DIY Magnetic Paper Dolls

When you’re pregnant {and very sick}, you have to find ways to keep your littles preoccupied while you lay down and rest. Which is exactly what I did yesterday! I made the cutest little DIY Paper Dolls for little Miss D so I could enjoy some down time and she loved them!

Magnetic Paper Dolls

DIY Paper Dolls. They are magnetic and the pieces stick to the doll.

I made them magnetic so they stick together. And when I’m up for it, I might make her a doll house on a cookie sheet for a whole new way to play. But for now, she’s loving just the doll, clothes, hair, and shoes!

Magnetic Paper Dolls craft idea

It was fun watching her put her doll together. One of the pieces of clothes was a bikini and she thought the bikini bottoms were the doll’s underwear. So the doll got to wear “underwear” under every outfit. Including other swim suits! lol

How to Make Magnetic Paper Dolls


How to make paper dolls

  1. Print off your paper dolls using your printer on high quality color printing settings.

Paper Dolls

2. If you have a digital cutting, load the sheet into your digital cutter and cut out the doll and her clothes, hair, and accessories. If you do not have a digital cutter, a pair of scissors or a craft knife works great!


3. Repeat step #2 with your adhesive magnet paper. My digital cutter cut it fabulously, but again, scissors or a craft knife work just fine. Then peel off the paper to expose the adhesive and place the coordinating paper doll cut out on top of the magnet paper and press to adhere the two layers together. Repeat with all doll parts and pieces.

How to make Magnetic Paper dolls

Then the paper doll set to your child and let her have a blast dressing up her doll! Miss D is already requesting different hair styles, more shoes, and more dolls for her set. And it will be super easy to add to her collection! It would also be fun to create a “doll house” on a cookie sheet for her to play/stick her magnetic dolls on. I like how the pieces stick together and there aren’t any tabs to fuss with. When she was done, I simply put them in a plastic bag and zipped it shut. I can throw it in my purse to keep her entertained in the car or at church.

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  1. 1
    Courtney Evans

    I made some of these for my girls for long road trips. I found a book of paper dolls and used the adhesive magnetic sheets and cut them all out. My girls use a cookie sheet as a desk in the car so using the magnetic paper dolls was easy and fun.

  2. 2

    We use a metal tray from the auto parts store (goes under your car to protect your driveway ) we screwed it to the wall for hours of fun!

  3. 3
    Doris Barnes

    What if you don’t have this printer available?

    1. 3.1

      You can use any printer! If you don’t have a digital cutter, you can easily use scissors or a craft knife.

  4. 4
    Ulla Benveniste .

    I have just discovered your blog with all the wonderful crafts you have created.I teach arts and crafts to senior citizen,and have been in the crafts orly for over 50 years.It has saved my life after horrific caraccident which has left me permanent disabled, my craft gives me reason to keep going.You are a very talented artist and your crafts gives me great joy thank you!!!