Halloween Bucket List + Free Printable

DIY Halloween bucket list. What a fun idea to do with kids!

Halloween Bucket List

I love bucket lists because they’re great reminders of all the different ways to celebrate the season! I’m Vanessa Brady from Tried & True and I’m here to share my Halloween Bucket List tutorial and free printable. This project makes a fabulous kids Halloween craft idea that the whole family can enjoy.

I went a bit of a different route with this bucket list and decided to write the activities on the back of some dollar store plastic eyeballs to be picked out when needed. What kid wouldn’t love to pick out an eyeball to decide what fun things to do that day?!

Halloween craft - Halloween Bucket list. Fun to do with kids!

Halloween Bucket List

Making this Halloween Bucket List is really easy! Just use a paint pen to write the activities on the back of some inexpensive plastic eyeballs and store them in a large apothecary jar. You can come up with your own personalized activities or use the ones in my free printable list:

Halloween Bucket List Free Printable

Bucket List for Halloween. Fun DIY craft idea for Halloween!

For an extra touch, print and cut the Halloween Bucket List Label free printable and attach some decorative ribbon to the sides. I used a bit of double-sided tape to attach the ribbon and label to the jar. Super quick and easy way to customize your container!


eyeball craft idea for Halloween. Use ping pong balls to make eyes for this DIY Halloween Bucket List!

All that’s left to do is fill the jar with the activity eyeballs and place it somewhere for everyone to enjoy! Don’t worry about doing all of the activities, your family can pick as many or as little as you guys want during the Halloween season. This Halloween Bucket List is just about giving you some different ideas for things you can do as a family. No pressure, just fun!

Use ping pong balls to make eye balls for this fun Halloween Bucket List. Free printable!

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Love this idea! Halloween Bucket list for kids. Great for making fun fall memories!



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