DIY Holiday Box Packaging Ideas #MakeAmazing

DIY Holiday box packaging ideas. Perfect for making gifts look festive even when being shipped!

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DIY Holiday Box Packaging Ideas

We don’t live close to any family, so we have to ship a lot of gifts around the holidays every year. Its always a bummer to not be able to wrap the gifts that I carefully planned out and/or made for family members. Because we all know that pretty bows, ribbons, and bakers twine on boxes just isn’t going to make it after being shipped thousands of miles!

Its no fun to ship a boring brown box when its filled holiday happiness inside. So I am sharing some festive and easy ways to make your holiday boxes look a bit more gift like and less like a shipping box. Because with Thanksgiving tomorrow, its about time to start shipping holiday gifts!

Put lace or trim under your shipping tape for a festive holiday shipping idea!

To make your shipping boxes more festive, all you need is a few simple supplies:

Holiday shipping ideas to make your shipped gifts look more festive!


First address your boxes with a fine tip marker.

Put trim or lace on your tape before putting on packages for a festive touch.

Then cut off strips of Scotch® Shipping tape and place sticky side up and press your ribbon/trim/lace on. TIP: Make sure there is still plenty of sticky tape showing through the trim so that it adheres well to the box.

Add trim or lace on your tape before putting on packages for a festive touch.

Press your festive shipping tape to your box making sure not to cover up any addresses. Then ship your box as usual!

Easy holiday gift box packaging idea || put lace or trim under your tape before applying to the box.


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