DIY Mary Jane Shoes

DIY Mary Janes Baby Shoes #felt #baby

DIY Mary Jane Shoes

Hello! It’s Ginger from, and I am so excited to be part of Linda’s Creative Team this year. I’m a mom to 5 kiddos, and my youngest just turned 5.

I can’t believe it either. ;)

Buuuut luckily I am also the oldest of 6 sisters. One my younger sisters just had a baby girl a few months ago. So I was excited to make these adorable DIY Mary Jane shoes for her little tiny feet with some craft supplies I already had on hand.

make your own baby shoes

For this project you’ll need:

  • canvas baby shoes (I found these on clearance forever ago!)
  • felt
  • brads
  • bow die
  • die cutter {I used this one}
  • hot glue & glue gun
  • tie dye (We had some left over from last summer!)
  • ziploc bag
  • rubber gloves

dying baby shoes #shoes

Last summer my kiddos went crazy with the tie dye craze. They even tied dyed their socks! ha! I had a few bottles left over so I grabbed one to use for this project. You just mix the dye with warm water & then squirt it onto your fabric.

how to dye baby shoes

I used my glove covered hand to spread the dye around so it would get in every nook & cranny of my shoe. *Be sure to cover your work area with a plastic bag. This part can get a little bit messy! Annnd if you notice my fingers were not totally protected! ha! I was purple for a little while. Oh! It’s just the price we pay to be crafty! :)

dying shoes

After the shoes were completely covered & very purple I put them inside a ziploc bag & sealed it shut. You’ll want to keep them inside this bag for at least 8 hours. I left mine in overnight. This gives the dye time to really soak in & set. After that I threw them in the washing machine (all by themselves!) & washed them on a gentle cycle. Then I let them air dry completely.

making a felt bow with a die cutter

While I waited on the shoes to dry I got busy making the adorable felt bows. These bow really make the shoes! I used my die cutter to do this. Since felt is super thick compared to paper I needed to shimmy it with a piece of card stock folded in half (the striped yellow paper). Then I placed my die on top of the paper sharp edge up. Next I put my felt right on top of that.

how to cut felt into bows

 Then you’ll put your cutting mat right on top. Now I was ready to cut some felt! :)

how to cut felt with a die cutter

Most die cutters work the exact same way as mine. You’ll turn the handle & feed your platform into the machine. The pressure from this cuts your paper, felt or whatever you are cutting. My kiddos love to help me cut dies. It really is super easy.

cutting felt with dies

 After it is finished going through the machine you’ll remove the cutting mat. You will have two pieces of perfectly cut felt for your bow.

felt bow with a die cutter

 Then I assembled my bow with a brad & a little bit of hot glue. Then I hot glued a bow to each shoe.

felt baby shoes

 Aren’t these DIY Mary Jane shoes cute? I love how you could customize these to any color scheme. Of course, purple is the perfect color for a little girl! :)

Thanks for having me over!

baby mary jane shoes with DIY felt bows

Make Your Own DIY Mary Janes

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    No elasticized headbands for a baby until the soft spot closes @ 12 to 15 months.

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