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Do you have a Handmade Business? Or looking to maybe start one? This post is for you!! Here are some tips and tricks from your fellow crafters with Handmade Businesses on what has worked for them to drive traffic to their handmade shops. This is a must read for all Handmade Business owners! Lots of great ideas for new to well known businesses.

This post is compiled from this Facebook thread where Crystal asked:

“Hey! I have an Etsy site, website and I’m on Facebook with my new art ‘n craft business, “The Fortuitous Canvas”. That’s all well and good BUT I’m not sure what I should do to give them life and get some traffic. Any ideas?”

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Get Traffic to your Handmade Business

1. “I see a lot of people advertising in local Facebook groups for buy/sell/trade in our area.” – Daphne S.
2. “Just came across this article and it sounds like it may have some great tips for you.” – Angie O.
3. “Honestly, I have both Bliss Baby Designs and also Britches & Boots and it took me following, liking and “adding to my circle” to help gain extra traffic! It will come with time. I have found that word of mouth from the sales I make is the best. Make sure to share your Etsy site/FB page site ON your personal FB page. Let your friends and family know you need some help getting the ball rolling and see if they wouldn’t mind sharing. It will happen… just give yourself time. And I find being honest and open with people my customers and blog readers relate to me more. PLUS then you are being true to self and what is better than that?! Good luck! It will happen!!” – Aleisha R.
4. “Etsy is terrible at not letting your stuff pop up in searches unless you set an advertising budget with them. I finally decided to let them use $7.00 and something finally sold. A little shady if you ask me. I already pay them a bunch of other fees just to list!” – Sara O.
5. “I think it just depends on what you sell. I do nothing to advertise, only use Etsy, and constantly am swamped.” – Andrea M.
6. “What do you do? Maybe talk to some photographers and network with them. Give the photographers discounts on your product for pictures and they credit you in the picture. Join groups. I’m part of a few. The people who are part of the group will get the posts.” – Kendra P.
7. “I agree – it takes time and networking!” – Constance J.
8. “Yep it takes time. I’ve done Etsy for over 2 years and learned it slowly. Make treasuries with other people’s items, pin things and use Facebook… and make sure your pictures are really eye catching. Good luck!” – Stephanie S.
9. “Make a Facebook page for your site and donate to a giveaway or two!” – Nicole B.
10. “If you have images of items you have sold, I always tag the image with the person I sold it to then it reaches their circles of friends.” – Markell B.
11. “Networking! Facebook groups do huge giveaways where each person would have to like it!” – Kelly H.
12. “Write a blog! It gives people something they would come back for – tutorials, free stuff, humor etc.” – Dot F.
13. “You are going to have to pay to promote yourself, on both sites.” – Rebecca W.
14. “I agree to find some photographers and give them some items to use in photo shoots or party planners to use your items and have them credit you. Try to donate items to charity online facebook auctions too.” – Joanne C.
15. “Blog, buy sponsorships at some of the popular blogs, have a facebook page, hold giveaways or donate to giveaways at popular blogs.” – Zoe B.
16. “I have an Etsy site too (Airzinnn’s Artwear) and I’ve found that posting often, inviting friends and family to share, and offering promotions, sales, and contests help. I always like doing a random drawing if you reach a certain number of people. Good luck!” – Erin C.

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17. “I went to your blog and did not see an Etsy link! Add the Etsy mini to your blog.” – Judy A.
18. “I also have an Etsy Shop, {Polka Dot}Chic, and I pin my own items as I post them in my shop and I have invited friends to like my shop’s Facebook page, that has helped a ton!! Good Luck!!” – Kelly K.
19. “What I’ve done to increase my cookie business page’s traffic is post photos on similar pages (The Cookie Cutter Company, for example, they don’t sell cookies, but post photos of customer’s work). I’ve gotten many ‘likes’ that way. As for actual business, it’s really been word of mouth. Mainly family, then my old coworkers, followed by their friends and family. Always giving out a few extra business cards in case someone who tries a cookie wants to order from me. I also bring cookies as gifts (housewarming) which are received well and people ask about how to get more… Good luck to you!!” – April A.
20. “Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. And then Tweet a Promo Code for your shop!” – Debbie B.
21. “I do marketing in my full time job and I am always astonished at people who think just having a blog or an Etsy presence will be enough. You still have do Search Engine Optimization and know your keywords to come up in search. None of this is expensive but it does require research and time. If you want to focus on the crafting and not the promoting then you need to have a modest budget to pay someone else to do the SEO and promotion for you. Just like any other small business you have to fight to get noticed.” – Heather R.

