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Happy Friday, friends! Its been a long week for me, so I’m excited to hand the reins over to Amy to give us a tour of her gorgeous craft room! enjoy! -Linda

paper and craft storage

amy from scrap this, save thatHi Craftaholics! I’m Amy E. from Scrap This Save That and I’m so excited to be here to tell you all about my totally cool happy place. My blog is all about getting crafting items free or super cheap, so keeping in that spirit, last year I bartered with my incredible neighbors. I needed a craft room and they needed a dog/house sitter during their vacations. The result? A FABULOUS custom-built craft room of my own for only $22 out of my pocket…yes, $22!!

 Craft Room

My room went from this…

before picture of Amy's craft room

To this!!!

paper and craft storage

The flooring, electrical outlets, and lighting were replaced, and the walls were patched and painted. Above, my favorite part of the craft room, is a gorgeous shelf with paper storage on the bottom and ribbon and embellishment storage on the top. There’s a little space on the side for some Cricut cartridges too.

view of window over desk

I have a built-in desk that goes from one end of the room to the other and then into an L-shape. Above is a photo of the center of the desk and my view while crafting. This is the same shot as taken in the “before” pic. It looks a little different!

view of left side of desk

Here’s the left side of the desk…

view of right side of desk

The right side of the desk…

view of right corner of desk

And the L portion that is built into what used to be a closet. It’s the perfect place for a Cricut station now! All total, I have 14 linear feet of desk to work on…bliss!

moulding on edge of desk

I love the trim on the edge of the desk. I was going to color it in but decided there was enough color in the room. So the simplicity of the white works beautifully.

reusable chalkboard calendar

On the wall next to the end of the desk is a huge calendar I made from chalkboard paper. I can use it month after month; just erase it and start over again!

dutch door in craft room

An awesome feature that was built for me was my door! They cut it in half, so that I could keep our pets (and their shedding hair) out but still have the door open if I choose.

Now, for some organization… some of these ideas have evolved since the original photos of the room were taken, so you may see a few details that look slightly different than in the pics above.

organize paper scraps

I decided to use a plastic shoe box for my paper scraps. I cut a small circle of each color and glued it to a manila divider. All of my solid color scraps are within reach, so I tend to use them before going for a full sheet of card stock.

underneath the desk

Under the desk, we mounted a surge protector to the side of one of the shelves. I can use it to plug in my laptop, glue gun, Gypsy, anything I need, without having to crawl under the desk to reach an outlet.

baby food jars with buttons

All of my buttons and bulky embellishments are stored in baby food jars that I begged my friends to save for me. Their lids were spray-painted silver and they fit on the shelves above the paper shelf perfectly.

moulding ribbon storage

In the center of the embellishments are ribbon shelves made from upside down crown molding.

photobox storage

A favorite storage container of mine has become photo boxes. I have them in several different spots in my room housing anything from paper towels to bills and correspondence… anything that doesn’t look pretty on display. I also use 3-ring binders with clear page protectors for flat embellishments such as sheets of bling or stickers.

paper punch storage

Kitchen towel rails from Ikea mounted on the wall, hold and display my punches perfectly.

printer and paper cabinet

Because I hung curtains under the desk, it gave me LOTS of extra storage space. The photo above shows a $5 cabinet we got at Goodwill, which now houses my printer and paper on top, and cleaning supplies inside. The other areas behind the curtains also house my Cricut mats, mailing supplies, a garbage can, and a file cabinet. I say if you have the space, use it!

I want to thank you so much for checking things out! A special thanks to Linda for having me! If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please stop by the blog any time. I would love to chat!

You did an AMAZING job, Amy!! Thanks for sharing!

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happy crafting,


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  1. 1

    Your room is lovely, restful, tasteful. I’m like you, frugal. I find having everything in it’s place allows my creativity to flow much easier, in fact, I find that I need to tidy up between projects!

    Thanks so much for allowing us into your creative space, you’ve been an inspiration to me today!


  2. 2

    Your room looks so great and clean . Love the colors and how organized you are. Great Job! Thanks for sharing!

  3. 3

    Aacchhhhhhh I’m INSANELY jealous of your new craft room! In my house, we only have one spare room and that is used as a library/weight room/elliptical trainer/storage. I only have a tiny desk in there for crafts and I HATE that room. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I can talk my husband into letting me add on to the house. :)

  4. 4

    Love it! I’ve bookmarked it for when I have a craft room of my own. :) Thanks!

  5. 5

    love the scrap paper idea and the ribbon/punch shelving!

  6. 7

    I love how you came about your craft room make over and love the space even more! Your organization in the room is beautiful. It’s open, clean and so crafter friendly.

    Also congrats on being featured here Amy! You’re amazing!!!


  7. 8
    Kathy Casserly

    I LOVE it~! Where did you get the white bookshelves that you store your paper in. I just moved, and I have an office/craft room/homework room that needs help…BAD! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. 8.1

      Hi Kathy! Everything in the room was custom built by my neighbor, including the paper shelves. He didn’t use a pattern or anything…just experimented until they came together the way he wanted them to.

  8. 9

    How in the world did you do that for $22?

    1. 9.1

      Hi Kristie, I traded with my neighbors. They supplied the materials and labor, and I gave them free dogsitting and house sitting when they went on vacation. It was a deal that worked out perfectly giving both of us what we needed/wanted!

