DIY Felt Fruit Coasters

Summer is finally here! I’m excited to be back from Painting it Purple sharing these adorable felt fruit coasters. Back in May I hosted a Pineapple Party and I had made some pineapple coasters for everyone. I really wanted to put together a set of colorful fruit coasters to use throughout the summer. These are perfect for your patio and they look so cute on your table!

DIY Felt Fruit Coasters || Perfect summer craft!

DIY Felt Fruit Coasters

These are easy to make and perfect for summer!

DIY Fruit Coasters - Supplies

What You Need:

  • Fruit template – I found clipart images and stretched them to the proper size.
  • Felt – Black, pink, red, yellow, light green and dark green.
  • Foam – Whatever colors you want to use for the back
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Felt glue {a hot glue gun can be used as well}

Step One: Print the fruit template and cut them out.

DIY Fruit Coasters Step 1

Step Two: Use the template as a guide and trace them onto the felt in the appropriate colors. Cut out the felt.

Step Three: For the strawberry and watermelon, I used embroidery thread to stitch on the seeds. Use the template as a guide.

DIY Fruit Coasters Step 3

DIY Fruit Coasters Step 2

Step Four: Use the felt glue to glue all of the felt pieces together to make your fruit coaster.

Step Five: Measure the felt part of the coaster onto the foam and cut the shape out. This is for the back of the coaster. I used foam in matching colors but you can use whatever you want!

DIY Felt Fruit Coasters


Now you have four of the cutest felt fruit coasters! You can make them in pretty much any fruit shape. Just find an outline for your fruit and make sure they are large enough to hold a glass. I seem to have an obsession with coasters so you can find my DIY Cork Coasters here and my DIY Fabric Coasters here.

DIY Felt Fruit Coasters || Perfect summer craft!

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    These are awfully cute! They’d also make a great banner for a fun summer party. The other thing that came to mind was how much my preschool students would love to play with them. Thanks for getting my creative ball rolling! I love the idea of using them for coasters!