The Best Free Photo Editing Programs

Crafters want to know – what is the best photo editing program for crafting!

Vikki asked, “Which free or inexpensive photo editing programs do any of you recommend?”

Here is what our crafters on our Facebook Page recommended! Answers and suggestions below were taken from this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook community.

Best Free Photo Editing Programs

The Best Free Photo Editing Programs for Crafters

Top Four Free Photo Editing Programs for Crafters:
1. PicMonkey
2. Picasa
3. Gimp
4. Pixlr

Four Free Photo Editing Programs You May Not Know About:
1. Photoscape
2. iPiccy
3. Serif PhotoPlus
4. Ribbet

Our crafting community weighs in:

1. “Picasa! Very user friendly!” – Terri P.
2. “PicMonkey!” – Katie M.
3. “You can download Photoshop CS2 for free if you set up an adobe account (also free)!” – Kari M.
4. “My young techie friend installed Picasa for me. She likes it and thinks it will be good for me to work with.” – Cindy F.
5. “Gimp and PicMonkey.” – Kelli G.
6. “Picasa – it’s excellent!” – Gypsi B.
7. “Photoshop Elements.” – Caren L.
8. “Picmonkey (I like it for the fonts and the little extras). I use the free stuff but have considered becoming a member and paying monthly. I also use Picasa.” – Helen S.
9. “I use Photoshop Elements. It’s a little more pricey and there is definitely a learning curve involved but tons of tutorials on every aspect. I might check some of these others for my kids who are looking. Thanks!” – Jennifer E.
10. “Pixlr!!!!” – Sueann P.
11. “If you have a Mac, Pixelmator ($15) is really awesome. I’ve given up on Photoshop now.” – Carol P.
12. “Ribbet.” – Shannon A.
13. “GIMP!!! It’s free!” – Courtney K.
14. “Photoscape, it’s free and easy to use.” – Giulia C.
15. “Fotoflexr” – Jennifer A.
16. “I love photoshop, but it’s pricey. is free and very similar!” – Natalie S.
17. “Pixlr. They have 3 different kinds from beginner to more advanced editing.” – Chrissy J.
18. “I use Gimp (It’s free…they do YouTube tutorials on it)” – Karen E.
19. “Photoscape!!! you will love it. i use it all the time. it is a free download.” – Marta B.
20. “Picasa is easy for beginning.” – Kelly C.
21. “Differing from most, and having tried PicMonkey, iPiccy, Picasa and very very basic Corel before, I much prefer Microsoft Office Picture Manager. It was the easiest for me to understand and got much better results.” -NellywithWings
22. “I used Gimp for years. It takes some learning, but was awesome.” – Stephanie M.
23. “Serif PhotoPlus. All the photoshop possibilities without the pricetag and great community too!” – Tanya M.
24. “I use Gimp and Picasa! Both are great!! Gimp is a lot like Photoshop, which makes it a bit more difficult to use….I still have tons to learn with it. Picasa is very user friendly. Love them both!” – Tina B.

What is your favorite free photo editing program?

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  1. 1

    Wow…thanks for sharing. I have Photo Shop at home and Photo Explosion that I purchased years ago. Love both….but there are times here at work I need one and I normally go to picmonkey…but its nice to know about these others. Going to try them out. Thanks.

  2. 2

    My favorite is Canva. It does so many great things!