DIY Deer Pillow

deer pillow This post is brought to you by Happy Crafters.

Deer Pillow

I love decorating with deer this time of year! They’re great for both Christmas and Winter decor….ok, so I actually plan to use this deer pillow year round! He’s way too cute and deer motifs are so popular right now. There’s something magical when it comes to deer. Maybe it has to do with one reindeer named Rudolp….There was a vote on my Instagram on what to name this deer. I’m not sure if he’s a Winston or Claude, what do you think??

deer head pillowI sewed up a simple pillow cover with a border using this pillow tutorial and some cream cotton canvas. That is my go-to pillow cover tutorial because its easy and looks nicer with a simple border. And no, the border is SOOO easy to do!deer head

I made this deer pillow as a designer for Happy Crafters. You can connect with Happy Crafters on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

In case you need a refresher on how to use Heat Transfer:

  1. Simply cut the brown heat transfer with your Silhouette tool WITHOUT a cutting mat {plastic side down}.
  2. Weed out the excess heat transfer around your design.
  3. Position the heat transfer on your pillow.heat transfer tutorial
  4. Then iron the heat transfer with the plastic side up with a cloth over it, for 45-60 seconds, pressing firmly down.
  5. Allow to cool for a couple minutes and then carefully remove the plastic and you’re done!

*Tip: Heat transfer should look like it melted into the fabric. If it is merely sitting on top, then you’ll want to iron longer. I highly recommend using a stopwatch or clock so your timing can be exact.

pillow deer head

These fab deer pillow will fit in nicely with your holiday decorating and will easily transition to every day decor! This deer goes nicely with my baby food jar snow globes. Love natural elements for Christmas!

Do you decorate with Deer? Have you done any deer crafts? 

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  1. 2
    Danielle B

    Adorable! I think I’ll make this pillow as a gift for my husband… He’s a hunter, which is one of the reasons why we decorated our daughter’s nursery in “woodland creatures”. I actually made a piece of canvas art for the nursery using scrapbook paper & ModPodge. You can see it here:

  2. 3

    This is adorable — is there a link to the exact deer you used from the Silhouette shop or did you make it yourself?

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  5. 4

    I just love it! I want to make one is pink and give my ‘;hunter’ cousin in law for her bday. How are you making the Pillow part? Thanks

  6. 5

    Where do I get the heat transfer material?

  7. 6
    Kelli Smith

    OMG- What a great pillow, my husband & son are both hunters (yeah, I’m not thrilled about that) anyhow, they would go gaga over a pillow like this. Thanks for sharing your detailed tutorial, have to for sure try my crafty hand at making this.

  8. 7

    I love this deer. Is there any pattern for it?

  9. 8

    My husband LOVES deer silhouette decor! I can’t wait to make one of these to go in our baby’s nursery.
    Thanks so much for the DIY!