if this wonderful giveaway!…it would kick my card making up a million notches!

    1. 635.1

      Sorry…typo….that should say WINNER OF ……not inner if ;)

  36. 636

    Maybe I will win this time:-)

  37. 637

    Silhouette cameo fan and owner!!

  38. 638

    I would LOVE to win this!!

  39. 639
    Sherry Thornsberry

    Thank you for the chance to win. Scrapbooking is my getaway….my therapy. I love to make handmade gifts, it makes my heart happy.

  40. 640

    Silhouette fan for sure!

  41. 641
    Karen Henson-Bibbee

    Keeping my fingers and toes and eyes and arms and legs crossed!

  42. 642
    Amanda Bradburn

    So awesome!!!

  43. 643

    I would love to win this for my classroom

  44. 644


  45. 645
    Teresa Blue

    I don’t have a Shilouette…so I can’t compare. I do have a Cricut . Would love to win so I can compare!

  46. 646

    I love my Silhouette Cameo!!! It’s all I use now. Once you have this machine, you need no other. I would love to win a Portrait to take to crops!!

  47. 647

    Cricut fan at the moment because I haven’t used a Silhouette.

  48. 648
    Sue Boyd

    I adore this! Fingers crossed!

  49. 649

    I have never used a Silhouette machine before but have seen so many great projects with it. This would be such a treat to win!!

  50. 650

    I like both Cricut and Silhoutte I think what you are trying to do defines which machine should be used :)