  9. 10

    I love it! Very neat and clean

  10. 11

    I love it! Very neat and clean

  11. 13

    Thank you for sharing. Trading is a great way for two people to have their needs met!! I’m glad I ran across this article, because now I’m going to go check out your blog/site!!

  12. 14

    How many cool ideas! I’m thinking about adding a craft area to the guest room, and some of these ideas are so genius! I totally will add the IKEA towel rods for the punches – they have such odd shapes to store them otherwise! =)

  13. 15

    I love your craft room! It is so organzied, so clean. Mine is a bit cramped. and I will have to see what I can do about that.

  14. 17
    June K

    Wow, beautiful transformation. I think I need to find some neighbors like yours. I’d be more than happy to house/pet sit.

  15. 18

    Wow! Amazing room – you really thought of everything! Love to big paper storage – it’s GORGEOUS! :D

  16. 19
    Kim Hanson

    Love it! Awesome job!

  17. 20

    You give me much inspiration to get my room off to a start. Thanks!

  18. 21

    I love your paper storage. I’d give anything for that. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  19. 22

    Gorgeous room! I hope mine looks half as good when I get it done!

  20. 23
    Debi Scott

    I love your craft room! It is exactly what I have always dreamed of having. I have a craft room, it probably a 12 by 14 room and I have redone it maybe 3 or 4 times in 3 years. I can not get it right. I can not keep it organized no matter how much I try.Believe me I have tried everything. Like you, I use the pretty photo boxes or I use nice sturdy shoe boxes and I modify them with scrapbook paper. Thank you so much for sharing, you have great ideas and I love how clean and tidy you keep things. Maybe one day I will just have that organizing gene kick in on me, lol Thanks, it is very very nice and I enjoyed the tour.

  21. 24

    I love your craft room!! Thanks for sharing!! Where did you get the unit to store all your paper!! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!! And I love the extra shelves for the circuit cartridges!!
    This would organize me perfectly!!

  22. 25

    For Christmas every year, my husband and I get each other one big thing we have been waning. This year I asked for a craft room makeover. My room is small and long with a doorway (no door) in the middle of the wall and a window opposite of the door. We also want to put in a daybed as we tend to have a lot of visitors lately with no place for them to stay (like my grandbaby). This will now make the crafting space that much less and will pose a new challenge. Hubby has been drawing and measuring so we now have a stack of different ideas but nothing cohesive. When I came across this article, I had an “AHA” moment! So many of the features I want in my room are right here in your room! So I saved it, showed it to the hubby, and now he gets it! So I will be taking pictures of the progress and post on my blog ( I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and see it as it progresses! Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. 26
    Cheryl in Texas

    Love your craft room. How awesome to have neighbors so creative to barter with. Will definitely use some of your ideas for my craft room. Thanks for sharing.

  24. 27
    Vickie Farrow

    Awesome craft room, love it!

  25. 28
    Kendra Wigfield

    I love your craft room and I have been looking for a place to store my paper. Your idea is great. Thanks for your help.

      1. Claudi

        Linda, is anyone responding to the other comments especially the questions.
        I commented asking how the border punches were suspended and it’s been days and no response.
        This is a fabulous room and others appreciate the time and effort taken to create it, so of course we wish to emulate the success in our own spaces. Thank you for helping.

  26. 29
    Yvonne England

    Very exited having my first craft place lol converting our detached garage into my craft room , collecting ideas love you shelves that you can see your card and paper stock where can I get these from and are they expensive , so excited so many things in my mind any help would be most grateful thanks xx

  27. 30

    I absolutely LOVE your craft room. You are an inspiration to me since you are so organized and neat! Can I ask what the brand and color name is of the paint you used on your walls? It is such a peaceful, calming, yet fun color that I t coordinates really well with all of your stuff. Please keep posting more when you do updates to your room. I plan on going to your page and following you to keep me inspired and on track with my organization.

  28. 31
    sandra baker

    PLEASE, I desperately want a cupboard for my papers like you have in your pictures above, do you know where I can purchase this or do you have drawings with all the details to build one. Please Audi as I just can’t find them. Regards, Sandra

  29. 32

    How did you make the paper shelf

  30. 33

    What is the shelves that your paper is in made of?

  31. 34

    What a great room. Isn’t it wonderful to have everything just where you need it! I am creating my new craft room right now. DH is doing the decorating and lighting and I’m building the furniture. I really like the way you store your punches – beats scrabbling around in drawers for them – I think I might poach that idea. Wishing you many, many happy hours of crafting.

    Frances x

  32. 35

    Did you buy the shelves for the paper or make them? f you made them what were the measurements? Thanks

  33. 36
    Sylvia Martinez

    This is the perfect craft room. I am going to show my husband. I love it. Thank you for sharing!

  34. 37

    I would love to know what item you used to suspend your border punches and where you purchased them. I am having the most difficult time organizing them in an easily accessible way. TIA

  35. 38

    such a great shelf for all the paper! Where did you buy them?

  36. 39
    Erica Fields

    Hello! can you tell me more about the paper storage unit? did you make it that or did you buy it? Looking to organize!! thanks!!

  37. 40

    Wow, JEALOUS!!! :-O