22. “Do fan giveaways. When you reach a number, give something away. It seems to work really well at getting word out. I tend to stay with any of my new likes I make as well.” – Roberta M.
23. “I noticed that my daughter’s Etsy shop and YouTube channel get more traffic when she enters contests. She’s a paper crafter – cards and mini-albums – and there are several place that do challenges which have to be posted on your own web site, which, in turn, bring the curious. I have gotten to expect people to have all – a web site/blog, place to sell, YouTube and or UStream, and a Facebook page for it – not just a personal page. And, they all have to have links to the others. I find that people who are generous with tips like Linda is, it makes me want to see what they have for sale. You do have to offer what someone wants for a price that can be paid and hopefully the two of you can meet.” – Kathleen R.
24. “I always find that doing a blog giveaway and review always brings in orders and sales. Also, sponsoring blogs increases views and sales. I know it might sound tacky but I have a large pinterest following and always pin my own items which increases views and sales. I send all of my new items off to professional photographers to photograph babies in my items and I see a jump in sales when I post the professional photographs as opposed to my own. I also post here and there on Craigslist. I find that people always stop and ask what I’m making if I am working on a project out in public or ask me where I got my sons hats, shirts etc. When we are out I always keep business cards in my wallet. Also try advertising your business on your personal Facebook page. I always fine new interest when I remind my Facebook friends of what I do. I also sell at fairs and give as many people as I can my business cards. I found that I had to do a ton of marketing in the beginning to draw traffic to my page and now I don’t need to do as much. Also request feedback when you have a sale. Buyers like to see positive feedback when it comes to online shopping. Good Luck!” – Nicole P.
25. “SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the best ‘advertising’ and all it costs you is time.” – Decadence 2 Boutique
26. “Pair with another more well shop for a giveaway. They host the giveaway, you give away your product, and their fans have to “like” your page to be eligible to win.” – Christa M.
27. “I personally would avoid the ladders to gain more likes on your fan page. I did this in the past and have over 500 people that like my page – however if they are there just so they could get likes on their page – basically they are useless. I know this is harsh but if they don’t really like your product and don’t participate in any activities why are they there?” – Serena V.
28. “I don’t have the most successful shop by any means but I have a specific product and have made sure my Etsy titles contain words to help my items come up in the search more often than others! Use your item titles to your advantage! Also – like everyone has said – it takes time, authentic networking, and a lot of effort to really grow your community (I hate the word ‘following’) and bring traffic to any site you have. Keep plugging away! Good luck!” – Skye M.

Some great ideas, right?! There were a few things I had not thought about. I hope you can take some of the gems from this post and use them to drive more traffic to your Handmade Business! Don’t forget to follow Craftaholics Anonymous® on Facebook for exclusive crafting support! 

How do you drive traffic to your handmade business or website?? What has worked for you and your handmade business?

happy crafting!


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  1. 2

    These are great! Thanks for taking the time to post the ideas. They are appreciated!

  2. 3

    Awesome tips. Pinned this so I can find you again! Happy Monday!

  3. 4

    I have another tip…use Instagram!!! I accidentally stumbled on this. I had changed my personal Instagram profile to “public” and I posted my product on there. I like Instagram for the filters and to add some frames. Well I started to get lots of likes and followers and I had no idea who the people were. I then realized my personal profile was on “public” so it was then that I created a Mayah Grace Designs Instagram, made it public and I love that I can post my fb page and etsy shop links and I can use hash tags!! Love those things be as creative as you want add as many as you want, the more you add the more people you will attract. It doesn’t hurt to write for those that like your product to follow you on fb, Instagram, blog, website etc. the likes will come and eventually the sales. :) good luck!

  4. 5

    Before I started my Etsy shop, I read a bunch of books on selling online; some were specifically geared to selling on Etsy. I would HIGHLY recommend that. And save money by gettting the books from the library. In my process, I found two books that I considered my “Bibles” and followed them step by step (i.e., tagging, starting Flickr page, Facebook page, blogging, photography tips, SEO optimization, networking tips, etc). It helped alot to gain exposure.

  5. 6

    Great info in my beginnings of business, yet chronically addicted to crafts, all information given here is great. My heart is to bless widows and orphans with all I do.
    I am preparing items to send to services for these kids for Christmas. Teenager gifts and blankets for the season. If you know someone who needs a special gift or wants to donate email me at With this addiction in recovery Because of Gods Glory, I share with you.
    The more we give the more we receive. Love peace hope and faith to all you beautiful crafters.

  6. 7

    Re: #4. You DO NOT need to succumb to using Etsy’s Search Ads. Working on your SEO will usually provide the same or even better results. If you’re selling in a saturated market (jewelry, paper, Disney princesses (LOL!), it may take more work, but it can be done. Promote your shop via your social media of choice, whichever sites work the best for you (for me, it’s Pinterest and FB). FYI, I tried Search Ads for 2 months this summer; I got thousands of impressions but ONLY 90 clicks, 3 faves and one $18 sale.

  7. 8

    Omgoodness. I love this. These ideas are so helpful. I now have some great ideas I can try. Thanks so much!

  8. 9

    SEO and Pinterest are my two biggest weapons to get traffic to my Etsy Shop.

  9. 10

    Thanks for the round up of tips Linda. Great idea to take actual advice from sellers in a group, love that. I’ve recently been using an awesome automation tool to keep my listings fresh and draw new traffic to my store & website. The tool I’m using is Best Auto Renew, it lets me update the oldest listing in my shop automatically, relist randomly, and even renew sold out items in my shop during promo times. It’s not a replacement for a great SEO strategy, you still need to work on keywords and your listings but… it’s seriously saving me so much time. I can block off time to work on my keywords and also to continue to create (which I think a lot of great Etsy sellers forget to do).