Dorm Decor – DIY Dipped Silverware

Headed to college? Want to accessorize and decorate your dorm on a budget? Here’s some fun dorm decor ideas from Jenn on our awesome Creative Team! Enjoy! -Linda

Dorm Decor

dorm decor
I think back to school time is one of my FAVORITE times of year!  And while my heart skips a beat for new school supplies, I get totally nostalgic every time I walk down the store aisles filled with all things dorm decor!  I remember being SO excited to go to college and have my own little space to do WHATEVER I wanted.

Then…I quickly realized how much it can all cost.  That was longer ago than I’d like to admit and I can’t believe how expensive it can be now to personalize your space!  But, in my world, a budget doesn’t mean boring or blah!  Today I’m going to show you how to jazz up a new college kitchen for around $15 with some super easy, adorable DIY dipped silverware and mason jar glasses.

diy dorm dishes

I found my silverware at Walmart, in packs of 4 for $0.94 a package!  You can find some that are a little more heavy-duty for $2.00 for a package of 4.  An entire case of  12 Mason jars is around $10.00. BONUS: since it’s canning season, you can find sales and coupons EVERYWHERE. You’ll also need spray paint in the color(s) of your choice and a can of clear coat spray paint or polyurethane (if you’re using light colored paint, use WATER-based poly since oil-based will yellow).

paint dipped silverware

Since you’ll be spray painting these, which is not food safe, tape off the silverware far enough up that it won’t be touching food or your mouth.  Tape off the rims of the Mason jars for the same reason.

To paint the silverware, I just held it out in front of me, with my hand over the fork/spoon/knife part, and painted, then stood it up in a jar of beans to dry.  For the Mason jar, just turn it upside down and paint.

painted silverware

To seal the paint so that it won’t come off when washed, cover with a coat of clear spray paint or polyurethane.  You can find a tutorial for applying the polyurethane to the utensils here.

 NOTE: To cure the paint, after it’s completely air-dried (at least 24 hours) you can run them through a cycle in the dishwasher with a heated dry. Make sure nothing is touching them through that first cycle, or the paint can scratch off.

diy dipped silverware

Let them dry and pull the tape off.  DONE!  Pretty dorm dishes that are totally unique and didn’t cost a fortune!

dishes for college


What are some cheap ways you’ve decorated a dorm or apartment?

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    Dollar store bathroom accessories can be made prettier by painting or glittering them, add gemstones and such from the jewellery section there too. Hit thrift stores for old sheets and blankets to make easy curtains and throw pillows in vintage patterns and colours. Jazz up or spray paint decor items – a tacky figurine is chique when spray-painted a solid single colour. Use Ribbon for curtain tie-backs, Colourful boxes and baskets to organize your stuff can be painted, woven with ribbon or decorated with glitter. Keeping things tidy helps to make it all look better. Use recycled items like tin cans and bottles for small storage and paint or decorate them to match your colour-scheme. By choosing 3-4 colours of spray paint, some inexpensive dollar store items and a bit of imagination, you can have a completely coordinating room for less than $100. If you find a fabric you love at the thrift store, buy paint in coordinating colours or contrasting colours. If you can’t sew, use fusible webbing (found at the fabric store); it comes in strips like ribbon or in sheets and you just line it up and iron instead of sewing. If using sheets, fuse some wide coordinating ribbon across the wider hem at the head of the sheet (the part that gets pulled to your chin at night), you should be able to simply slide your curtain rod through that hem without having to make any changes (some may need to unstitch the ends of that hem on some), the wide ribbon at the top will naturally form a prettier ruffle at the top of your curtain than you’d see otherwise. Guys may not like it, but then again, they usually don’t care about what their room looks like.

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    These are adorable! Such a great idea!

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    Jen!!! They look awesome!! I would never have known they were Walmart cheapies with the new coat of paint!