Cute Button Snowman Frame

button snowman

Since Valentine’s Day is my birthday, you’d think I’d already be crafting for my favorite holiday…but not this year. I am dragging out my winter crafting as long as possible! It might be because this year is a big milestone birthday. ugh. Sort of dreading this one because I’ve always considered it as the point when I’ll officially be old….

Button Snowman Craft

But anyways, I wanted to show off this cute little Button Snowman craft I made. I think he’s completely adorable, sparkly scarf and all! snowman craftI had some leftover Scotch Expressions Magic Tape that they had given me to sample and thought the colors fit perfectly as the backdrop for my simple button snowman frame. {and don’t ya love those curvy picture frames?! I still use them all the time!}

This is such an easy winter craft idea! All you need is 3 white buttons {2 large, 1 medium}, washi tape, ribbon, hot glue, frame, and scissors. This is a pretty straight forward craft. The only tricky part was the scarf. This is how I did it:

how to make button snowman I hot glued the 2 big buttons on first, then folded the silver ribbon in half, hot glued it above the 2 buttons, as shown. Then I hot glued the medium white button over the ribbon and then folded the left side over the top button to sandwich it and hot glued it in place. Then trimmed ribbon as needed.

winter craft I love easy, inexpensive crafts! This is a fun little frame that is perfect on the mantle, side table or on the wall.

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Disclosure: I received free tape from Scotch®. All opinions are mine.
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  1. 1
    M's Stitchery

    Love this project! My local thrift shops are full of fun little frames that can easily be painted up for this. Great inspiration!

  2. 2

    Happy Birthday a little early. My day is February too, I love Aquarians!

    And my theory is you are never officially old as long as you still want to create pretty things!!!