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We’ve been potty training my oldest son for awhile now. He was completely potty trained at age 3. As in big boy undies 24/7……until we went on a week long vacation to the beach last fall. Ever since then, he’s had issues at night. argh!  I think the transition to no naps has only made his nights worse, darn it. I know he’s on the young side for night time potty training, it just drives me crazy because he went months as a 3 year old without needing a pull up at all. {sigh} Why is potty training so stinkin’ frustrating?? {please tell me I’m not the only one with a stubborn little boy!}

Goodnites Pullups

good nites

If you’re in the same boat as us and dealing with night time potty training {still!}, consider checking out Target’s GoodNites Bed Mats or the Bedtime Underwear. They fit kids ages 4-8. I would recommend using the Bed Mats with the Bedtime Underwear because we did have some issues with leaking. And the Mats make it easy  so you don’t have to change the sheets. {which we all know is such a pain in the middle of the night!}


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After I posted this picture on my Instagram lamenting about G-man’s potty training issues, I got lots of good tips, advice, and understanding from everyone. Thanks! Made this mama feel loads better :)

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GoodNites has pullups and Bed Mats to help with the potty training fun. You can find them at Target in the diaper section. Make sure to check them out!

How do/did you potty train your kids? I’d love  to hear!

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  1. 1
    Sharon Roselli

    I thought my Son was going to be wearing Diapers in college! Some boys just aren’t ready. Your a good Mom don’t sweat it. My Son is 19 now and wears big boy boxers! LOL At least they are making products now so your not washing sheets every morning. Its going to be ok don’t make it a big deal and it won’t be.

  2. 2

    I understand your pain. My 3yr old boy also has to wear a sleep diaper.
    Bed wetting can be related to ‘sleepwalking’. Sleepwalking, or somnambulism, is not limited to getting up and walking around. People who sit up, make normal gestures like rubbing their eyes, talk in their sleep, open their eyes while still asleep, are considered to suffer from somnambulism. Well, people who do those more then just one time. Obstructive sleep apnea could also be a culprit, which could cause somnambulism. The body just thinks it’s awake and does the things it does during the day.
    My husband has somnambulism, and it is hereditary, so who knows when I will get my son out of night diapers! :)
    Unfortunately time is the cure. Good luck!

  3. 3
    Chris F

    Very similar story with my son (3 y/o). He was dry at night when we started potty training, this lasted for about a month and a half before we went on a trip and he hasn’t had a dry night since (about 6 months ago). He has rejected pull-ups and pulls off the bed mats so every morning his sheets go in the wash – doesn’t bother me too much since I work from home and doesn’t take much effort to do the extra load of laundry, but my wife is frustrated with it.

  4. 4

    We are just now starting to potty training my granddaughter Alice. So I’m not sure yet. My girls were super easy!! My son….wellllll he will be 33 this year I assume he is potty trained. I am afraid to ask!!

  5. 5

    This blog post IS SUCH A RELIEF TO ME!!!! I’ve been feeling like such a failure as a potty training mom with my soon-to-be 4 year old. Thank you!!!