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Happy Monday, friends! I hope you’re ready for a week full of crafts, because I have a lot planned for you….. as in Spring and Easter crafts!

First up, I am going to show you how to make easy glitter eggs. Crafting with glitter can be really messy. {that may be a bit of an understatement….} So I’ll share some tips on how to keep the mess down and how to make the process quicker. And then at the end, there’s info about a fun National Craft Month contest going on with weekly giveaways. easter eggsHello, gorgeous Glitter Easter Eggs.

holiday decorLove them!

Easter EggsAnd don’t ya love the cute little eggs stands? Those are Rolo’s. Yup, a festive egg stand…. that you can eat. It doesn’t get better than that! These eggs would be fun to make with kids or in a craft group.

How to Make Glitter Eggs

  1. supplies: paper mache eggs, paint, glitter, sponge brush, plastic cups {1 for each color of glitter}, sealing glue like Decoupage.  {i prefer Decoupage over Mod Podge. there is less odor and when it dries, its not sticky like Mod Podge}
  2. Paint the paper mache eggs in coordinating paint color as your glitter.
  3. You’ll need to do 2-3 coats of paint for good coverage. You don’t want the brown to show through.
  4. With a separate sponge brush, apply a nice thick coat of Decoupage all over your egg. {you will get glue all over your fingers. remember i said this was a messy project?}
  5. Put your egg into the plastic cup with the smallest part of the egg facing up and then pour glitter over the egg. {the cup helps minimize the mess and keep glitter confined}
  6. GENTLY shake the cup around to evenly coat your egg adding more glitter as needed. Allow the eggs 30-60 minutes to dry.

Tips and Tricks

These are my secret weapons for this craft:

Wet wipes and my hair dryer. I don’t think my sanity would still be intact if I had not used these.

The wipes are so handy to wipe off the glue and paint off your fingers. Because when you’re painting something round like an egg, you’re bound to get it all over your hands. And when you’re dealing with multiple paint colors for one project, keeping your fingers clean is important so that you don’t mix colors. AND wet wipes clean glitter off most surfaces very well! The wetness grabs those little glitter pieces very nicely.

The hair dryer was a huge time saver. I used it to cut down the drying time for the eggs. Yes, Virginia has some lovely humidity, so drying time can be an issue. Especially when you’re doing 2-3 coats of paint per egg, that adds up. So a minute or two with the hair dryer sped the drying time up a lot.

spring decorI am starting to think about my Easter Mantelscape and I think these pretty glittery gems will be a part of that. With my milk glass pedestal dish!craft ideaDid you know March is National Craft Month? Well, to help celebrate, DecoArt is sponsoring a National Craft Month Pinterest Project. Each week, a winner will be chosen and will receive a $50 crafting goodie pack from DecoArt filled with Decoupage, stencils, brushes, paint, and more!

How to Enter: You will need a Pinterest account. {don’t have one? shoot me an email and i’ll send you an invite!}

  • Upload a picture of your craft{s} made with 1 or more DecoArt products to your blog or Flickr account. Then Pin a picture of your craft on Pinterest and put the hashtag #DecoArt in the description of your pin. {here’s an example}
  • OR you can go directly to Pinterest and upload your craft picture there. To do this, click “Add” and then select “Upload a Pin”. And don’t forget to use #DecoArt in the description to enter the contest!

You can pin as many pictures of your DecoArt projects as you want. That will increase your chances of winning one of the weekly giveaways! I know I’ll be pinning away! The winners will be announced on Craftaholics Anonymous’s Facebook page. If you have any questions, just let me know.

This contest ends March 31, 2012. Open to residents of the USA, 18 years and older.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by DecoArt. Please see my disclosure page for a complete statement.

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  1. 1

    Glitter is a huge mess! My oldest has always loved all things glittery and my husband has gone to work with some glitter on him many a time!

  2. 3

    I love that you also use the costco wipes! I saw that and laughed! :) I also love this idea for glitter eggs! I think I might try using hollowed eggs so I can keep them for years to come! Thanks for the idea!!

  3. 5

    You had me at glitter! Fun project and I love the pattern on your hair dryer

  4. 6

    Looks like something you’d buy at a dollar store or a Home Goods store only it’s awesomer because it’ll be fun making it yourself! :D

  5. 7

    Thanks for the idea. I’ve had wooden and paper machie eggs sitting in my craft room for AGES! Now I now what I can do with them. Thanks for the wipes, and hair dryer tips.

  6. 8

    Love this!!! Thank you so much for posting…. Especially considering I have an egg allergy child- I’m so excited to do this with him!!

  7. 9

    Great idea! I love decorating eggs for Easter and I’ll try to make them too.
    Thanks for sharing

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  9. 10
    Jessica B.

    Love this! I’m wondering where did you get the glitter? I can’t find good glitter anywhere.

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  11. 11

    thanks for the fun Idea. I posted about it on my family blog. It was so fun to use glitter!!!!

  12. 12

    What a great idea!!! I’m going to have to pin this & try it for Easter!

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