Craft Room tour with Anna from Directions Not Included

Anna is here today to show off where she creates and how she organizes her crafting supplies. enjoy!! -linda

Hi there Craftaholics Anonymous fans! I’m Anna from Directions Not Included

I’m so excited to be here today to share my crafty space. This room has been my special haven as we tackle a full house renovation by ourselves. It is actually the first room we have finished. Even before the kitchen. I know you can all understand those priorities, right? 

I share the space with the hubby so we have two desks. The one on the right is his computer desk and the one on the left is my main crafting area. Both desk tops are made from hollow doors we stained and sealed. The bases are IKEA drawer systems for me and some repurposed file cabinets that I painted for him. 
The room is a good size but the key to an organized craft room is using all your space wisely. Little nooks make a great place for my calendar and keeping everything contained helps create order when I’m messily crafting away. 
This cubby system from IKEA was an inexpensive investment that helps me contain a bunch of odds and ends within reach of my work area. 
Shelves on the left of my desk help organize and display some of the more colorful pieces of my supply stash. Who doesn’t like looking at ribbon and thread on display. Same goes for glitter organized on some cheap picture ledges. 
Opening up the closet by removing the door and adding a simple DIY curtain helps maximize the storage for all the stuff I don’t want hanging around outside. 
This is the hubby’s area where he runs the business part of his ceramics studio. I’ll admit I cleaned up his desk for these photos. He’s the messy one with piles of papers. Since he helped me get this room finished, I can let the messiness slide most days ;)
Seeing as this room looked like this at the beginning of 2011 when we bought this house and when renovations started, I think we’ve made some good progress.
Linda, thanks again for letting me share my space! I hope you all enjoyed and please stop by Directions Not Included to see what else we are up to in our crafty and DIY adventures. Hope to see you around!
isn’t her space gorgeous?! love it! thanks for sharing Anna!
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  1. 1

    I need to know what that wall color is! Off to Anna’s site!

  2. 2

    I would pretty much die to have that room. I am in love.

  3. 3

    i am totally in love with this space in anna’s home! it would inspire me to work and stay organized! she is full of great ideas and great style! :)

  4. 4

    Just lovely….I love everything about your room, especially the floors and white chairs. I will share on FB when I get back from taking the kiddo to school…..pinned it already. Great Job!!!

  5. 5

    Awesome space. I really like the idea of having some sort of futon in a craft space. Love the color blue on the walls also. Reminds me Spring! :0)

  6. 6


  7. 7

    I can relate to fixing up the craft room before anything else. Our renovations will be project by project for years to come, but it was my husband’s suggestion to fix my craft room before other areas. And I LOVE it! I’m still learning how to organize the space best to accommodate my needs (mine is a small 8.5ft X 7.5ft room), but I’m loving that this space is my haven. :) Love your craft room, and love the color of the walls!

  8. 8

    Just beautiful! The organization is perfect!! And I love the wall color! I just re-organized my craft room as well! Thanks for sharing!

  9. 10

    oh my gosh! how beautiful and inspiring! if i showed you the state my craft room is in at this moment, you would run screaming!!! how do you keep it so organized! i start working and all craziness breaks loose!!! and i have sooo much stuff!!! i would love to win an organizer to come make over my room! enjoy! it’s beautiful!

  10. 11

    I LOVE Anna and her projects and now I’m even more jealous of her and want to move into her house! LOVE this craft room – it’s incredibly and gorgeous! (And congrats to Anna for being featured here – she and her blog are AWESOME!)


  11. 12

    This just makes me giddy-happy. :) What I so appreciate about this are the DIY elements. Okay, so that may sound ridiculous considering we’re all crafters, but so many featured craft rooms utilize expensive desks and/or organization units. Not all of us can afford Pottery Barn or Martha Stewart stuff. So, seeing something that is clean, functional and crazy-beautiful at an IKEA price tag? So refreshing! THANKS for sharing!

  12. 13

    I really like the wall color and those floors are gorgeous!

  13. 14

    Love this space! So light and airy with awesome storage!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. 15
    wanda sinnema

    Just love this,,,,, open, airy a fun place to work in. having the fabrics and “craft stuff” visible would help foster new ideas, and help to use stuff you already have,,,,rather than running to the store for another small piece of something you can’t find…. GREAT JOB……

  15. 16

    What a well organized studio that is. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your space

  16. 17

    Absolutely beautiful – and lots of ideas that I can use myself! I plan to paint my craft room this year and would love to know the name of your paint color – checked the posts on your blog and didn’t find it. Would you mind sharing? Thank you so much!

  17. 19
    Ana S.

    what color is the wall

  18. 20

    Beautiful, beautiful! I so wish I could have a craft room like that!!!!!

  19. 21

    “Inspiring Creative Bliss”… um, YEAH! Every time I visit! There are tons of ideas and I am always inspired! I’ve just started my own blog. Hope I can inspire others as well!

  20. 22

    Love this craft room! I’ve been trying to figure out how our 1 extra bedroom would work for both my FH and I’s craft areas. This is a great idea to get me started! Thanks so much for sharing!